Atlanta Hangover Helpers

It seemed so right at the time: "Hell, yeah ? another round, on me!" And then, the next morning, you feel like death. Yes, we've all been "overserved." When you can't seem to shake off the cobwebs, try as many of our 10 hangover cures as you need, from Atlanta fast food to ?hair of the dog? relief--with a Korean spa thrown in for good measure. (Photo: original Chick-Fil-A sandwich)

Updated: October 22, 2011

Hangover Helpers in Atlanta


887 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Nothing works better than a juicy double cheeseburger to make you feel like a human again. And since Holeman & Finch doesn't serve its burger till 10pm, we give you the next best thing: Bocado's double stack. The two small patties, gooey cheese and house-made pickles are served up on an H&F baked bun. The garlic fries are hand-cut beauties worth scarfing.

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

1812 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Not everyone wants to dive headfirst into bad-for-you eats--sometimes going the healthy route is the quickest (and smartest) way to recovery. R. Thomas's sunny, veggie-happy menu not only gives vegans reason to cheer, but it also gives the hungover a bit of liquid hope. Juices, wheatgrass shots and some 11 smoothies make this the spot to power up the natural way.

Brewhouse Cafe

401 Moreland Ave Ne, Atlanta, GA 30307

Yes, the one thing that often makes you feel better after a bender just happens to be ? more booze. For a stiff morning concoction that isn't your usual bloody mary or mimosa, we turn to the Brewhouse Cafe in Little Five Points, home of the Painkiller. This double-sized cocktail is served over ice and comes in three different 'strengths.? It tastes like a booze-laced creamsicle. Add the chicken fingers and tots, and, hangover, you've met your match.

JeJu Sauna

3555 Gwinnett Place Dr, Duluth, GA 30096

For the maximum in relaxation (plus a naked good time) this Korean bathhouse is the answer. There are mineral pools, indoor spas, dry and wet saunas, cold baths and massage services. You can spend as much time as you want for $25. Did we mention there's a bangin' Korean restaurant in-house?

Arden's Garden

1117 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Locally based Arden's Garden has juices and smoothies that you can take with you on the go. Perfect for when you don't want to be seen sitting around a brunch table. Besides the usual smoothie suspects--protein, energy and green monster--the company does a complete recovery blend that's as tasty as it is useful.

Park's Edge Restaurant

913 Bernina Ave Ne, Atlanta, GA 30307

Some folks like to jump back into the drinking game headfirst. For this saucy crop of companions, Park's Edge does bottomless mimosas during its Sunday brunch. And the restaurant serves a gourmet version of fried chicken and waffles, two of our favorite hangover items sharing one plate.


3905 N Druid Hills Rd, Decatur, GA 30033

Tee-totaling founder Truett Cathy probably cringes at the thought of Chick-Fil-A food curing hangovers, but fast food is glorious when you've been knocked senseless by the sauce. Quite simply, there is nothing better than an original Chick-Fil-A sandwich, waffle fries and fresh-squeezed lemonade when we've had too much the night before. If only it was open on Sundays.

La Fonda Latina

923 Ponce De Leon Ave Ne, Atlanta, GA 30306

Mexican food has long been the source of culinary pick-me-ups after a righteous night on the town. And for good reason: There are tortillas to munch on, margaritas that go down easy and most menu items are covered in soft, gooey cheese. All of La Fonda's locations boast a great patio and the city's best fish tacos.

Six Feet Under Pub & Fishhouse

437 Memorial Drive Southeast, Atlanta, GA 30312

Hangovers can lead to a grumpy mood--not to mention making one a little more particular (read: bitchier) than usual. Six Feet Under puts the control in diners' hands, with a build-your-own bloody mary bar complete with different types of vodkas, mixes, garnishes and hot sauces. If you're lazy, order the house special, Marsha's Bloody Mary, made with Absolut Peppar, Zing Zang mix and a shot of stout.

LeRoy's Fried Chicken

1021 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Because sometimes you want to nurse your hangover in the comfort of your own home, we give you take-out fried chicken champion, LeRoy's. Biscuits and honey, mac 'n' cheese, and Miss Julia LeRoy's righteous fried chicken will set you straight.