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American Furniture Warehouse
American Furniture Warehouse

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2 months ago

OMG, This place is unreal, They want your money and then you wait 6-10 hours to have them load it, No lie , Its like a dealership. we were there since 9:00 am. we had lunch there. now dinner, Terrible .....If you have all day to waste away ,,,,,,,Go here !!!!!!!

over a year ago

This is the second time we have ordered furniture and had a bad experience with what was purchased.

1st one 8 years ago (full livingroom set), they had called and said our order was in and would be delivered the next day. So in the mean time, we got rid of all our furniture and prepared for the next day delivery. The next morning, AFW called and said they made a mistake with the order and would be 2 more weeks until they could fullfill the order. We went without furniture for 2 weeks, amongst family who came in 2 days after the original delivery was scheduled.

2nd one, just happened today. Last week, the day before we ordered the bedroom set we wanted, I had called to make sure if we ordered that we would not have to wait weeks to receive the items we wanted. AFW said it is in stock and would be delivered as early as 48 hours of purchase, so we went in the next day to order and schedule delivery. Upon placing and paying for the order, they told us that the end pieces (that attach to the bed) and head board was on back order, but it did not hender the delivery and putting the main bed together and that we would have to wait for 1.5 weeks to get the rest. Delivery happened today and when they got here, they told us that they could not put the main frame together, until the rest of the pieces come. They could see that we had no bed to sleep in, since we got rid of old bedroom set the day before, so we could be ready for todays delivery. Outcome, we now have 4 huge boxes laying in the bedroom and plastic over the new mattress, telling us we can not remove the protective covering over the new mattress until the rest of the bed is delivered. Again, we are stuck and at AFW mercy of fullfilling their obligation. When I called AFW customer service they told us that they should not of delivered an incomplete order like this, that we can have them p/u the things we purchased and pick out a differant set or we can leave everything and wait the 1-1.5 weeks to receive the rest of the order. SO we are now SOL and inconvenienced yet again! The best they could say was sorry, just like the last time (8years ago) this happened! 8 years and you would think they would of changed this sort of thing. Now we unhappily wait again!

over a year ago

I bought a converta sofa w/storage on 07/14/12. Called customer service (I believe on Sun 10/28/12 ) scheduled an appointment on wed 10/31/12 (my birthday) they did show up during the 2 hour window they schedule for you. You have NO CHOICE as to what time they come. They advertise this sofa for the dorm. If a parent bought this item for the dorm it would not last one month. I bought it for my house wanting it to last 9 mounths to a year. I am not a college student. I am a 57 year old woman, that does not abuse furniture. (Also I used to upholster furniture) Anyway the padding is shot and you can feel the frame and a spring POPPED. The technition said the bad padding was normal wear and tear (so much for it lasting 9 months) This extreamly experienced tech said he would fix the spring and he did I guess and stapled the dust cover back up like a blind man might. (a blind man would have made sure there were no pleats in what is supposed to be smooth - it is under the sofa) Now two days later another spring has POPPED and I have to wait for more than two weeks for an appointment because I have taken all the extra time off I can afford. I was planning to buy a whole housefull of furniture from Jake in a couple of months. Now. NOT!!!!!!! I wouldn,t buy a bed for my dogs there. I,m betting any place would give better customer service than Jake does. So say good by to the $5000.00 or so I was going to spend. Just say no to American Furniture Warehouse as soon as you walk out the door you are screwed!!!!

over a year ago

I will NEVER shop here again.

I bought the most expensive Sealy Posturpedic Mattress they had, 3 years ago. The Salesman told me there was a 10 yr Warrenty. After these 3 yrs, my mattress began sagging in the middle.

I filed a complaint with AFW and they sent an "inspector" to my house. This guy took photos and checked the mattress and told me the mattress was "definitly defective."

A couple of weeks later, AFW sent me a letter stating that, because there were some stains on this mattress, it would make the warrenty VOID. These stains are very minor and not even in the defective areas.

This is the most BS excuse I've ever heard. They told me "sorry" numerous times during a phone conversation.

After spending $1000's over the years here, I will NEVER shop here again. I do NOT recommend AFW to anyone.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

On 2/26/12 we bought a mattress here and was told that it was cheaper and easier to rent one of their trucks for $20 to get it home. We thought "sure, okay" and went to get the truck. Then we get told there is a 2.5-hour wait for trucks. So we reschedule our entire day, which included canceling plans, and waited. When we go to get the truck we were told there was still a wait and that they didn't know how long it would take.

