New Year, New You: Philadelphia

For those of us struggling with the idea of truly--and we really mean it this time, double pinkie swear--keeping our New Year's resolutions this time around, this is not so much the most wonderful time of year but more like the most dreaded time of year. Yet holding yourself to your resolutions doesn't have to be all drudgery. Here are five places where it can actually be fun to stick to those promises to become a better you. (Photo courtesy of Go Vertical)

Updated: December 23, 2009

Keep the Faith

Go Vertical

950 N Penn St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Exercise More: Get high and slim down at the East Coast's largest indoor rock climbing facility. Adults can join for $65 per month or $625 per year, or buy day passes for $11 to $20. Boulder or belay on 250 different climbing routes, 20 of which change weekly. Don't worry if you don't know what you're doing; there are separate beginners and kids areas and classes to teach you everything you don't already know.

Reading Terminal

12th St & Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Eat Better: If waking up at the tushy crack of dawn to hit up some farmers markets is unmanageable for you, go to the nation's oldest continuously operating indoor market at your leisure to buy fresh produce, fish, meats and cheeses. Some of the stands even sell raw goat's milk and chemical-free products, while others peddle vitamins, holistic treatments and natural skin potions, so that you can look and feel better on the outside, too.

The Coffee Bar

1701 Locust St # 2, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Stop Drinking: At this hotel bar/coffee shop, you can partake in a sedate bar atmosphere without feeling like you have to drink alcohol. While there are liqueurs and wines that add calories and deplete cash flow on the menu, there are also many equally tasty coffee and espresso drinks to take the edge off. And if you feel truly deprived, order a slice of decadent cake or a homemade truffle to stop the cravings.

Spring Mountain Ski Area

Spring Mount Rd, Spring Mount, PA 19478

Stop Smoking: Stay busy! Get yourself so engaged in skiing, zip lining, outdoor rock climbing and snowboarding that you (almost) forget to want a cigarette. With the cold air and swirling snow filling your lungs, you may decide it's nicer to inhale pure nature than a stick of cell-murdering tar and chemicals. And if you're inclined to light up at the end of a ski run, hurry and move on to the next activity before you even get a chance to fire up that lighter.

Philadelphia Premium Outlets

18 W Lightcap Rd, Pottstown, PA 19464

Shop Less: Does your car automatically veer toward the King of Prussia Mall any time you're cruising past it on the Turnpike? While we can't really offer much advice in the way of breaking your shopping addiction, we can steer you to a place where you'll spend less money doing it. Not far from KOP is a relatively new outlet mall that hands you 150 discounted national chain stores on a platter. From Puma to Coach, you'll be well suited up and still have money left over for dinner.