Salty's On Alki Beach Seafood Grill

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1936 Harbor Ave Sw, Seattle, WA | Directions   98126

47.586636 -122.376565

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Winter: Mon-Thu 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-9pm; Fri 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-9:30pm

Sat 11:30am-3pm, 4pm-9:30pm; Sun 9am-2pm, 4pm-9pm

Summer: Mon-Thu 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-10pm; Fri 5pm-11pm

Sat 11:30am-3pm, 4pm-11pm; Sun 9am-2pm, 4pm-10pm

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Neighborhoods: North Admiral, West Seattle

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From The Owners of Salty's On Alki Beach Seafood Grill

World Class Seafood, Steaks, Service & Smiles!

About Salty's On Alki Beach Seafood Grill

  • Seafood and View
  • Award-winning NW Cuisine
  • Parties or meetings 10 to 300

"This view is not only the best in Seattle, this is one of the world's great view restaurants," says a local critic. We offer fresh Northwest seafood, Maine lobster, USDA Prime charbroiled steaks, world-famous salmon and halibut, oysters and clams from local beaches, pasta, chicken and salads. To complement your meal, order wine from an extensive list of outstanding Northwest and world-class selections. Our Saturday/Sunday brunch is a Citysearch award-winner. Join us for the best happy hour in Seattle! Experience Seattle's Best Seafood!


Reviews for Salty's On Alki Beach Seafood Grill

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

The only thing good about this place is the view. If you care to waste your money to see the view, then go for it, but the service is the worst I have had in many years. Completely incompetent staff, and management from bad food to lost reservations.

We made reservations for a 7:30 dinner on a Sunday, but since we were in the area earlier, we showed up at 6:00. We checked in with the hostess and said can we please be seated at your convenience earlier if possible. It was a Sunday evening and they didn't have anyone waiting at the hostess area at all, so I thought it should be no trouble, but we were prepared to take our reservation time of 7:30 if it was a problem, and told them so.

We asked to wait in the bar on the deck, so the hostess led us to the deck area where we ordered drinks and a couple appetizers. One odd thing was they made me carry this stand with a flag on it that was 18 inches high or so, and it had a big 17 on it so they could find us when our table was ready. That turned out to be a joke, since they said they couldn't find us. It wasn't busy at all, but it took 20 minutes to get our drinks, then over an hour to get our appetizers. The waiter told us he had lost our ticket, and had to ask us what we ordered. We got coconut shrimp that were way overcooked, but the sliders we got were pretty good. During our long wait, we checked in with the hostess two more times to make sure they knew we were still on the deck waiting.

At 7:30, which was the time of our original reservation, we once again checked in with the hostess for the third time. We were assured it would be very soon. It got to be 8:30, and they tried to sit us at a table with no view at all. We had requested a table with a view and you would think in all that time we waited they could have found a way to accommodate our request, but we were told that they had looked for us and couldn't find us. What??? We were on your deck in your bar and we checked in three times, and you couldn't find us? We had an 18 inch stand with a flag on it that had a big 17, and you couldn't find us? Completely incompetent staff, and the manager did nothing to make us happy.

So we payed $90 for crap food and a couple weak drinks and we left without even getting dinner for which we planned on spending upwards of another $200 for our party of four. I still tipped 20% to my bar waiter, even though he was also terrible. Left dirty plates on our table for 45 minutes and never did clear them. He never took an interest in us waiting over 2 hours and not getting a table.

Absolutely the worst Restaurant experience I have had in my memory.

We were visiting from the Bay Area, and this place would not last in San Francisco where they know how to treat guests or they go out of business, no matter what great view you have to offer.

over a year ago

Great views, great food. I've been eating at Salty's for more than a decade! In the summer the outdoor seating is great so I can escape the smoke of all the candles indoors. I'm allergic and get quite a sinus headache for the next day or two, so the outdoor fresh air is appreciated.

over a year ago

Find this place great – Find this place best seafood in all United States vs Japan even. Tuna and Sea Bass. The two are best ever. "Ira Todd Klein"

over a year ago

This was a first time experience for me, so naturally people would think it was okay, but it wasn't. The waitress as she didn't recognize us, but I made her aware of this! Even though the food was prepared well and it was delicious!

over a year ago

You come here for the View – This is the place to come when you need to remember why you love Seattle (the view of the Skyline is that inconic skyline view) or when you have out of towners that you want to impress with a great view. The service is practiced and professional, I have brought guests here a handful of times and always had really professional, if maybe dry, service. The food is good, not exciting, but consistent. Always they do a good job.

over a year ago

Very good lunch - Salmon – I had lunch at Saltys Seafood last week and it was great. The salmon was very moist and flavorful. I'd recommend it. They put bacon in with spinach that gave it a nice combination of flavors.

