5 to Try: Burger-Only Joints

Seeing that May is National Hamburger month, this is a perfect time to reflect on Atlanta's hottest culinary trend of the last two years: the burger. We've gone from the burger Nazi (Miss Ann), to burgers popping up on nearly every fine dining menu in town, to now, where we're seeing gourmands and chefs opening joints where the burger is the entire reason for the restaurant. With Grindhouse (pictured) leading the way, we give you five spots that have their priorities straight.

Updated: May 14, 2010

Atlanta's Best Burger Joints

Grindhouse Killer Burgers

209 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30303

This is the best burger in Atlanta. (Yes, that includes H&F.) The setting is exactly what a lunch counter should be and the only other menu items are fries, rings and drinks. Wrapped in fast-food-style paper sleeves, the burgers meld together Angus beef, gooey cheese and Grindhouse sauce, all encased in wonderfully soft potato buns. Thank us later.

Farm Burger

410b W Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030

An extension of their Athens flagship restaurant (Farm 255), Farm Burger is basically a fancy burger joint that allows you to feel good about what you're eating and how much you're spending. (All in the name of going local!) Their design-your-own set-up includes all kinds of toppings, from house-cured bacon to bone marrow. Try and contain yourself, gourmands


1587 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Ah, the place that really took the trend to a new level: Flip Burger. The first burger-only concept turned Atlanta upside at the start of 2009 with their mix of fame (Richard Blais), weirdness (bahn mi burgers, sweet potato tots, grilled salad) and fine dining-level quality and execution. And there's still a line out the door at lunch.

The Counter

850 Mansell Rd, Roswell, GA 30076

Hey, a cool burger joint for the `burbs! Way to go, Roswell! At the Counter, it's a pick-your-poison situation, with multiple selections of meats, cheeses, toppings, sauces, and buns. Props for having options like horseradish-cheddar cheese and basil pesto sauce, though we deduct points for being able to get your burger ?in a bowl,? sans-bun.

Wonderful World Burgers & More

1561 N Decatur Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

First, it's in Emory Village so it's college-cheap (including $2 beer, and not just PBR). Second, the burgers are smaller in size and there's no gimmicks to `em. Plus the small size (and price) allows you to order a teri-mayo dog, which is a hotdog topped with teriyaki sauce, kewpie mayo and roasted seaweed.