Get a Stall: Bathrooms Built for Action

Sometimes at dinner or over drinks, subtle flirting escalates to unexpected fireworks. Sure, public petting might be frowned upon, but with bathroom design features like mirrored ceilings and airplane-style occupancy locks, some places are practically begging for semi-public displays of affection. We've discovered 10 such spots for those sex-charged cats and kittens who are determined to let the sparks fly on premises.

Updated: August 25, 2008

Two Urban Licks

Two Urban Licks

820 Ralph McGill Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30306

You want sexy? In what is maybe the coolest restaurant in Atlanta, the bathrooms at Two hold their own. Single and unisex, these dark and mysterious pockets are tucked just far enough away to slide in a naughty experience without being caught.


Trois Restaurant

1180 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30309

There are only two bathrooms in the bar area of Trois, and both are stunners. Green and red lights on the outside signal the occupancy like airplane lavatories and, once inside, there is plenty of room to play. You have to be sneaky though--the loos are right by the hostess stand.

The Warren City Club

The Warren City Club

818 N Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30306

There is just something about going to a private, dimly lit bar that puts you in the mood. Thankfully, all the Warren's bathrooms are single-lock jobs. While the main two are marked with a W and M, the side can in the "gold" room is the gender-bending bathroom perfect to sneak in and out of.


Halo Lounge

817 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

We couldn't possibly leave out one of Atlanta's hippest clubs as a sex-charged locale. This hidden lounge in the basement of the Biltmore is a spot-on spot for flirty activity, and the single-lock, unisex bathrooms come complete with mood lighting. Watch out.

The Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre

Buckhead Theatre

3110 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305

If getting a piece at a rock venue isn't already hip and scandalous, then getting action in the venue's "secret" bathroom just raises the stakes. This can is rarely used and is located behind the beer-tub girl--how rock 'n' roll.


Parish Restaurant

240 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA 30307

Talk about a triple threat: Parish's bathrooms have a beaded entrance, mirrored ceilings and sexy candelabras for good, um, measure.


Lenny's Bar & Grill

486 Decatur St, Atlanta, GA 30312

Good bathrooms for romping don't exclusively exist in trendy restaurants--nor are they necessarily unisex. The ladies room at Lenny's has dark corners, plenty of space and even boasts a full-length mirror. Plus, side action goes perfectly with noisy indie bands and PBR tall boys.

Eastside Lounge

Eastside Lounge

484 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

The dimly lit digs of the Eastside Lounge were certainly designed with discretion in mind. The unisex cans are locked and built for two--perfect for cute hipsters looking for extracurricular trouble in the East Atlanta Village.



300 Marietta St, Atlanta, GA 30313

This one is for Team Guy. Not only can you get some good action in these spacious and single-lock bathrooms, but you can also get in some sports reading. Just don't let her catch you reading the wall art: decade-based fun facts.