Service was very good. The gal explained the different preperations of salmon so that I could make a decision that was right for my tastes.

Overall: Good Job Saltys.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Awful!!! Rude Staff! Bones in the Gravy! Stingy with meat! – BIG MISTAKE! If I could rate Salty’s on Alki a “minus 99” I would. We arrived early for our Thanksgiving buffet reservation to ensure we would be seated on time. A couple barged-in ahead of us and asked the hostess if they could be seated even though they didn’t have a reservation. The hostess replied with a smile, “Sure!” They were seated right away and were going through the buffet line while we were still waiting in the extremely cold, cramped, and disorganized “waiting area” for 45 min past our “reserved” time. Finally, we were shown to our table, but had to wait another 20 min before our “server” acknowledged our existence and gave permission enter the buffet area. I searched for the advertised Snow Crab and finally asked a staff person where it was. She replied, “I guess we don’t have any” and walked away. Disappointed, I placed some stuffing (with lord-knows-what in it) and cold mashed potatoes on one of the few clean plates I could find, and tried to obtain some turkey at the “carving station”. I asked the attendant for a piece of turkey breast and pointed to the sad-looking piece of carrion that once was a turkey (I think). Instead of carving a slice of meat from the bird, the attendant sliced a rubbery piece of “turkey product” from a “loaf” and put it on my plate. When I nicely stated that I also would like a piece of breast meat carved from the bird itself, the surly attendant replied “It’s all the same…it’s breast!” and turned his attention to the next person in line. When I asked for prime rib, the attendant used his FINGERS to pick up a scrap of pre-cut, gristle-laden “meat” and placed it on my plate as if it were a “sacred offering”. When I asked for a piece carved from the rib itself, the attendant REFUSED and said “that’s all I’m going to give you”. I did my best to choke down the “turkey product” in between spitting pieces of gristle into my napkin. I tried the stuffing, only to find a large piece of bone and other foreign objects therein. The prime rib was, of course, full of gristle and inedible. I gave up on eating any kind of meat, potatoes, or stuffing, and decided to try the deserts: the red velvet cake was hard as a rock, mostly icing, and tasted like something airlines served years ago (it tasted like it was several years old, too); the “home baked” cookies left me wanting the ones I buy at Costco…YUCK!; I couldn’t taste any pumpkin in the sour, supposedly pumpkin cheesecake; the pumpkin pie tasted like a Sara Lee reject; the strawberries looked like they were grown at the North Pole (i.e., far from ripe); the macaroons were globs of lard and coconut; the snickerdoodle was hard, cold, and tasteless. All in all, this honestly was the worst meal I have had in years…anywhere. I wouldn’t wish a meal like this on anyone! We served far better meals at the homeless shelter where I volunteered years ago. Salty’s: clean up your act! (I left hungry and stopped at Arby’s on the way home. Their roast beef was far better than Salty’s horrible prime rib!)

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

BLAHHH!!! HORRIBLE!! – Absolutely the biggest Thanksgiving mistake of my life.

I had never been to Saltys before, somehow the review on urbanspoon looked good.

I like buffets, havent really met one i didnt like before until now, so I took my girlfriend to Saltys to be the Thanksgiving hero, and They made me a Turkey alright!

I had reservations 3 days in advance, when I got there on time, I was told they were running 15-20 minutes behind, so I waited,,,, 1 hour later we were seated.

to make a long story short Il get tot the point, there was no turkey when I arrived at 7pm, there was a carcus so I got prime rib instead, when I sat down I went for the mash poatoes and stuffing first and on my first bite I pulled a rogue hair out from between my lips, now suddenly Im not looking at the meal the same, it was all down hill from there folks!

