Top Spots to get your hair did, face prettified, etc. in MA

A few years ago I actually had a job selling to salons and spas throughout Southeastern MA inc the Cape... I'll give you a few tips for the Bean, but I also have a few faves out near my old stomping ground: the SouthCoast :) So detox away and treat yourself to a stellar spa weekend!

Updated: March 18, 2010

Hair Done

Salon 350

350 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

Now I've never actually sat in one of the chairs @ this salon (shhh), but I've gotten my hair cut TWICE by the stylists. They're super-benevolent and give away cuts on stage @ events. The first event I went to was @ some Shecky's-like thing where I was on stage and ended up walking away w/ a Mary Tyler Moore cut.. It was actually hot with my super dark red hair @ the time. Now I can hear you saying, Kristen, how can your hair be hotter than in the previous picture. Believe me, it was smoking. I can't find a photo of the style but I do have a pic of the color... the second time I got it cut was @ Collegefest this past September. I was working the Schwarzkopf promo and I hooked them up with free product too :) Pay it fwd.

Face Cleaned

Aiko Beauty and Hair Center

72 Kneeland St, Boston, MA 02111

Now I've written about Aiko before: She is a miracle worker when it comes down to Shiatsu and I'd like to remind you all of this, but she also offers a facial service. She deep-cleaned the HECK out of me. I mean it. My pores probably haven't been that scrubbed since Donnelle a bit over a year ago, and God I need to see her again now that it's spring! For $100 (plus gratuitous tip from me) I can get an hour long Shiatsu and a 40-minute facial w/ full extractions. Hello? Who else does such a thing. Take two hours out of your not so busy weekend to see her once a month and you will be a cleansed woman/man. She also offers a few other facial services but I take the combo pack. Why the heck not? Just go to Chinatown. And since I don't have a photo of either Chinatown or Aiko's, here's a random photo of my friend relaxing in a pool.

Nails Prettified

Fashion Nails

1000 Kings Hwy# 4, New Bedford, MA 02745

Aw yah, Fashion Nails. My mom, sister and I used to trek here on weekends when we were all living home somewhere around the SouthCoast. If you walk in, you'll see that this place is like any other Asian nail place in that they don't speak English so well (to your face) but I'll be darned if they can't give me the best french manicure/pedicure for the cheapest price in town. And I used to pass over my clients b/c they were too expensive.. I'd go here! And for a pedicure, they seriously take a long time on massaging my calves. And the massage chairs are a must. I'd call ahead if I were you just in case they're full on weekends...

Carmen's Hair Studio

68 Main St Ste 1, Lakeville, MA 02347

I think her name is Lori... All I know is that she's a doll, reminds me of Luanne from King of the Hill (RIP Brittany Murphy), and she can fill my acrylic set (when I have them) for $18+tip and be METICULOUS. She is tucked away in the back corner of Carmen's (who I wouldn't recommend at all for a haircut or color), and you need to schedule an appointment with her but she's really a great value for people in the Cranberry Country area. Oh, and she also does pedi's :)

Body Rubbed

Alves Chiropractic Ctr

2834 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford, MA 02745

You're going to have to check on this for me, but I remember a few years back paying a co-pay for a Chiro appointment to get my back cracked.. I mean, ADJUSTED, and getting a "free" half hour massage because my insurance covered it. And that was pretty awesome. If you can't get to Ryan @ Alves as a Chiro, he can't tell you if you need massage as a form of therapy or not... I'm just saying. And if you can't get to him, you might as well try to find a Chiropractor who offers massage in the same office. It's at least worth a try... God knows I needed a massage after all those years playing rugby.

Aikido Wellness Resource Ctr

1 E Quarry St, North Dartmouth, MA 02747

So you want to become a masseuse, eh? Or get massaged @ a better value because the staff are students or recent grads... My sister graduated from their school about 4 years ago and she did about 700 hours of training, so I have an understanding that they're pretty knowledgeable when it comes to technique. I've also had the opportunity to experience their chair massage service outdoors during a demonstration @ my old occupation. They come to your home, office, field, party, gym, etc. for a day or a few hours to offer massages. Actually, they offer a complimentary massage in one of their chairs to promote their business. Give them a call and try them out if they're in the area. At least now you have a great work "outing" idea and it's not too expensive!