Austin Campus Restaurants

Before you begin feeling weepy for University of Texas students with poorly managed diets, take a moment to reconsider whether they truly, TRULY have it that tough with all the great Austin campus restaurants nearby. Between the organic, probiotic frozen yogurt and the fresh sushi afforded by pre-paid Bevo Bucks (FREE in student jargon), the answer is an absolute no. The occasional Keystone 12-pack aside, it's safe to say collegiate grubbing could be much worse. Take a gander at our list of student-approved, pretty darn delicious campus-area restaurants. (PIctured: UT Longhorn cupcake from Polkadots)

Updated: September 02, 2010

Austin Campus Restaurants

Veggie Heaven

1914 Guadalupe St Ste A, Austin, TX 78705

This totally vegan-friendly Chinese restaurant feeds the homeless, scores of students and questionable adults wearing backpacks, all while protesting the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Pretty amazing scene.

JAX Neighborhood Cafe

2828 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78705

Looking for some fun to get you through the middle of the week? Check out Jax on Wednesdays for trivia with Geeks Who Drink. Food and beverage specials are guaranteed, as well as fist fights over levels of pop-culture intellect.

Crave Thai & Sushi Bar

2100 Guadalupe St # 100, Austin, TX 78705

Crave has student-friendly prices and is located on the south end of the drag by the Austin campus. Sate your craving for sushi, classic Thai dishes and curry.

Cain & Abels

2313 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78705

Wander a few blocks into West Campus for a wide selection of beer, good American food and flavor, plus a great deck. It's group-friendly inside and out, and dog-friendly outdoors.

Sao Paulo's Restaurante

2809 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78705

Probably one of the most glorious hidden gems just north of campus. Sao Paulo serves quality Brazilian cuisine on the cheap. The fruit salad tossed with poppy seed dressing is unreal. Go ahead and treat yourselves to two extra Mike's Hard Lemonades tonight.


2909 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705

This Guad stop holds some street cred other than its bomb pizzas and juicy gyros. If it wasn't for this teeny-tiny Greek eatery, your favorite Austin-based band, Explosions in the Sky, would have never made it onto the "Friday Night Lights" soundtrack! The quartet's inception had to happen somewhere...

Juicy Tart

504 W 24th St, Austin, TX 78705

Yum. Behind the drag off 24th, Juicy Tart has great yogurt and some serious toppings--day and night.

Polkadots Cupcake Factory

2826 Rio Grande St, Ste B, Austin, TX 78705

How a small business occupying a cutesy West Campus abode on one of the busiest streets in the 'hood is able to bake enough cupcakes to pay rent is beyond me. But a cupcake done right is muy importante and worthy of thy chump change.