Cheap Dates Ideas for Atlanta

Dating is tricky regardless of what kind of budget you're on, but things get really dicey when you're severely strapped for cash. (We're looking at you, gents.) So we've scoured Atlanta in search of creative romantic agendas that won't break the bank. These five date ideas for Atlanta will help you keep things lively, all the while making you look like a savvy, thoughtful champion. (Photo: Flickr user anemoneprojectors)

Updated: January 13, 2011

Cheap Dates in Atlanta

Starlight 6 Drive In

2000 Moreland Ave Se, Atlanta, GA 30316

The tried-and-true go-to for decades--the movie date--has sadly turned into a mundane and overpriced excuse to hold hands in a dark room. Thankfully, Atlanta gets delivered from silver-screen boredom thanks to the Star Light Six Drive-In. A double-feature is $7, and you can bring in your own booze and food. (Action guaranteed.)

Lunacy Black Market

231 Mitchell St Sw, Atlanta, GA 30303

Eating cheap is one thing, but eating cheap on a date is more challenging. Lunacy Black Market--chef Paul Luna's third venture--boasts ridiculously cheap and delicious Mediterranean tapas (um, hello, $3?), all in a setting that looks like a world traveler's living room. Our advice: Tell the chef to surprise you and make an adventure out of the meal.

Laughing Skull Lounge - Atlanta Comedy Club

878 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Nothing moves things forward like sharing an affectionate laugh with your new pal, and comedy clubs are an affordable no-brainer for the early dating stages. And while we love Laughing Skull for the super-heady line-ups and intimate (read: tiny) digs, the fact that it's lodged in the back of Atlanta's most popular burger `n beer joint, The Vortex, makes it perfect for a one-stop cheap date.

Wertz Contemporary

264 Peters St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

What's not to love about a stroll through a new neighborhood, drinking wine and taking in free original art? The second Friday of every month, the galleries of Castleberry Hill (such as the Wertz Contemporary) open their doors and sell cheapo booze during the neighborhood's popular Art Stroll. Those wanting to make a night of it should hit patio favorite No Mas Cantina for a bite before or afterwards.