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Gisu Salon

From The Owners of Gisu Salon

A salon where the past meets present- Stylists inquire.

Reviews for Gisu Salon

over a year ago

Gisu is great! – The salon is great! Maybe the tourists providing their opinions had a bad hair day :). I am a picky New Yorker and I think the place is amazing. Just ask for Bernadette and she will give you the perfect cut and highlights for a fair price. I have been to many of the tres chique salons in Manhattan where you pay $400 and I am telling you I did not look as good as I do when Bernadette does my hair! It is true that the salon is very modest but I go there to get my hair done so I don't care!

Nicole, actress/model

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

WE GOT A VERRUCA & AN INGROWN TOENAIL!!! – This salon does not even deserve 1 star.

While on holiday in New York we were approached by Shaun in Times Square who offered us a 'great' deal at this salon. Shaun seemed really genuine and friendly so we thought we would go for it. As soon as we had paid him the fee of $60 each his attitude turned cold.

We arrived at the salon the next day to discover that it was small, dark, dingy and didn't seem clean. We noticed the pile of already used tin foil for hair highlights (which they were obviously going to use again) sitting near the reception desk. We decided there and then not to get highlights.

Shaun said that the package included a colour consultation using high tech computer imaging. The salon did not even have a computer - perhaps it didn't even have electricity as there were no lights on either!!

Once we had paid our $20 tax fee (excluding $2 extra tax) we were taken to get our hair washed without any consultation. Our hair was washed with cheap products then dried off with a dishcloth. We both decided just to get a trim as who can get a trim wrong? Our hair was cut really badly using old equipment and one of us ended up with short bangs, which was not requested or appreciated. The stylist couldn't even get a simple trim right. One of us wanted our hair straightened with straightening irons but they did not even have any.

Now onto the 'manicure' and 'pedicure'.

We were told to choose a nail polish from a large wicker basket filled with old, cheap nail polish. The colour selection was terrible. A young girl was called in to help with the nails. She did not have a clue what she was doing. We felt like taking the instruments off her and doing it ourselves! She filed the nails incorrectly and none of the tools were sterile. She didn't wait for each layer to dry before putting the next gloopy layer on. An 8 year old could have done far better!

The pedicure was even worse. The hair stylist (Susan the owner) took over at this point as another client (victim) was due to arrive shortly so she wanted to hurry us out. For one of us Susan took nail clippers to the toenails before she had the chance to tell her she didn't want them cut. Susan took far too much off the big toenail and this has resulted in an ingrown toenail.

The other of us did not get off lightly either. The 'bath' that the pedicure took place in was filthy and she ended up with a verruca!

At this point we decided to cut our losses and go as this was wasting our last day on holiday. We therefore skipped our massages which were not even offered to us. We complained to Susan that the service we received was substandard. She replied by telling us that we could leave a tip. We did not funnily enough.

As soon as we left the salon we went to the pharmacy round the corner and bought some nail polish remover and cotton wool. We took off the nail polish straight away as it would have been an embarrassment to walk about New York with such shockingly bad nails!

Even if you are reading this after having paid the $60, don't waste any more money by actually going. You will end up very disappointed and will have to pay extra money for a hair cut to put it right.

over a year ago

I love Gisu! – I really don't understand why so many people write so many negative comments about this place because I think this place is great.

I first started coming to this place a year ago after buying a deal from one of their reps at Rutgers university for $40. As soon as I bought the package, one of my friends showed me a review (at that time we only found one review) which was terrible. Obviously I was skeptical but I decided to try it anyway.

You might not find every single thing in the package as excellent but seriously who cares? I got an amazing haircut, personalized service, wash, vitamin treatment, shampoo, blow dry, manicure and pedicure for $40. Bernaditte, the hairstylist is seriously top notch. She gives haircuts that are very precise and that suites you and really she takes less than 10 mts! Thats perfection right there!! The owner, Susan is very nice too. She always gives us deals that are very affordable every time we go and I would always choose this place over anywhere else coz its amazing for the price! Mind it, I am from New Jersey- I still choose to go here!

True the place is a lil crammed, the manicures are not the best but I mean appreciate what you get from there! They try their best to please the customers :) I have gone back to this salon at least 5 times over the past one year - Compare it to a $50 hair cut from another salon. I just got highlights done from there and it looks great!


over a year ago

Offer to Naysayers – Look at the pros and cons. If you don't want a small salon that will personalize the service don't buy the package.

If you want small, cozy, personal; a break from big, fast, impersonal

If you want to be treated like they've known you there all your life,

if you understand that services aren't free and 28y worth of experience doesn't come from getting services for free then buy the package, be well behaved don't attempt to get more than you deserve and you paid for and don't discriminate the owner by associating accent with stupidity, inferiority and ignorance then you will have no problems.

I sent 100 girls that paid full price and another 100 that went in for free- because they were very nice and I am nice - last year (just did my taxes -I know) How many of those 200 hundred people do you see complaining here? They don't because all of them have my phone number-personal phone number and they can deal with me directly.

