3 Buck Bites: San Diego Meals Under $3.99

Remember the days of throwing a handful of change down on the counter and saying, "What can I get for this?" We do. Partly because we said it just last week! We're allowed to, thanks to our new frugal foodie lookbook, 3 Buck Bites, a go-to guide for meals under $3.99. From adventurous ethnic eats to classic standards, you'd be surprised how far you can stretch those quarters you found between the couch cushions. Here are a few highlights. And if you've got some of your own share them with us--you could be featured next!

(Photo: Moowiesqrd, Adventures Of An Amateur Foodie)

Updated: June 09, 2009

Top 3 Buck Bites in San Diego

Lalo's Tacos Etc

1266 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

SHRIMP CEVICHE TACO FOR $3.95: "It's cold, tart, and tangy--the perfect summer lunch option. And at Lalo's, you get enough in the shrimp ceviche to top at least 3 tostadas. Not bad for less than four bucks. Be sure to get some banuelos (honey coated chips with cinnamon sugar) for dessert." - Erin Chambers, City Editor

Quan An Da Nang

4745 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

BAHN IT FOR $3.50: "Think of a savory mochi-like dumpling filled with pork and mung beans. Da Nang does an amazing job of keeping the texture perfect, which is chewy and slightly sticky, but not tough or mushy. Topped with scallions and shallots lightly cooked in oil and prawn powder (the Vietnamese version of Bacon Bits), it's a filling snack. 6 pieces per serving and a little container of nuoc nam (fish sauce) on the side. Note on the fish sauce: it's one of the better preparations I've tasted for pre-packed food items." - Moowiesqrd, Adventures Of An Amateur Foodie

Kebab Shop

630 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

TABOULI FOR $2.95: "Salads stop being boring when they contain parsley, mint, and couscous. The Kebab Shop has great doners, but make sure that you pick up a fresh side salad to accompany all of that protein." - Moowiesqrd, Adventures Of An Amateur Foodie

Sombrero Mexican Food

11040 Rancho Carmel Dr, San Diego, CA 92128

CARNE ASADA TORTA FOR $3.80: "Tacos, meet bread. Bread, meet tacos. Can we all be friends now? We can at Sombrero, where the torta (think street-tacos-on-a-sandwich) is king of the lunch menu. I think the carne asada is best (if only because it comes with lots o' guac), and if you're feeling flush, augment it with a cheap heap of rice and beans." - Erin Chambers, City Editor

Burger Lounge

4116 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

CRISPY LOUNGE ONION RINGS FOR $3.95: "Attention vegetarians: New snack alert! Burger Lounge's version of onion rings are so meaty, so perfectly crisped and seasoned with salt and parsley, that I think they can stand as a meal all on their own. Especially since they come in those cute, mod little white containers. Toss one in your bag with a coke, and it's the perfect veggie-friendly lunch on the go." - Erin Chambers, City Editor