Map of El Cortez Casino

Viva Las Fremont Street: Best Downtown Las Vegas Restaurants and Bars

'Tis true that downtown Vegas is still a bit gritty, and I definitely wouldn't advise stumbling down dark side streets at night, but as long as you exercise normal safety precautions and cross to the other side of the street anytime you see an open exchange of narcotics or screaming, wild-eyed ax-wielder, you'll probably be just fine. This tour of downtown's best restaurants and bars (plus a couple of non-food to-dos) sticks mostly to the heavily populated main drag, Fremont Street, with Eat being the exception--it's a few blocks out of the way along fiercely hot unshaded sidewalks, but once you've sunk your teeth into the shrimp po' boy, you'll agree that it's more than worth the extra sweat. (Hopefully sans the blood and tears.) Viva Las Fremont Street!

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