Best Frozen Margaritas for under $7 sans Happy Hour

I am a sucker for a great margarita and I'm sure I'm not the only, SO I gladly present to you my finalist in the great taste and pays for frozen MARGARITAS.

Updated: August 10, 2010

Dallas BBQ


322 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019

The BESTEST BEST!!!!! My favorite hands down for a frozen margarita. For under $6--get this-- *GRANDE* size AND you get to pick flavors too! (my favorite coconut-- they have a variety of flavors ), to blast them even more, you can have a regular size MARG for $3, it doesn't get ANY better than this. I advise you ahead of time that after three margaritas you may be walking out sideways... It doesn't hurt that they also have decent Mexican food as well

Dallas Bbq

1265 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021

Besides being one of the best eats in NYC for under $10 for 2 to eat under their "Early Bird" special (Please do read the fine print as each location has different set times for the start and finish of special and strict paremeters) Dallas BBQ's has some GOOD top of the line Margaritas nd they are experts at mixing them up. Whoever the in house mixologist is they've continued to be on point as this is amongst many New Yorker's favorite spots to eat & drink.

Boat Basin Cafe

W 79th St, New York, NY 10024

Classic, scenetic views of the Hudson, and the eclectic crowds ahhh...From Columbia alum literary to bohemian upper west side sheik. Hands down the Boat Basin has the BEST STRAWBERRY MARGARITA I have ever consumed! Delish!!!!!! & it meets the $7 litmus.

Brother Jimmy's BBQ

1485 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10021

Ahhh hands down the classic for smack- me-around happy town, Brother Jimmy's may be known for the congregate for the 20's something crowd, however, they sure know how to put a southern spin on a Mexican drink. The classic frozen margarita is served generously in a classic southern jam glass jar and it is the smoothest refined Margarita I have ever had- no chunks just straight up sour and Tequila smooth. VERY VERY GOOD! Caution: Watch out for the frat boys.