Dallas Picnic Planner

Although Dallas has accommodating temperatures for outdoor activities, most people play and eat indoors, where air conditioning is our friend. But some days, Mother Nature's call is too strong and we need to be outdoors with a blanket, basket, select treats and fresh air. Branch out and enjoy your eats alfresco in some place other than the outdoor food court.

Photo: Shutterstock/Frenk and Danielle Kaufmann

Updated: May 11, 2009

Parks and Picnic Baskets

White Rock Lake

8300 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

Take the family and enjoy a safe venue to snack on picnic favorites and be surrounded by activity and grand sites. With kayakers, runners and fishers all within eyeshot, you'll have plenty within your gaze, along with a stunning view of downtown Dallas. When you're done, take the path that surrounds the lake and work off the picnic pounds.


3511 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

A blanket, some cheese and some wine--the perfect picnic. Take your basket into this charming shop and fill it up with artisan cheeses. If you're stumped on what variety to pick from the more than 130 global and local types, ask for help. Staff will narrow down the best brie to pair with crackers, antipasti and a unique bottle of wine.

Eatzi's Market & Bakery

3403 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219

Fancy up your picnic basket at this old-world European market. The most distinguished picnickers can be satisfied with made-to-order salads and sandwiches or ready-made hot meals. Make that bucket of chicken and six-pack look shameful with artisan breads, freshly grilled salmon and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Take a tart or a slice of decadent chocolate pie to sweeten your outdoor experience.

Pioneer Plaza

Griffin St and Young St, Dallas, TX 75202

Have a meal and a cultural experience at the site of Robert Summers' Shawnee Trail sculpture, the largest bronze monument in the world. Admire it up close while you nosh on potato salad and barbeque. Make sure to go on a cool day as there is little tree cover and heat radiates from the artwork.

Lee Park & Arlington Hall

3625 N Hall St, Dallas, TX 75219

A bounty of trees and pavilions mark the spots for your next picnic. Fido, the boom box and that old bottle of wine aren't allowed in these parts though so make sure you, the food and the conversation can finesse the alfresco outing.