According the customer service person I spoke with today, our scheduler was this really rude mannered lady named "Adrienne". I think she was also the person working when I bought a rug just a few months earlier (also a bad experience... it was either her or some other rude CSR like looked just like her). I remember her being really rude to me when I bought the rug for some unknown reason. They just didn't' t seem to care really at all. Like I was interrupting them or something trying to make a purchase.

Anyhow, I allow my other half to convince me to go back because she thinks we can get a deal on a mattress we need for our spare room. We have friends and family coming to town this month and so time is running out. I reluctantly agree, and as a result, we got totally screwed over by American Furniture Warehouse.

Due to the mix up with the truck, the store manager offered to deliver the mattress to our home, and even waived the delivery fee. They asked us when we were available to have it delivered, and we repeatedly said "FRIDAY". So, they would deliver our mattress on Friday, today. The other problem was that because the mattress was a display model, they require that we take it away within 48 hours (we bought it on Sunday and work during the week). The entire situation was just seriously complicated. But the manager assured us they would make it right and that we would have our mattress delivered on Friday.

Today is Friday. Guess what? They aren't delivering our mattress. It looks like "Adrienne" entered the wrong date for delivery even though the notes show for it to be delivered Friday. I know this, because "Madison" explained this to me over the phone. She mentioned that "Tammy", the store manager, told Adrienne to schedule the delivery for Friday but apparently Adrienne, the mean, rude, unhelpful lady that started this entire mess along with our misleading sales guy, James Patzer, who failed to tell us about the 48 hour window when I was handing him my money or that the trucks were completely booked up that day.

Of course, James and Tammy really sounded like they wanted to fix the problem, and at the time, convinced us that we'd have a mattress in time for our quests coming into town today, but Adrienne just didn't allow it to happen. Even when she was taking the store managers instructions, you could just see that it was burning her up inside.

Well, no mattress for our guests. I had to cancel the order because the only other delivery date they had was saturday, and we're both working until late afternoon. and there's a huge time window for delivery. Madison refused to give us a specific time and said they would not hold a truck for us if we came in to the store and moved it ourselves. One truck. Any time today. They refused to do it. This is how AFW treats its customers. We took off work today for this.

This whole experience was nothing less than frustrating and a complete waste of time. I would gladly pay twice as much for the same mattress just on principle alone. I will never step foot into this place again for any reason.

There are lots of furniture stores you can shop at. Don't go to this one.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

I will never spend money here again! – What was suppose to be an easy, no hassle sales experience turned into a nightmare! After buying over $1,100 worth of furniture, the salesman assured me that if I went home and measured and the dining table I paid for on my credit card did not fit, just call and cancel before delivery and the amount would be refunded with no hassle. (I also bought a sofa and six chairs to go with the table). I called the same day and they told me they would refund the price, it never happened! After the fourth call in one week, conveinently they could only find my order of the sofa and table and no chairs of which I needed a refund since they went with the table. The person who said he was a customer service manager for this store, actually yelled at me and called me an idiot! Then he put me on hold and never came back. I am still trying to get a refund of $375. BEWARE of this shady place and poor customer service!

over a year ago

No complaints! – I relocated from another state, and it was cheaper to buy new stuff here than move my stuff from home. I was greeted and offered assistance as soon as I entered the store. I told the sales associate what I needed and what my price range was. He made suggestions in the price range I stated and did not try to get me to buy more expensive things. I bought a bedroom set, mattress, living room set including a futon w/a spring mattress, and a dining room table w/4 chairs. I haven't had any problems with any of the furniture in the year I've had it. It looks nice and looks much more expensive than it was. The futon is really great as a second bed. It's more comfortable than any pull out sofa you could find and turns into a full sized bed. They delivered and assembled my furniture in the window they promised and called when they were getting close. They also did so extremely fast. I live on the 3rd floor apartment w/no elevator. I didn't see them take any breaks. As you can tell, I've been extremely happy and would recommend them and have recommended them on several occasions.

over a year ago

Excellent Service – I just moved into my first apartment and was very excited to fill it with new furniture. I went to the Thornton store and had so much fun picking out my living room and bedroom sets! The sales girl was very helpful. She even came to my apartment to measure to make sure eveything will fit and offered some decorating ideas. My new apartment looks great. I will definitely shop there again.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Living Nightmare-Avoid at ALL Costs!!! – I have never shopped an AFW before and NEVER will again. Granted they have a great selection and if you find what you want, it is probably a good price. BUT, as earlier posters have mentioned; if there is a problem beware. It will be a nightmare to correct. Management is rude, condescending, arrogant and simply do not give a damn about the customer. Quite an amazing attitude in this economy. It appears that Jake has made so much money and his company has gotten so big he must feel that the employees no longer should try and help, forget about satisfy, the customer. According to the Denver Post, his daughter is apparently doing so well she has given out free coke at parties (Denver Post July 17, 2009),

