Chef Greg Lowry's Houston Favorites

Greg Lowry has worn the chef toque all over Houston, from his position as the executive chef of Farrago to the executive pastry chef at Tony's. He was recently hired as the executive chef of VOICE at Hotel ICON where he's currently working his magic--and when you were valedictorian of French pastry production, you've got a lot magic. These are his favorite spots in Houston.

Updated: October 05, 2010

Chef Greg Lowry's Houston Favorites

Dirt Bar

1209 caroline, Houston, TX 77002

"My favorite place to hang out with friends after a long day in the kitchen. It's moody, eclectic and so dimly lighted, it doesn't matter what you look like when you go in. And the music is rockin!"

Ibiza Food And Wine Bar

2450 Louisiana, Houston, TX 77006

"I love Ibiza, which in my opinion, is the most consistent restaurant in the city. I dream about the shrimp and cornbread appetizer."

Chucks Home Services of Syracuse

200 Meigs St, Rochester, NY 14607

"The kitchen is where the magic happens, and the lobby is one of the most unique spaces in city. It's also great being steps away from newly renovated Market Square."

Canino Produce Co.

2520 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009

"It's so nice to get farm fresh ingredients and taste them before you buy. Canino Produce Co. on Airline is a great resource in the kitchen which allows me to create specials around local, seasonal ingredients."