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Chandler Regional Medical Center
Chandler Regional Medical Center

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Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Unfortunately, something's definitely wrong at this hospital. I was sent there by my gastro for a fast-tracked x-ray due to unusually severe pain after a colonoscopy. The outpatient desk couldn't even find the order for 45 minutes, then discovered they had no paper in their fax machine. Seriously? It just went downhill from there. I was finally ushered back to outpatient radiology by a sick tech (visibly ill and coughing with no mask on). After taking one set of views, she tersely told me that it would all have to be retaken because I 'breathed'. The second set were also not good (there seemed to be a pattern?), so she then took a third set. In between, I heard her joking with other staff about how she just couldn't seem to get any good views taken that day. When she was done, she informed me it would be quite a wait because all the radiologists were gone for lunch? So no radiologist to read x-rays during the lunch hour at a large hospital. Finally after sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours, my husband called my doctor's office to try and see what was going on. We were ready to just leave because I was in so much pain and there was no place to lie down. My doctor quickly returned the call and told us all the x-rays were unreadable and more views would need to be taken. Due to the intervention of my doctor, I was then taken to the regular hospital radiology department where a technician who actually knew what he was doing got the process going again and took the needed views. After another painful half hour sitting upright in the uncomfortable waiting room, we finally got the news that we could leave. So, over three hours to have an x-ray clearly marked STAT taken and read. What's really unsettling is that this is the hospital our doctors and specialists use, so at some point, if surgery or hospitalization is ever necessary, we'll have to switch doctors because I refuse to count on this facility for healthcare. My husband's having surgery next week at Banner. Thank God the surgeon does not practice at Chandler Regional! This is a broken hospital and best avoided. It needs an intervention.

over a year ago

I've had several surgeries as an in patient and the care was great, but the emergency is another story. It used to be good when it was Catholic Health Care West, but since Dignity took over. IT STINKS!

I injured my knee and went to an affiliated urgent care who sent me to the hospital for an ultra sound fearing a blood clot. A full waiting room but they got me in fairly quick. My complaint was I never saw a doctor to give me any results of the ultra sound. The doctor poked her head in without looking at me and said she would be with me shortly. She did have an attitude. I never saw her again! My husband had to grab a nurse to find out I did not have a blood clot and got a doctor to sign me out without any exam.

To make matters worse I was billed $1005.00 from Premier Emergency Doctors. I was fuming and called telling them I never saw a doctor! Then I received a bill for half the original amount saying CHARITY on it. I don't need charity and I was told I had to pay it or they would turn me over for collection!

I'm paying small monthly amounts and they can't say anything as it's payment in good faith.

You want a great hospital? Go to Banner Gateway. Small but efficient.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Chandler Regional Hospital is without a doubt the worst hospital in the

area. The service is terrible and the staff is uncaring and rude and

will lie to your face.

If you show up complaining of pain you had better be prepared to be

treated as though you are a druggie. I went in the middle of the night

with major tooth pain and was left to wait over two hours, at times with

zero other patients waiting, while the nurse continued to socialize with the

doctors, other nurses and to look down her nose at me. Finally, after

waiting to be seen for over two hours (immense pain the entire time),

I asked the nurse how much longer I would have to wait, she lied to

me and said they "must have come to try and get you while you weren't

there, did you go outside and smoke or something?" (I was there the

waiting room entire time, did not leave). This also is after the triage

nurse stated that I had been "fast tracked" - which I now believe is

their internal code for them thinking you are lying to them about your pain.

Another huge concern is that you will need to pay very, very close

attention to the bills you will receive from both from the hospital

itself and the doctor who eventually sees you. They will:

1. Overcharge you for the visit itself

2. Overcharge you for any medications administered

3. Bill you for the entire bill (not just the patient portion with


4. Send you invoices that are inconsistent with what they filed to your


Unless it is an absolute emergency and there is no closer hospital you

can go to, I recommend doing all you can to avoid Chandler Regional Hospital.

If a representative from Chandler Regional Hospital should happen to

read this I want you to know:

I am a real person and was in real pain and I came to you to seek help.

