5 Dark Bars in Dallas

Avoiding the scene and fading into the backdrop of a dark bar is just what you need sometimes. And knowing which joints are cool versus creepy is a good thing. Whether it's wine, music or martinis you seek, look to these Dallas bars below for an incognito evening in low lighting.

Updated: October 14, 2009

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The Lounge

5458 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75209

This low-lit lounge on Lover's Lane is prime picking for a romanti interlude or rendezvous. Shadowed booths and well-mixed martinis are a great concoction for a mysterious evening.

Slip Inn

1806 McMillan Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

No windows and minimal wall lamps give this Henderson dive a dark backdrop. The lighting is so low that it's tough to see the black booths along the wall but lit enough to see the hot singles sipping their preferred sauce.

Chateau Wine Market and Bodega Bar

4514 Travis St Ste 101, Dallas, TX 75205

The shaded light comes in handy at this cavernous wine bar where you need some privacy to show the love. Leather couches in private pockets are lit by a romantic glow that allows connoisseurs and couples to sip and snuggle.

Absinthe Lounge

1409 South Lamar, Ste 008, Dallas, TX 75215

A poorly lit bar in a basement of a residential building seems a bit seedy but it's has just the right vibe for an after work tryst with the Green Fairy: absinthe.Their version of this controversial liquor is legal so you don't have to go underground to find it. However, the discreet setting does make it more exciting to drink.

Mick's Bar

2825 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Although the food and martinis are worth seeing at this Greenville Avenue Bar, the lights are dimmed enough to disappear into their intimate row of black booths and groove with the DJ's tunes.