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Binghamton, NY Metro

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I am from out of town but my kids live in NYC so I went online& took a chance. I was a mess. My breast implants were ruptured and I never thought I would look normal again. But,… view more
After witnessing both my cousin and brother live in Hayes, I knew one day I would end up in Hayes. While this is only my first year living in Hayes, I have had the opportunity to… view more
Floor Coverings Intl by Alan K.
December 19
I've had 2 projects completed by Floor Coverings International; hardwood flooring in my kitchen and carpeting the stairs and landing to my loft master bedroom. Both jobs were… view more
Select Motor Cars by Mac G.
November 11
I am one of the customers of Select MotorCars. I must say that, if you really want to have genuine cars at affordable prices, then visit Select MotorCars without wasting your… view more