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578 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL | Directions   32801

28.550582 -81.379282

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6pm-12am on Wed, 11-close on Sun, Concerts May Vary

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Firestone Live

Reviews for Firestone Live

over a year ago

This place is bringing culture BACK to Orlando! – They do concerts of every genre... you can find rap, rock, indie, acoustic, etc. The Matt and Kim show was amazing and I am DEFINITELY going back for Wiz Khalifa.

The bartenders were the fastest I've ever seen. The drinks used to be a little expensive, but they just lowered all the prices, which is awesome.

I went last Wednesday, and they had a free with Waiting on Wonders. Apparently they do this every Wednesday outside with food trucks and a full bar.

5 stars. I'll be back every week.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

the worst club experience/new years eve EVER!!!!! – I wish I'd listened to a few of the other reviews. This club was the nastiest I've ever set foot in. Ghetto and Trailer park don't do it justice. Hands down the worst experience, especially considering we were to have VIP reservations!!! Thank God I did not give them my CC info over the phone, or I'd be out way more than 45 minutes/$40 bucks entry fee. Details:

First of all, I emailed the club to inquire about the New Year's Eve gala event on the Internet. Tom quickly responded, friendly and helpful. Since VIP was desired, Tom referred me to bottle service manager, Kemper. Kemper told me he would take good care of us, and to be at the club early, in order to secure a comfy VIP "couch", as the VIP section would fill up fast. I let him know we were from out of town, wouldn't arriving until after 11 PM. He said that was fine, although called back 2x to try & get us there sooner. We spoke 4x, and ensured no standing in line with the other 1400 expected. VIP cost = $230. Kemper made it sound wonderful, "Bypass the long line, come to side entrance & ask for me. I will come get you." Sounded GREAT. No line would save us time with limo, as reserved for 5 hours, 2 of which were traveling. When we finally arrived, not only did they charge us an extra $40 entrance fee (not included in the $230), we walked up the stairs past dirty floors littered with plastic cups, napkins, and water spills. Clientele = Scary.

As we made our way up the stairs to the, uh hum, VIP SECTION, Kemper pointed to a TINY table with 2 tinier chairs. I said "what about the couch you promised for the now $270.00?" Well, not only was he never intending to give us a couch, he turned into a different person than he had been on the phone and told me (as if he had previously) "You know you can't possibly expect a couch, people are paying $1000-$1500 for a couch." At that point I said " You have got to be shi$$ing me, right?". He had the nerve to say "Miss, I will not stand being cussed at." Oh my gahhh! The guy looked like he just finished a 20 year stint in Rikers and he's telling a well-dressed and, up to that point, very well-spoken lady who is standing in the middle of what felt like Dante's Inferno that "shi$$ing me" was infringing upon his delicate sensibilities.

I apologize for using such vulgar language yet did voice my disgust with the deceit thrown in our direction. I then decided to play with him for our trouble and said, "Okay, since we're already here, will you take an extra hundred dollars and secure us a couch. We want to be comfortable."

The club was not full... at all...and there were at least 6 empty couches. Kemper looked delighted at my request but still played hard ball replying., "I can't promise you anything --- but let me go find out. Wait here."

Needless to say, once he was out of sight we high tailed it out of that rat hole as fast as our feet could carry us, avoiding puddles/trash along the way. We were still out $40 for that BS but, even if he had a couch... we wouldn't have sat on it even if covered in plastic!! God only knows what was growing between those cushions.

Did I mention we spent $40 and wasted 45 minutes with the Firestone debacle? Happy ending. We made the best of it and had the limo take us to Church St. Station. We started at Dante's Inferno but ended up with a little bit of heaven... and a super fun limo ride home!!!!.

If you're looking for a regular dance nightclub, a little bit of class, and acceptable service (without being screwed), don't go to Firestone. If you go anyway, please write a review if you have a similar experience. I did not want to waste my time, and this is the first review I've written. It was THAT BAD!!!!!! Oh yeah, I went to Firestone back in early 90s. Even with packed houses of crazed ravers... it was 10x nicer than it is now. How can that be??? The worst management ever.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

One of Orlando's shittiest venues – The club is basically a giant mosh pit surrounded on all sides by bars. If you are not in the pit getting trampled by moshers, you are standing between them and their booze and constantly getting pushed out of the way. Anyone not there to get drunk and mosh is wasting their time. If you go to music venues to see bands play music, don't bother going to Club Firestone.

over a year ago

Good Time at Fireston – I was really hesitant at first about going to see the Nonpoint show at Firestone. After reading some of the reviews it mad e me nervous about my possible enjoyment there, but I had a good time.

