Dollar Deals in Austin

Locals know: Even the best stuff, including music, culture trips, food and drinks can be snagged for cheap--way cheap. Dirt cheap sounds so tawdry, but everyone reading this should be able to scrape up a dollar. Free is for another day, but here you will find amazing treats and trips, all of which will only cost one George Washington. Here's to letting the dollar's drop be Austin's gain. (Photo: Hot dogs are $1 from 9pm to 1am at Dart Bowl.)

Updated: July 08, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

Dart Bowl

5700 Grover Ave, Austin, TX 78756

On Mondays from 9pm to 12am, expect a bit of a wait or at the very least, a packed house of people all in the throes of Dollar Mania. Shoe rental is $1 a pop, as are games. This place is known for its enchiladas (some say they're the best in town), but those will cost the regular price during this mania fever. But nachos, hot dogs, and 16-ounce sodas? Yup. Get them all for just $1.

Alamo Downtown Theatre

320 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

This cinephile's mecca offers a rotating buffet of dollar movies, mostly of the horror, cult or otherwise midnight variety. Check locations for the most recent offerings. Night owls flock to the downtown location for the Monday night, 9:45pm showing of a random music documentary and usual eclectic collection of thematically related short films. From Daniel Johnston to Alice Cooper to ZZ Top, expect a quality selection of whatever they're showing that evening.

Westgate Lanes Pro Shop

2701 W William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78745

This mild-looking, faintly suburban-feeling South Austin bowling alley is surprisingly busy, particularly on Sundays from 10pm to 1am, when shoe rental and games will set you back just $1. Hot dogs, nachos and 20-ounce sodas are also a buck each, making this a really cheap and wholesome night out--if a bit late in the evening.


2015 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

This lovely Tex-Mex spot happily marries rough-looking graffiti (featured on the sign outside and in the men's room) with armfuls of roses everywhere else. The ample blossoms range in color from sunset to flame to nectarine to cream, and are all over the restaurant in massive bouquets. At the conclusion of a meal, guests are given a fat, fresh, lovely rose to take with them. It's a gooey and romantic a gesture, which goes with the food, as the enchiladas are also gooey, but with cheese and sauce.