You did far from help me. It was traumatizing what you put me through

and continue to put me though with your unethical bill practices. You

should be ashamed of yourselves.

over a year ago

I was admitted to this hospital in Oct 2011 for triple by pass heart surgery. I cannot say enough positively about their service or care. They are truly outstanding, great ER, good nursing and OK the food was not gourmet but after 17 days including 7 in the ICU i left a new man to continue to enjoy like with my 10 year old daughter. Ok we had some billing issues which we were able to resolve, but we are lucky to have such a quality hospital in our community. Maybe those with the critical reviews should check in at the Ritz Carlton next time they need medical help. The medical professional at Chandler regional would then have more time to provide competent services to the rest of us.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

The worst ER I have ever experienced. The nurses there are so put out to treat you and so disgusted that you are there that you might as well go outside and walk to another ER. They are more concerned with there socializing amongst there peers than treating the patients.


Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Soooo glad to see these postings! I have visited Chandler Regional hospital when needed for the past 5 years with no issues until this last autumn of 2012. Something has drastically changed since I ws last there. First off, the person checking patients in at the front (a man missing two fingers on his right hand) acted like i was inconveniencing him by daring to visit the ER at 5am in the morning. Like i wanted to be there in the first place, OK? Then i sat and sat and sat and waited for a nurse to come and take my vitals and then give me some medicine to drink. No explanation, just drink it. Then i was at in the 'back' in a chair with a curtain pulled where i stayed for another hour at which time a physicians assistant came to tell me that my throat was sore. No tests as to why i was having a hard time breathing or why i felt my throat was closing, nothing. Just on my way home.. 3 minute consult tops. THEN to add insult to injury i get a BILL from premiere em medical specialists telling me I owe $200 and change more than what my insurance paid and on top of my $150 copay! Why? I'll tell you why. Becuase ALL CHANDLER PHYSICIANS ARE OUT OF NETWORK DOCTORS FOR BCBS. ALL OF THEM. What you are charged depends on what ICD-9 or CPT code the billing department decides to enter in at the time of your visit. According to my insurance company, the Premier EM medical specialists charge considerably higher rates than national average which is why we have to pay more. Mercy Gilbert also uses Premier EM medical specialist, so beware. Upon calling premier em medical specialists, they refused to lower their rates to even somewhat close to national average. So i was stuck paying this bill. So in summary: I work to have benefits, then i have to pay a $125 copay to go to hospital where i am treated like an inconvenience.. an afterthought, and for that i get to pay an additional $200.00. $325.00 that visit costed me to get stuck in a corner and talked to for 3 minutes. Please beware when visiting this hospital. Please be AWARE that depending upon what codes are entered, you could be paying a boat load extra than what you expected to pay. It varies, there is no rhyme or reason, and they will not budge. It's just not worth it unless you're having a heart attack. Please visit The urgent care affiliated with them on Chandler and 48th st (approximately). they will take MUCH better care of you and not leave your wallet empty

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

The worst hospital experience I have ever had! (ER Dept.) – I had a very serious chest pain and it was so painful that my whole body cramped and couldn't breathe. I felt like I would probably die on my way to the hospital and was crying because of my pain, but when my hubby carried me inside the Emergency Room, nobody seemed to care. We were waiting for quite a while and a male medical practitioner helped to have a basic check-up on me. He was nice and gentle, but he said we have to wait for a room to have a doctor to further check on me.

Then we waited and waited, and it was over 30 minutes already, I cried very loud because of my pain but the staff there just passed by me, looking at me and having a lukewarm look on their faces. Not even a word of comfort or encouragement. Nobody offered any help despite the fact that I had an extremely hard time breathing to a point that I actually couldn't speak! I had never have that experience before and no one even gave me oxygen. Some lady did come to me and asked me for some legal stuff I guess but I just couldn't speak or so painful that I couldn't read the documents. My hubby helped me to take care of her.

And I guess someone looked like a doctor finally came and he said from the readings took when I first entered the hospital, my oxygen level seemed okay and it should be psychological factors that make it seem so painful. Okay, even if psychological factors affect the painfulness, part of it is due to the lack of caring from the staff and you doctor! When you can't breathe and in a great pain, how can you stay calm!? After the 1-minute talk, the doctor left us saying I needed some other scans before they can diagnose me. I can understand this, but not until another 30 minutes or so did another scan happen.

