Seattle's Best Waffles

Unlike National Escargot Day or Raisin Week , National Waffle Day (August 24) is an arbitrary food holiday we can really get behind. What's not to love about those doughy grids from Belgium? Have 'em savory or sweet, topped with bacon or ice cream--find the best in this list of our favorite Seattle waffle spots. (Photo by flickr user SanFranAnnie.)

Updated: August 24, 2010

Breakfast Anytime in Seattle

Sweet Iron Waffles

1200 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

When you only do one thing, you better do it well--luckily this downtown spot succeeds with true Belgian-style waffles (traditionally from Liege, Belgium) topped with everything from basil and brie to bacon and maple syrup to a simple dusting of powdered sugar.

Molly Moon Homemade Ice Cream

917 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122

Dine at any of the restaurants within a block of this Capitol Hill ice cream spot and you'll be so distracted by the smell of their hypnotizing waffle cones that you won't be able to enjoy your dinner. The thin, chewy, hand-made waffles are the only thing worthy of containing such a delicious dessert.

Captain Blacks

129 Belmont Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

What's better than a plate of fried chicken and waffles? A plate of fried chicken and waffles eaten at midnight on this Capitol Hill bar's patio and enjoyed with a glass of whiskey. Don't forget the hot sauce.

Macrina Bakery & Cafe

2408 First Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Most of the brunch items are available at any Macrina location, but you'll only find the popular buttermilk waffle (topped with seasonal compote and served with a side of Zoe's bacon) at the Belltown cafe.

Boom Noodle

1121 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

This Capitol Hill Asian fusion spot may specialize in noodle dishes, but the dessert waffle (a crispy version topped with azuki and vanilla ice cream) here is worth saving room for.