Last night, we found a rug (rug 1) on the floor. It had been nailed to a piece of furniture as a display. We asked and were told that there were numerous in stock. We then continued around and found another rug we liked (rug 2). It was in a pile marked (up to 50% discount-- complete fraud according to Larry, the store manager; “we don’t mark anything down lower than 10%”) and clearly marked “Only one”, indicating perhaps that this was a closeout and the last rug like that. Rug 2 had a tear in one corner; we asked salesman Marshall if it could be discounted for that. He supposedly called the manager and came back and said no. No discount. All right, we really liked it, so someone was called to pull it out of the pile. When pulled out it was clear that it was ripped in several places, thinking logically this was the only one they had and we really liked it, we asked Marshall to call again and get a realistic price for this rug. He refused, saying, “ I called once, I ain’t doing it again” Kudos for great customer service and mastery of the English language, Marshall. Later in the store we found that exact rug on display (about 25 feet from the discount pile) with the SKU information and upon checking with another salesperson, found that they had 25 in stock. Something Marshall didn’t bother to say despite rug 2 being marked “only one”. The overall discount for being ripped in several places?; $99 down from $109. That is their definition of “up to 50% discount”. And nothing offered along the lines of “we have plenty of these in perfect condition in stock for only $10 more!!”

On to checkout, we give the 2 SKU numbers to a clerk and check out: 6:25 p.m. We go around the corner to pick the rugs up. Rug 1 comes out of the warehouse; it is not even close. Turns out they use the same SKU for numerous rugs. We went back inside to find out how to get the correct rug. In comes Larry the manager. Apparently, we are the first people for bringing this to their attention, that numerous products have the same SKU and if we don’t like it we are free to shop elsewhere. We are offered the rug on display, which has been nailed to furniture and has bird waste on it; of course the magical 10% applies. We are TOLD, we have to go back out to the warehouse and return the rug we were given which is completely wrong and then we have to come back in and pick up the damaged, dirty rug. Remember as customers it is OUR FAULT that they use the same SKU for numerous products. No offer to help us correct their problems or limit our footwork of walking all over the place. We ask if a warehouse individual can come look at the rug and then get one that matches, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Thank God when we went to the warehouse, Jerry (the savior of that gawd awful hole), heard our story and promptly sent someone to look at the rug and then go pick one out; time spent there, 6-8 minutes. After all that, we did get the two rugs, but after major fights and being told to shop somewhere else because we disagreed with their system of using a single SKU for multiple products. We left at 7:50 – 1 hour and 25 minutes after making our purchase. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

over a year ago

Breath of Fresh Air – My wife and I had been waiting and saving to replace my old, broken down 2 pc. sectional for a few months and we finally had our hard earned savings in hand as we entered the store. A huge selection of decently priced furniture was sprawled throughout the store. After about an hour and 1/2 of searching we felt we had found the couch/loveseat combo that fit both our financial and comfort needs. The sales people gave us a wide berth and there was never any pressure which I, personally, appreciate to no end. I have walked straight out of a store due to pushy sales people. When we needed a sales person, we found one immmediately and she was very courteous, friendly and pleasant and everything went smoothly. I waited for my delivery patiently and it came on a snowy day, on time and the delivery guys were very pleasant as well (even tho they did drop my couch and all the cushions in the snow, there was no damage and stuff happens so I didn't sweat it, I even tipped them for their time). Once the furniture was in the house I new we had made a mistake, it was not what we expected quality-wise nor comfort-wise. We thought "Well, we made our choice let's just see how it goes." Within 2 weeks the cushions were collapsed and the wood spines abused our backs every time we sat down.THIS was unacceptable. I called and spoke to a representative who, at first, gave me a bit of an issue regarding not replacing cushions blah blah blah and I simply asked if I could return it for in store credit towards a better model. This was acceptible to her and I went in and picked out the new stuff and it's on the way as I write.

I have a huge problem with bad service and see it almost in apocalyptic measure these days in all areas of business and I, for one, was elated to encounter a business of this magnitude that was so willing to take responsibility for a poor product AFTER the sale. They don't make furniture, they distribute it, and in my experience they do it well.Thank you

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