5 to Try: Chicken Salad

Sure the city has fancy menu items such as Kobe beef Carpaccio, lobster ravioli and prime osetra caviar but good ol' chicken salad is all you really need or want sometimes. It's a staple item that's not hard to find, but it is tough to find just the right kind. And depending on how you like it--crunchy, smooth, scoop form or on a sandwich--we've found some of the best chicken salad in Dallas.

Photo: Shutterstock/Joe Gough

Updated: May 11, 2009

5 Faves

Cowboy Chicken

5315 Greenville Ave Ste 125, Dallas, TX 75206

Deb's Chicken Salad--a signature at this Greenville Avenue restaurant--serves up two scoops made with white chicken meat on thick tomato slices and a side of flatbread. It's nothing to balk at. You can also get it in a pint or a half-pint size if you want to grab it and giddy up.


2815 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Hit this little Italian bistro during brunch for its lively chicken pistachio salad. Unlike any other recipe these two mounds sitting atop some spinach are made up of grapefruit, celery and red onion and drizzled with sweet cream dressing. Paired with fruit, green salad, Italian potatoes and a choice of bread, now that's a sweet deal all around.

Cafe Izmir

3711 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

This Mediterranean restaurant specializes in tapas such as lamb rolls and coconut shrimp, but the Russian chicken salad that has regulars hooked. It's made with shredded chicken breast, potatoes, egg whites, pickles, carrots, sweet peas and Izmir spices and comes on a plate for dipping. Pita bread is plenty so get a few plates to sop up the goodness to your tummy's delight--all against an exotic backdrop.

Whole Foods Market

2218 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

The sweet and chunky Sonoma Chicken Salad might even impress the Barefoot Contessa. Grab a serving to go to savor the lush red grapes, celery, pecans and hunky meat for that perfect picnic. Just be forewarned: It goes fast so get there early to stock up your basket.