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Eco as an Afterthought: A Sustainable Living Guide to SF

When green became the new black a couple of years ago, SF wasn't impressed--organic food and upcycled clothing were already as common here as Diet Coke-bedribbled velour sweatsuits are everywhere else. As expected, "going green? in such a progressive city rarely necessitates changing a habit or even leaving the block, but you can always be greener. For sustained sustainable city living from the belly to the bedroom, look here.

Memorial Day in Atlanta 2011

Memorial Day is bittersweet--it's a somewhat somber occasion, but it's also a three-day weekend; it's the unofficial kickoff for summer, but also marks the de facto end of Atlanta's most pleasant season. Still, it's got to be celebrated. Here's our list of places in Atlanta to say hello to summer: eating Mike's Bone Lick Barbecue at P?Cheen, enjoying a day at Lake Lanier, catching a Braves game, outdoor movies and more.

Portsmouth: A Boston Weekend Getaway

The salty air, lobster traps and delicious small-town charms of Portsmouth, N.H., are but a swift 60 miles from Boston proper. You?d be hard-pressed to find a more ideal destination for a city-slicker's weekend trip, with an incredibly walkable downtown (everything is less than a five-minute jaunt away) teeming with seasonal restaurants, amazing beer, eclectic boutiques, bustling nightlife and gorgeous views of the water at every turn. Best part? At night, you can see the stars.

(Photo: Christine Liu)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Picks in Boston

The classic salty-sweet combo of peanut butter and jelly comforts us dearly, propelling taste-memory straight back to freewheeling childhood. Whether you're adamant about crunchy versus creamy--or a staunch strawberry believer staging a mutiny against the blameless grape--you'll be sure to get stuck on these PB&J picks in Boston.

(Photo: bensonkua on flickr)

Top 7 L.A. Food Trucks

As seen on ABC 7 ... Everybody knows that taco trucks have been a vibrant part of the L.A. dining culture for decades, but there's a new generation of gourmet food trucks taking to the streets. Tech-savvy foodies follow these mobile eateries on Twitter and indulge in every cuisine imaginable. Find out which food trucks top our list (designated below by some of their frequent stops.) You can also click here to watch the segment!

Washington D.C.'s Best Pie

There's nothing quite as American as a good piece of pie. We've rounded up the best pie in D.C. from the people who know this city best: the Citysearch Dictators. Sweet potato, apple, peanut butter and pecan--whatever your flavor, there's a pie for you here. Interested in becoming a Dictator? Apply here: (Photo courtesy Baked & Wired)

The Bay Area's Best Pies

While pie hasn't quite had the food-trend takeoff of cupcakes and macaroons, we're angling for it to be the next on the list of retro-hip calorie bombs--because a world with more pie is just a better world to live in. Here are our picks for the top five places to stuff your pie hole in the Bay Area.

Washington, D.C., Easter Brunch 2010

The Easter bunny may not be leaving you baskets of treats anymore, but there are still plenty of things to celebrate on April 4: the arrival of spring, the end of Lent, and a really good excuse to indulge in mimosas and delicious food. Whether Easter means going to church, hunting for eggs, brunching with the girls or something totally out of the ordinary, we've got the Washington, D.C., options covered. (Photo by Flickr user antaean)

Philadelphia's Breweries and Brew Pubs

After a few astoundingly successful Philly Beer Weeks and several years of incessant drum beating by media entities like us, the overwhelming majority of bar and restaurant owners--even chains!--have recognized that they can't get away with opening a drinking establishment within city limits that doesn't serve locally brewed beer. Even Main Line and South Jersey bars are starting to catch on. So where does all of this so-called local beer come from? And more importantly, where can I get it at the source? For now, we're sticking to breweries and brew pubs within an hour's drive, although there are some that are nationally acclaimed just outside this radius. That, friends, will be a story for a different day. (Photo courtesy of McKenzie Brewhouse)

Top 7 Valentine's Day Spots

As seen on ABC7 ... Citysearch senior editor Mar Yvette picks the top spots for Valentine's Day in Los Angeles and beyond. Watch the segment for a close-up look at all the romance and fun.