Making Connections on the L Train

With more Craigslist "Missed Connections" than any other train line--especially around the Bedford, Lorimer and Graham stops--some say the "L" on this line stands for Love. Perhaps, but it also stands for Leaving anonymous notes on the internet for someone you Leered at on the subway. Instead, ask them out for a drink at one of these L-stop-adjacent Williamsburg bars. Because as cute as anonymous love is, it's also important that you actually get Laid.

Updated: June 30, 2010

Girl Meets Boy


135 N Fifth St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Bedford stop) If you're a girl picking up a guy, he's most likely the soft, sensitive type, though in Williamsburg you probably have a delicate flower on your hands either way. This charming French restaurant will remind him of that summer he spent traipsing around Paris, and after a few glasses of Chablis, he'll be comfortable enough to slip out of those gladiator sandals.

Boy Meets Girl

Good Company

10 Hope St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Bedford stop) If you're a dude who lives in Williamsburg, chances are you didn't exactly letter in football, but you can safely show her your jocular side on this bar's huge outdoor patio, which has ping-pong, cornhole and darts, i.e., games that require deft hand-eye coordination and no more strength than the average Billyboy's wispy torso can provide.

M4M or W4W


559 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Lorimer stop) Whether you're gay, gay today or haven't quite pinned down the gender of the androgynous creature you just picked up on the train, this gay/straight bar is the perfect place get acquainted, find out you don't have much in common, hop on Grindr/Qrushr and wonder why you bothered trying to approach someone in person in the first place.

Hipster Meets Hayseed

Lady Jay's

633 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Graham stop) If the denim-upholstered stranger you just met turns out to be an actual hayseed, take him to Lady Jay's. The new Williamsburg bar with a small-town feel and country music on the juke will allay his adorably provincial concerns about your junkie shuffle and the hilarious mustache you had tattooed on your upper lip your first year in the 'Burg.

You Didn't Have the Balls to Say Anything

Union Pool

484 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Lorimer stop) If you couldn't get it together to make a move on the train, head to Williamsburg's most notorious pickup bar. Here you'll find others of your ilk, drink heavily and go home with a stranger whose name you'll never learn. In the unlikely event that you'd like to see this person again, no need to post to "Missed Connections"--you'll bump into each other at the free clinic soon enough.