Best Waffles in Chicago

When it comes to waffles at Chicago restaurants, most people think breakfast or brunch, and in your sugar-crazed youth there was likely no better morning fuel than a piping hot waffle swimming in syrup. Now that your taste buds are all grown up, you'll be happy to know the waffle is too. Today, gussied up versions of the kid favorite grace dining menus throughout Chicago, and they're not just greasy spoon fare. Here are five of our top Chicago waffles--from chicken and waffles to Brussels-style Zucker waffles.

Updated: March 29, 2010

Chicago Waffles

Old Town Social

455 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60610

A stylish Old Town crowd nibbles charcuterie and cheese, but true foodies chow down on the grilled sausage and waffles appetizer. A sourdough starter, a dash of bourbon, crumbled bacon and cornmeal create a complex, sturdy waffle base. Marry that with house-smoked kielbasa, finish it with a maple syrup drizzle, and you've got a robust starter that's a tough act to follow.


2905 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657

A mouthwatering scent wafts from this Lakeview spot, luring Clark Street passersby for a taste of Brussels-style Zucker waffles which, as the staff will surely tell you, are not to be confused with their Belgian cousins. These made-to-order, handheld beauties are crafted from wheat-based, vanilla- and sugar pearl-infused batter. The pearls burst and ooze during cooking, resulting in a waffle with a sweet, caramelized kick that makes syrup superfluous.

The Publican

845 W Fulton Mkt, Chicago, IL 60607

In-the-know diners at this Fulton Market meat haven know to save room for the star of the dessert menu: the airy, yeasty and barely sweet Belgian waffle. Belgian sugar droplets liven up the batter, which rests and rises overnight before hitting the waffle iron. The honey butter- and powdered sugar-crowned concoction has been on the menu since day one, and the locally sourced fruit toppings rotate seasonally.


3267 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60608

The health-conscious and allergy-ridden find griddled salvation from the gluten-free corn oat waffle at this charming Bridgeport breakfast and lunch spot. Unlike many gluten-free dishes, this curiously complex creation manages to hold fast to its flavor while leaving wheat by the wayside. Raw oats, cornmeal, medjool dates and vanilla soymilk make for a denser than normal waffle, but the Greek yogurt and fresh fruit topping keep things light.