SugarBomber: Seattle's Most Wanted Desserts

Does the mere mention of something as simple as milk and cookies send you skyrocketing into sugar-coated bliss? Do you sleep at night with visions of gummy bears dancing in your head? Do you believe some ice cream sundaes are better than sex? Well, then: You. Are. Not. Alone. That's why we've created a finger-licking online lookbook called SugarBomber, the ultimate go-to guide for dessert devotees. Here is a sampling of Seattle's finest, plus where you can go get 'em. And if you've already found a sweet spot on your own, make sure you submit it through the site! Who knows? We might feature your pick next. Bombs away!

(Photo: Whitney Ricketts)

Updated: June 05, 2009

Top SugarBomber Picks

Dish D'lish

5136 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

MACAROON BROWNIE BLAST: "Separately, brownies and macaroons are wonderful. But together--as in the case of the Macaroon Brownie Blast, which consists of a round brownie-cake with a rich macaroon right in the center--they are true magic. This treat is ridiculously rich, but ridiculously tasty." - Jessie Oleson, Cakespy

Bakery Nouveau

4737 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE: "From everything to the pastel colors to the hefty slice size, this is the perfect playful cheesecake to satisfy a desire for decadence. The creamy cheese base is topped by a gooey strawberry layer, smoothly cutting the nutty richness of the cheese." - Whitney Ricketts, City Editor

Cafe Besalu

5909 24th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

PAIN AU CHOCOLAT: "Layers of tangy butter filled pastry shatter as you bite into this decadent treat seeking out the dark chocolate bar hidden in the layers. Cafe Besalu has perfected the craft of croissant making and they do not skimp on quality when it comes to the butter and chocolate. I dream of frolicking through the streets of Paris while devouring this Pain au Chocolat." - Ashley Rodriguez, Artisan Sweets

Nielsen Pastry

520 2nd Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119

POTATO: "This pastry is named for the potato because of its slightly lumpy appearance, but that is where the resemblance ends. Think of an eclair, and then make it slightly more decadent by topping it with cocoa-dusted marzipan instead of chocolate, and you've got an idea of what the Potato is all about." Jessie Oleson, Cakespy

Cupcake Royale

2052 Market St, Seattle, WA 98107

HONEY BRITTLE BABYCAKE: "There's nothing cuter than a baby cupcake. The Honey Brittle Babycake is a little two-bite nugget of airy angel food cake, topped with honey laced fluffy frosting. It's the perfect weekend boyfriend for a fickle foodie." - Whitney Ricketts, City Editor