Best Paella in Austin

Oh glorious paella: one indulgent Spanish vacation-turned-unforgiving-bingefest some 5,000 miles from Austin and we were hooked. Eventually returning stateside (feeling more worldy and a few pounds heavier), we wondered if central Texans can whip up the traditional bomba rice dish with much (if any) justice or culinary integrity. A Sunday rendezvous at Vino Vino or midweek food romp at Malaga beckon an affirmative si gorda, estas de suerte!; and thus, we're thrilled to say, you can now find us face first in a piping hot pan of seafood, meat or (if we're feeling really crazy) mixed paella right here on home turf. Chow down at any of our Austin picks.

Updated: July 18, 2011

Paella in Austin