Please remember this is Thanksgiving and the most anticipated Meal of the entire year, all day I had been saving myself for what I thought was going to be the greatest meal ever, I mean I could have chose a less expensive place but I figured hey, you get what you pay for right? Ha!

After deciding not to let the hair or the wait or the poor service ruin my Thanksgiving I worked up my appetite back and went for a new plate,

Well, the prime rib was tough, overcooked and absolutely flavorless.

The macaroni and cheese had no cheese, it was like the stuff left over in the drain after washing the dishes in your sink.

So I continued to try one thing after the other hoping to find something that could help my experience, absolutely everything was terrible and bland.

I was actually angry that they were such low quality all around and felt embarrassed and uncomfortable, at the 'carving station' I heard the staff bickering to eachother and one of them actually looked at me and tried to get me involved...

Very unprofessional and immature and uncomfortable, my server had no clue how to serve and the manager of the resturaunt made a snide rude personal remark to me in front of my girlfriend.

I have worked in fine dining for years and I have never seen chaos at this level. Many of the employees were better suited for Western State mental hospital.


Expected good things and if I knew then what I know now, I would have gone somewhere else, hell, the union gospel mission would have been a major improvement!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Watch your Car Windows at Salty's – Some time back the President of my company came into town from the Bay Area. I picked him up at the airport and we headed for Salty’s for a dinner meeting. Upon arrival we parked with the valet. After dinner we went out to retrieve my car from the valet. We could see my vehicle from the front stairs of the restaurant where valet went to retrieve it. When the valet came running back we thought he had accidently grabbed the wrong keys. He said something to the effect “someone broke into your car and smashed the window out”. We rushed over to the car as my companies President had both is briefcase and luggage in the back. It was obvious the individuals who broke in were targeting their prize and must of known the parking lot well. Even with the valet staff within earshot and a clear view of the car denied seeing anything. We contacted the police and all they were willing to do was take a statement over the phone. Because this was the beginning of a week long business planning session our Presidents laptop, in his briefcase contained several weeks preparation material as well as our companies IP. The following day I went back to Salty’s and spoke to the manager. We were informed they would look at the surveillance, which turned out not to have any video of anyone on there breaking into the car. This seemed very odd to us with the car being so close to the front of the restaurant. In the end with numerous calls to the Police and Restaurant we never recovered the briefcase, costing our company a significant amount of money. Needless to say, when our company host functions in Seattle we are no longer allowed to use Salty’s as a place to meet.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Not Kid Friendly-Owner was Rude – I went to Saltys for my birthday lunch with my mom, a friend and her 19 month old son and my 18 month old son. The boys were both very good. They were very quiet and happily snacking and coloring while the adults wer enjoying their lunch. During our lunch a man came by and picked a crayon up off the floor and put it on the table grumpily and walked off. We said thank you but he did not respond. About 15 minutes later the same man walked by and started picking up some snack puffs that had fallen on the floor. We said thank you and he angrily said to us "stop the food fight". We thought he was joking because there wasn't much on the floor and the kids were being really good, but he wasn't. He quickly ordered a server to come vacuum the crumbs off the floor. I asked her who he was and she said the owner. I was left so unsettled by this. I just wanted to leave. We didn't say anything to anyone but our server, another employee and the restaurant manager all came over to apologize. The restaurant manager came over to let us know that he was happy we were there and to apologize for the owner. The owner must have been complaining about the kids. I won't go back to Saltys, it left a salty taste in my mouth. There are too many great restaurants in Seattle to be treated badly, especially by the owner.

over a year ago

Hi Autumn78,

I am so sorry about your experience at Salty's, this is certainly not how we want you to feel when you come here. We are definately kid-friendly and want it to feel that way. Our ownerlikes the place to be meticulous, this definately came across the wrong way, it is hard for the servers and management when this happens. You should not have been made to feel uncomfortable by having someone vacuum your area while you are sitting there and this in itself is embarassing to me and for that I apologize.

If there is anything I can do to make up for this please let me know,

Pamela Corbray

Guest Services Manager

Salty's Seafood Grills


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