Koreatown Restaurants

When you're in the mood for some kimchee, galbee and bulgogi, LA's Koreatown restaurants are where to go. From authentic Korean BBQ favorites like Soot Bull Jeep to one of the city's most beloved Mexican spots (Guelaguetza, in case you hadn't heard), there's something for everyone at these K-Town restaurants.

Updated: June 28, 2010

Restaurants in K-Town

ChoSun Galbee

3330 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

There are hundreds of BBQ options in Koreatown, but this modern twist on an old favorite is praised as one of the best in K-town. Enjoy the clean modern decor and open-air patio that won't leave you smelling like your dinner.

Guelaguetza Restaurante

3014 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

You may be in Koreatown but step into this acclaimed spot and the aromas of Oaxaca will transport you south of the border. Famous for their mole and Oaxacan dishes that you can't find at a late-night drive-thru (or taco truck, for that matter), this is where to go for authentic dishes like clayudos (Oaxacan pizza) and chapulin (grasshoppers).

Fat Fish

3300 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

This conveyor belt sushi institution will fill you up for less. Take advantage of the after-8pm special when sushi goes for $2 per plate. You can also enjoy green tea and miso soup on the house.

M Grill

3832 Wilshire Blvd #202, Los Angeles, CA 90010

This Brazillian eatery serves up an assortment of traditional favorites including pastel (empanada-style starters) and the Coxinha de Frago (dough stuffed with chicken and special cream cheese). There's also an open salad bar and loads of churrasco options that are brought to your table.

Seoul Jung

930 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017

This classy Korean spot, located inside the Wilshire Grand hotel, offers traditional Korean tabletop barbecue without the smokey crowd or snobby service.

Yong Su San Restaurant

950 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

This upscale spot specializes in a tamer spin on southern Korean cuisine. The silk-draped interior is an ode to Korean palaces, so be sure to order the set dinners and experience a royal Korean meal.

Honey Pig

3400 W Eighth St, Los Angeles, CA 90010

This K-town BBQ joint is aptly named for its juicy and tender pork options. If pork isn't your thing, you can still get lost in the thin sliced beef, or chow down on the vegetable chili grilled rice. Dine on the smoke-free outdoor patio or in the modern indoor space.

Soot Bull Jeep

3136 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Smoke gets in your eyes: Crowds wait for a seat in this dim, no-frills barbecue joint where charcoal-fueled fire pits are loaded with beef, chicken or pork until grilled to perfection.

Kyochon Chicken

3833 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Where's the beef? Who cares! Angelenos flock to this outpost of Korea's most popular chicken brand for its crispy wings that come in flavors like soy garlic or sweet and spicy.

LA Soowon Galbi

856 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

This K-town restaurant specializes in the namesake beef shortrib dish, but there are plenty of tabletop grills for cooking other meats as well.