You have to know what you are getting into. First off, tickets were $14, so right there you can't expect a lavish venue and first rate amenities. But it was actually pretty nice. Doors were to open at 8pm so we arrived at 7:15pm. I was concerned about Parking, because I know most venues downtown have limited parking. However, there was a Parking Lot directly behind the venue that would allow cars to park there for $10, which by downtown standards isn't as pricey as it sounds. As we stood in line outside the venue, what looked to be a Bouncer or Promoter was checking ID's giving out wrist bands for those of us drinking. Which I thought was a brilliant idea, so I didn't have to keep taking my ID out. As we were entering Firestone, I had my purse checked and My Boyfriend was "Frisked," which I also thought was great because sometimes (especially at Rock Concerts) people can bring contraband in.

Upon entering the venue, we beelined straight for the bar to find that a Beer was $5.75, which was kinda pricey, but I didn't really expect anything else at a concert. Once we had a beer we went towards the General Admission area to watch the first (warm up band). They weren't that good, but as before I wasn't expecting much. One problem that I found was the timing in between bands. It took a good 10-15 minutes to go from one band to the next. I guess that would give people time to go to the bathroom and hit the bar again, but it was REALLY long, when you are anticipating the Main Band. I saw a post previous that was complaining about the bathrooms. I saw nothing to complain about. Yes, the doors are left open and you can see the men using the urinals, but it isn't like you can see anything naughty. And the womens room has complete stalls, so nothing wrong there.

They do allow smoking in the entire venue, even on the main floor. Which I didn't care for as I am not a smoker. As eveyone is trying to cram in to get as close as possible people are lighting up a cigarette right in your face. If it was up to me, I would change that. Another thing that was a little odd was the fact that they did allow the Mosh Pits to go on. At one point it did get out of hand and a security guard ended up standing right in front of me, which I was very grateful for. If it did get too out of hand they escorted people out of there.

All In all I have to say that I enjoyed the venue, the band (Nonpoint), put on an AMAZING show. I would definitely go back.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Poor Production and Management of Firestone Reunion – First they sold pre-sale tickets that were $12 but they still made those people wait in the same line as everyone else to make it longer for everyone to get in so more people would have to pay full price. From what a friend said they did not open the doors until 10:30 or so (tickets were $15 until 11:00 then $20 after that). They had one person checking ID's and one person scanning people and checking purses etc, so needless to say it took us close to an hour just to get in the door. Then after making sure it took forever to get to the door (obviously on purpose) they started walking down the line saying "$10 gets you to the front of the line", where they actually just took you to a shorter line. Some people got so fed up with waiting so long they actually paid the extra. $5.50 for a crappy domestic beer. They had the headlining DJ's on the main stage instead of the DJ booth and ran it like it was Def Comedy Jam or a Hip Hop show (which does NOT work with the Rave scene), the announcer would not shut the F up. As soon as you started getting into the music, he's yelling, "give it up for so and so" over and over and over again! It made it difficult to even get into the music for very long, and forget about ever catching a cool vibe. Luckily most of the patrons were great and patient, so that kept it peaceful and somewhat fun. Then in the last 30-60 mins the house lights came up...while they were still playing!!! Everyone was just standing around wondering what was going on. I could tell the techs and talent were not happy either.

There was an after party out on Colonial that everyone was 'invited' (they gave you a card when you entered Firestone so we thought it was part of the package) to, that had some of the same and after DJ's, but when we got there, then they tell us it's another $10 per person.

They should have gotten information on how the Rave scene was at Firestone from the DJ's, rather than just put their own twist on it, one size does not fit all!

