Vegetarian Restaurants in Houston

Ever a city of contradictions, Houston has as many vegetarian restaurants as it does steakhouses. The fourth largest city in the nation cannot thrive on cowboy beef culture alone, after all. So shun the tired old bean burger and feast on falafel platters, shepherd's pies and enormous masala dosas instead. (Photo: Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine)

Updated: August 11, 2010

Vegetarian Restaurants in Houston

Pine Forest Garden

9108 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036

Out in Chinatown, this cheery vegetarian restaurant offers dozens of astonishingly realistic mimic meats, including sesame chicken and moo shu duck alongside tasty veggie dishes like brown sauce eggplant. It's a fun and unusual dining experience and likely the only spot in Houston to find many of these foods.

Cricket's Creamery & Cafe

315 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008

The nice thing about Cricket's is that you don't just go there for the vegetarian food. You go there because it's a pleasant, cozy spot to take a load off and indulge in some gelato. Try the vegan shepherd's pie or the mushroom barley soup.

Pat Greer's Kitchen

412 W Clay St, Houston, TX 77019

Pat Greer, co-founder of the Central City Co-op, sells vegan, raw, organic and gluten-free entrees and desserts out of her take-out only storefront.

Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine

912 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

If you get past the somewhat silly looking neon genie lamp outside, this Montrose Mediterranean restaurant has got the fresh, steamy pita and monstrous vegetarian platter of your dreams.

Field of Greens

2320 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

No matter your dietary restrictions, Field of Greens can feed you. Vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and low-carb dishes all have a place on the menu.

Hobbit Cafe

2243 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098

Although the Hobbit Hole has lost some of its veg-cred since relocating and adding meat items to the menu, there is still a good deal for vegetarians to choose from. Try the Gandalf sandwich, avocado and mushrooms under melted cheese, or the zucchini and eggplant enchiladas.

Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine

3821 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77027

The lunch buffet chock full of veggie lo mein, crispy fried tofu balls, soups, curries and vegan desserts affords the cruelty-free a great opportunity to pig out.

Loving Hut

2825 S Kirkwood Rd, Houston, TX 77082

The international chain is serving up pan-Asian vegan fare out on Houston's Westside. Menu items get cute names like Sea of Love (enoki mushrooms, soy protein, ginger and seaweed) and Wonton Harmony.

Just Juice

428 W Greens Rd, Houston, TX 77067

The only safe haven for Greenspoint vegetarians manages to serve up a few vegan sandwiches like meat-free chicken salad alongside their long list of smoothies.

Bombay Sweets

5827 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77036

This modest snack shop on Hillcroft operates a super cheap vegetarian buffet in one half of the store. Mix it up by ordering a dosa a la carte--the enormous rice crepe comes stuffed with enough potatoes and veggies for three people.

Fadi's Mediterranean Grill

4738 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77096

Fadi's is a good place for carnivores and vegetarians in Houston to share a meal together without complaints from either side. Lamb shank, cheese pita and falafel are all available on the cafeteria-style line.


1602 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Finding vegetarian restaurants in Houston for the day-to-day can be a challenge, but occasion dining is a whole other obstacle. Or it was until Chef Hugo Ortega began creating vegetarian and vegan items like corn pudding and plantain empanadas to place on the menus at Hugo's and Backstreet Cafe.