Later, I was brought to a bed and a really nice nurse gave me some oxygen to breathe. I felt much better just breathing the oxygen! Thanks nurse! After awhile, I was able to speak again. Later on I needed a CAT scan, and the nurse asked some male medical staff whether it's okay if I have seafood allergy. He told the nurse that seafood allergy is no longer a factor, and sent me to have a CAT scan with iodine injected in me. After I came out from the scan machine, the staff in the room asked me if I was okay, and on their faces I could see a sense of fear. At first I didn't think I have a problem, but after a few minutes, I started to feel itchiness on my head, and on my body! One of the staff brought me back to my bed quickly, and the nurse, my hubby and people around were all scared because I had serious rashes all over!! The nurse was right!!!

Then they injected me with 2 or 3 stuff quickly to make my rashes go away, but when the male medical staff injected me with the first thing (I don't remember if that's the one who said I'm okay to have CAT scan), I almost fainted! The nurse told him he shouldn't use the whole dose because I'm small; he should have given me a dose for a girl...the doctor finally came to see me again after all the scans and stuff, and what he said was something like, "Oh, you look much better! You can speak now! When you got in, you couldn't even speak!" I was knew I couldn't speak because I had an extremely hard time breathing and you did nothing to help. In the end he couldn't find the cause of my chest pain.

And it didn't end there. The medication the doctor prescribed me damaged my nerve system and liver. Thank God I read the prescription sheet and stopped the medication myself after the second day. Although these effects are mostly rare according to the prescription sheet, they all happened on me. And did I mention a mere few hours service cost $20,000+? (I had EKG, X-ray and CAT scan, some two bags of potassium, saline water and oxygen.) Thank God again I have medical insurance, or else I might probably need to file bankruptcy. You got 2 stars from me because of the nice nurse who took care of me and comforted me beside my bed!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Chandler ER Rip Off – I would just like to inform everyone that no matter how much pain you are in, "Do Not go to the ER". Unless you want to receive more pain in your bank account.

I was in severe ear pain over the Memorial weekend and finally decided at 5am to go to the ER to get something for the pain.

I walked in and was immediately looked at by a nurse who took my temp and BP. While she finished this up an ER Doc came over, introduced himself, looked into my ears and wrote me a prescription. All of this took only 13 minutes. I then left to get my prescription filled.

Later on I received bills from both the hospital, and the Doctors billing from (Premier EM Medical Specialists) totaling over $1,000 for 13 minutes of help.

To top it off, after I got in to see my primary care doctor he told me NOT to take the crap the ER Dr. had prescribed, so I wasted that $80 worth of prescription.

This happens every day in every hospital and it is only getting worse. They get away with it because they know we cannot do without the service. They do whatever they want and bill you the same......Whatever they want!!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Worst ER place in town – We were at the Chandler regional Hospital Emergency Department. I have never seen such a group of lost souls anywhere before. Talk about chaos. Nobody knew anything about what is next for the patient Case manager knew nothing about the case. Just sit down and wait for the next step to unfold. The procedure that should have taken an hour or two max, took 9 hours to complete. Emergency Services? It was a lousy service and it certainly was not an Emergency as far as these people were concerned. All physician groups should be allowed to run their own mini hospitals. These large hospital organizations are absolutely bureaucratic black holes where patient care is the last thing on their mind. The only thing these people are good at is how to lobby congress to line up their pockets and protect their butts.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Worst experience at Nursery – We went to Chandler Regional Hospital for Labor and Delivery even though one of my friend gave heads-up about the "Poor Nurses". We chose this because it was "very convenient and closeby" and nothing else.

Nurses in the nursery section do NOT know how to handle kids. Some of the nurses which we had seen can easily be noted for "Racism".

Doctors and Nurses are not pro-active. They do not even call us and let us know the status. When we call, they oddly spend time to talk about.

I will never ever enter into this hospital yet again !

One of the worst healthcare system that I have seen in the entire world is in the US. Doctors keep doing "research" on everyone without finding the root cause and the treatment and they have "good tie-up" with labs, insurance etc to make sure the "mint money" from all the middle class people.

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