And believe it or not, I'm not usually a complainer, but I was very disappointed and would never go back unless they change management. I used to be there pretty much every week in the 90's until the Rave scene ended and have been more recently for a few concerts.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

My thoughts on firestone – I just returned from a show at club firestone abd thought I would share my observations.

1.their website said "show at 8pm" started at ten.

2.there was an unannounced opening act that was so horrible that the whole audience was disgusted/horrified.

The stage crew had a hard time making the guy stop playing. Seriously, people kept coming onstage and tugging on his sleeve and telling him to stop.

3.the bathrooms have no indication of which sex they are, so guysd kept coming into the ladies and vice versa.

4.the bathroom doors stay wide open to the entire dancefloor. I could see five guys at urinals from the dancefloor!?!

5.they sell glass bottles. No problem except I saw more than one go airborne. Perhaps plastic would be a safer alternative.

6.smoking is allowed throughout the club. No mention of this on their website. If you have asthma, you will not enjoy this venue.

7.they mention specific areas for smoking, reclining, etc. All of these ares were barricaded.

8.they WAY oversold the show. If there were a fire or something, there would be a serious problem I have a hard time believeing they observe fire codes.

9. The band had to call out a security guard before doing their encore. Quote: "Hey Mr. Security guard...What the F*CK? I just went upstairs to the dressing room and there are two people asking me where the bathrooms are! Thanks."

Overall, I would advise against seeing or booking a show at firestone. They have a great sound system, bt that's about it.

over a year ago

Great Place with Great Entertainment – Club Firestone is the best place in Orlando to see a concert. They have the best service and the best lineup. Located in Downtown Orlando. Check out their website, it has all of their upcoming concerts. I LOVE this venue!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Worse attitudes – I only have one thing to say about these people. They all have HORRIBLE attitudes. The manager was sitting around drinking instead of doing what he was supposed to. If you even went up to him, he would give you attitude and not help you out. I went there for a concert that I travelled 9 hours for and in all honesty, I don't think I'll go back there. The bartenders were really nice and helpful. To fix our problem we had to go from one person to another and when we finally go to the manger he refused to even help us out. I've been to concerts in larger cities and larger venues and they were much nicer.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Terrible. Avoid like the plague. – I liked the Firestone the first 2 times I went but the third time was terrible. I went to see a concert and had payed extra for VIP tickets ($125+) for that much you think they would allow someone to take pictures of the band. WRONG! I had my camera out as I went in and in plain view the whole time and not 1 person said a thing. I took pictures of the first band and still no one said a thing. But when the second band went on one "bouncer" went out of his way to give me a hard time about it. I take pictures for personal use not to sell and I WASN'T using the flash. I stayed behind the barrier but watched as that same "bouncer" allowed 3 people that didn't have photo passes to be where they were, let up front of the barrier. No other bouncer gave me a problem about it. Leaving the club can also be a daunting task. I went out to buy a t-shirt and on the fence a sign said "EXIT ONLY" thats it I saw other people go out but as soon as I stepped out someone not in the red staff shirt turned and in a very rude voice said "Emergency exit only go back" I said "Its packed how am I suppose to leave" and he responde with "uhh try the front door idiot" Which they only keep 2 open to get out. Firestone is a terrible place to spend any amount of money if your looking for a good time. Expect rude "bouncers" and even ruder "staff" Save your money, there are better places then this so called "club".

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Avoid calling this place/trying to get in touch w/someone about shows/getting your calls returned!! – I wish those little peons at the Club at Firestone would answer the phone instead of hanging up on me EVERYTIME I TRY GETTING A HOLD OF SOMEONE. GOD BLESSED!!! I just want to find out information on buying tickets for an upcoming show. It would be nice if they would return calls as well. I guess they don't my effing business, so I'm still going to give it to them. I don't feel as though they are pushing me away, more like they are pulling them closer to themselves. I've heard it's primarily a gay bar, so they could be busy with each other, e.g. giving each other reach arounds and moustache rides, but does that give them the right to ignore me? Apparently so. This concert is bigger than both me. Let him speak!! Him who? HIM ME!! A funny little joke...I was working at my butcher shop the other day and a guy walks in. I ask him, "So you thinking about buying some steaks?" He replies, "I'm gonna buy some steaks. I'm thinking about pune tang."

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