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Guys Night Out in Chicago

You've been working long hours. The old lady has an inexplicable no-shoes-on policy when entering your collective pad. Even your dog isn't acting like man's best friend. And your single friends? You hardly see them anymore. The truth is, you need a night on the town like nobody's business. So, get your drink and eat on at these manly destinations--no girls allowed.

New Shops in D.C.

The shops in Washington, D.C., have grown trendier with the city's national social status--D.C. having now been featured on such venerable TV shows as "The Real World" and "The Real Housewives.? From unique, locally owned stores and boutiques to best-selling national chains, there are now more new shops and stores in the district than ever before. (Pictured: Charm)

Gourmet Donuts in Washington, D.C.

Donuts aren't just for cops and business meetings. Fresh, homemade donuts are starting to spring up in D.C. in the unlikeliest of places, from pubs and wine shops to brunch buffets and organic breakfast spots. Whether traditionally shaped or of the donut hole variety, these hot, sugary treats can make your entire meal when done right. Check out our favorite places to grab fresh, gourmet donuts in the district.

Top 7 LA Family-Friendly Destinations

As seen on ABC 7 ... Looking for LA's most kid-friendly destinations? We've got you covered. From a miniature railroad through one of LA's most beloved parks to a giant ape that's gone, well ... ape, find out where to go for family-friendly fun in Los Angeles and beyond.

Best Texas Beer

Texas is a little late to the craft beer game compared to powerhouses like Colorado, but it's catching up with a vengeance. As we all know, the great state of Texas does nothing half way and beer is no exception. So whether you're pulling one out of the fridge, drinking a pint out or sampling it at the brewery, this is some of the best Texas beer.

Live Music in Seattle

Anyone who's been paying attention to pop culture over the last 50 years knows that Seattle's live music scene has given the world Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Modest Mouse--and much more. Catch the next big local band (or current hot touring performer) at one of these clubs, bars, theaters and other top venues for live music in Seattle. (Photo: View at The Gorge, which is outside Seattle, but worth the drive.)

D.C. Attractions

When it comes to attractions, Washington D.C. is a playground of rich historical sites, exceptional museums and government landmarks. Tour the homes of presidents past and present, experience the beauty of our nation's memorials, or be blown away by the National Symphony Orchestra, all as history takes shape around you in our nation's capital.

24/7 in Washington, D.C.

Bob Seger isn't the only one working on night moves--many Washingtonians are night owls in need of restaurants that are open 24 hours. With so many workaholics and such a great nightlife scene, it's no wonder that so many district residents are on the prowl for food at all hours of the day and night. Whether you're in search of a great piece of pie--complete with a bookstore open for late-night browsing--or breakfast at 4am, check out our picks for the best restaurants open 24 hours (or nearly 24 hours) a day.

Restaurant Deals in Washington, D.C.

We love our Washington, D.C., restaurants but what we love even more is restaurant deals at our favorite spots around town. Sometimes a deal just means dirt-cheap food, but other times it means serious discounts on some seriously fancy eats. Whether it's 25 cent bar food or $10 food and drink pairings from a celebrity chef, we've rounded up some of the best restaurant discounts and deals in the district. (Pictured: Ping Pong Dim Sum's chicken puffs)

Top 7 Mexican Restaurants in LA

As seen on ABC 7 ... If there's one city that's known for its Mexican food, it's LA. Everyone has their favorite hole in the wall and south-of-the-border spot for a celebration, but we did our best to compile a tasty sampling of the top Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles, Orange County and beyond. (Photo: Guelaguetza's chilaquiles with Oaxacan string cheese.)