5 to Try: Hot and Spicy Dishes

Craving hot and spicy foods? Our editors recommend the hottest dishes in town that are sure to make your mouth burn.

Updated: March 05, 2004

5 to Try: Spicy Food in San Diego

Red Pearl Kitchen

440 J St Ste 108, San Diego, CA 92101

The cashew chicken packs a punch with tangy, spicy garlic sauce. Try the Jade Mistress cocktail made with black pepper vodka for an extra kick in the pants.

Vagabond Restaurant

2310 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104

Try the thinly sliced filet with spicy herbed butter, or the fiery calamari appetizer that's sure to get you sweating.

Old Town Mexican Cafe

2489 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

All of their fresh salsas--even the mild salsa fresca--add a kick to the authentic Mexican menu with tons of jalapeno peppers, seeds and all.

The Prado

1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

Try the trio of skewers with spicy mustard sauce. If you get there before 6pm or after 10pm, it's half-off for happy hour.

Blue Ginger

715 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Feel the heat of the salt and pepper prawns at one of downtown's only Chinese takeout joints.