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Weekend Getaways From San Francisco

As much pride as we take in our gorgeous scenery, world-class restaurants and general awesomeness, sometimes you just gotta get outta Dodge--and we've got suggestions for weekend getaways from San Francisco . While SF's less-than-balmy summers provide plenty of motivation for a weekend getaway in the sun, these ideas--from camping in Yosemite to wine tasting in Napa--are perfect for a little escapism any time of year.

Weekend Getaways from Atlanta

There are plenty of reasons to love Atlanta, and while the ability to take a quick weekend getaway often gets overshadowed, it's one of our favorites. Yes, Hartsfield-Jackson can take you anywhere in the world, but in a half-day drive (or less), you can be relaxing at the Lodge at Sea Island (pictured), cooling off in the mountains or getting away from it all in a quaint college town. So, pack your bag for one or all of our top five Atlanta weekend getaways.

Weekend Getaways Near Austin

So David Geffen's not calling you back and your private jet is?well, it just doesn't exist. Fret not, getaway-seekers: You can still put a leisurely weekend to good use right here on our home turf. Romantic oasis? Check. Family fun? Yup. Pack up the ol? jalopy and check out any of these weekend getaways an easy driving distance from Austin.

Weekend Getaways from Seattle

Whether you're in the mood for a romantic overnighter with a special lady friend, or want to get the gang together for a day trip on Bainbridge Island, there are a plethora of options for weekend getaways from Seattle. From a leisurely meal at the fine-dining destinations like the Herbfarm, to gourmet ice-cream at Mora's, you'll be sure to put together a weekend's worth of fun with these tips, on any budget.

Chicago's Weekend Getaways

When gorgeous summer days are in the forecast, there's nothing more appealing than sneaking out of crowded Chicago for a quiet weekend getaway. From resorts in Wisconsin to beach towns in Michigan, we've got some great options to choose from. Sit back, relax and enjoy your summer at these top Chicago weekend getaways. (Photo: Destination Kohler)

Kid-Friendly Activities in Washington, D.C.

Don't let D.C.'s reputation as a mother ship for the suit-wearing political set fool you--tots make out like bandits here, too. The front-row exposure to history combined with a plethora of free museums and learning opportunities make it a culturally rich place to grow up. From playing with microscopes and observing live insects to secret overnight spy missions, there's a family-friendly attraction in Washington, D.C., for the child or children in your life.

New York's Weekend Getaways

Summertime in New York is loads of fun, but we all need a weekend getaway once in a while. Whether you want to hit the beach, eat your face off or dance all night, our nearby weekend getaways guide has you covered. And if you really can't leave town, we've got staycation spots that'll make you feel a million miles away--or at least drunk enough to think you are.

D.C.?s Weekend Getaways

Washington, D.C., has some amazing attractions--and the tourists to prove it--but sometimes you need a real weekend getaway. Whether to escape the hubbub of D.C. life, try an adventurous sport, party all night or simply check out something new, there are many nearby places that provide an exciting weekend getaway from the District: the Shenandoah Valley, Bedford, Pa., Dewey Beach and Baltimore just to name a few. Of course sometimes, relaxation just means a change of scenery, so we've got some closer-to-home options for staycations and mini-retreats, too. (Pictured: An afternoon in Dewey Beach)

Kid-Friendly Activities in LA

Think finding cool things to do with your kids is mission impossible? Think again. We've rounded up some of the best kid-friendly activities in LA. Whether you've got a 2-year-old or a tween on your hands, check out our essential guide to family-friendly fun in Los Angeles.

Pools in Washington, D.C.

To survive a steamy summer in the district, access to a pool is a must. While most hotels no longer offer day pool passes for non-guests, there are still a few times when all are welcome. There are also plenty of D.C. public pools open to residents (and visitors, with day passes) for a quick dip. We've scouted out tubing spots near D.C. for a lazy river float, too. Whether you're looking for a chic pool with beautiful, bikini-clad women or a casual place to splash around in a tacky Speedo, we've got you covered.