5 to Try: Houston Martini Bars

Shaken or stirred, martinis have an air of sophistication about them. You don't have to wear a tux to drink one but, boy, do they make you feel handsome. Once a nearly undiluted glass of gin, martinis have morphed into a multitude of modern variations. However you take it, here's to the martini and the Houston bars that make 'em well. (Photo: Shutterstock/karandaev )

Updated: January 25, 2010

Houston's Best Martinis

Warren's Inn

307 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

It seems an odd combination, but people do in fact visit this Market Square institution for the martinis and the chicken-salad sandwiches. Warren's is old and legendary. What better place is there to drink a classic cocktail?

Marfreless Ventures

2006 Peden St, Houston, TX 77019

Marfreless is known more for being a playground for frisky couples than for its own name, which is not posted above its signature blue door. But if you want to publicly pet your lover on a bed-like sofa while drinking a quality martini, this is the place. Ice-cold drinks are served in metal glasses and the upstairs den is dark and candlelit.


609 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

You can safely assume from its name that Absinthe Brasserie specializes in Green Fairy cocktails like the Hemingway's Revenge--absinthe, cassis and champagne--but the bartenders also pour some creative martinis. The Cajun martini is a combination of Absolut Peppar Vodka, olive juice, wasabi and Bloody Mary mix with a celery-salt rim.

Remington Bar

1919 Briar Oaks Ln, Houston, TX 77027

At the Remington Bar, one mustn't shoot one's liquor, but rather sip it slowly while making polite conversation. It's a place for adults with means, but a truly elegant destination if you can manage to behave yourself.