If you have grief syrprise@gmail because I am nice, and I work for-WITH- very nice and professional people- I offer you a path to fix our mistakes.


a)I begun in this industry from other salons, they offered no guidance how to handle Customer's complaints.

b) there are more than one groups that sell this salon's services- I CAN'T SPEAK FOR THEM- but if you've had an issue I'll become your voice to inform the owner and offer a resolution as well.

c) There are even more groups that continue to promote other salons- I know who they are but I can't speak for them either

d) The salon can't control my actions including the fact that I am here right now but I can surely hold the salon accountable if they don't offer the services promised to MY GIRLS!

e) The salon knows that very well that's why when they have a problem with another rep they send their girls to me to try to the best of my ability to fix the problem.

d) If you are reading this from your i-phone, right now before you buy from me you know very well what you're paying me goes straight to me with the understanding that: if something does indeed go wrong then you'll have access to me directly and fix it. And you know this because I have already told you before you buy and I have even offered to take you there on my dime. So now you know who wrote this...


Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

So not worth it. – I haven't used all of the "services" left in my package deal, but I'm afraid to go back. The person selling me the coupon on the street seemed desperate... I winded up bargaining the package price down from $60 to $30, paid an extra $15 at the door for products (which were no better than head and shoulders). Great price, but it's a rip-off. The whole place felt like an assembly line. Instead of cutting my hair, the woman used the scissors to literally rip layers into it - and in my experience a haircut should not have you wincing in pain. The cut actually turned out really nice, but the next day I noticed tons of breakage and frayed edges wherever the scissors had been. The massage was a joke. The manicure was scary.. the tools looked dirty and my uncut cuticles were painted over with nail polish which looked ridiculous. I might go back to get my 6 foil highlights but I'm very wary. I'd stay clear if you can.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

WHAT A RIP-OFF!!! – SCAM ALERT!!! All of the negative things people have said on this site are true. It is my own fault for trusting someone selling this in Times Square but hopefully, by writing this review, I can help someone else to not waste their money.

First of all, after you pay the $60 and think you've gotten a decent deal, you will be demanded to pay $20 more once you get there. Secondly, they do not use the Phyto products on you that they advertise, they use store brand products (I saw V05 and Loreal). The place is NOT CLEAN. The only barbicide I saw was on a man's station in the far corner and it was not being used. I saw them use the same tools on everyone. The pedicure tub is FILTHY (No, I did not get one.) The head massage was non-existent. My neck and shoulder massage lasted 6 minutes, not the advertised 15. I did not want the haircut or color services because I had just had that done at my local salon a week before. My blowout was ok. The manicure was ok but did not include the advertised hand massage. It was by no means a professional manicure (which I know because I have had many), more like your friend doing your nails for you.

I, like most people, read these reviews after I bought my voucher but figured I'd go anyway as I had already spent the money. I wish I could give this place negative stars but it makes you give at least one.

The main problem I had is this is not a professional, clean place, and they are selling these things to get people in the door then they slam them for more money once they are there and use cheap products. They are almost to the point of rude and constantly remind you what a good deal you are getting. I guess they are trying to make you forget that you got ripped off. You are promised things when you buy the voucher that are not true. For instance, we were told that if there was something we did not want, we could swap it for say a pedicure. We didn't do this but saw some other people trying. They were told that there would be a $15 change fee.

These people obviously have a failing business and needed a scam to bring in money so that they can afford to pay the rent on the Upper East Side. Like I said, it is my own fault and I should have known better but these people should be ashamed of themselves.

over a year ago

Pretty Good - was pleasantly surprised – I also got the package everyone else has been talking about, but my experience was completely different. I have been to quite a few salons in NYC and this one was a pretty standard neighborhood salon - not huge, but adequate. I had Bernadette for my hair and color and what can I say - she was great. I got half a head of highlights and a great cut and I loved it even though I hate most highlights. The manicure and massage were okay too - perhaps they should consider upgrading their sanitation practice though. The main thing was the cut - I loved it and had a great experience.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

HORRIBLE – Overall this place is: CHEAP quality wise. Dirty, unlicensed, cheap old materials, broken items, etc..

The lady can be pretty nice and actually the pple there are nice though if you are late for an appointment she's incredibly rude to you as I witnessed.

Did the whole voucher thing which I think the people who are selling them ought to be ashamed.

The lady that cuts hair knows how to cut simple styles, so if you're not picky, then it may be alright. She didn't cut my hair well at all, its very chunky. I just asked for a trim and she tried to put her own spin on my style and i had to ask her to stop.

Had a deep conditioning treatment which she didn't even wash out completely.

The manicure was sooooo bad. First of all, they reuse equipment that they don't even sanitize between customers. I mean, aren't orange sticks a cent each??? And they still reused it. Although the girl was very sweet and friendly, she had no idea what she was doing. It was a terrible job that even she was embarrassed. I actually ended up just asking her to remove all of it and I just did it myself.

The pedicure was not much better. It was just an awful experience. I can't believe there is a salon that is so cheap and charges so much (without the voucher they are quite pricey). Everyone else there was angry and mumbling how much of a rip off it was. There was even a group of girls trying to get refunds.

I only saw one happy customer that got highlights. It looked pretty good, so maybe if you get highlights its alright.

Bottom line: Don't Go, don't buy voucher

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Scam! 15% tax! illegal! – I went to this place with my mom; I thought it would be a nice day to spend out getting pampered with my mom so I brought 2 of these packages on Union Square for $60 each. I thought it was a great deal when I brought it but was I wrong.

I made a 4pm appointment. When we got there I was charged an extra $46 for the service fee, that’s $23 each. When I pointed out that the package card said it was $15 each she said that it had already changed and now was $20 plus tax, tax was another 15%! Total $23 each!

I still thought it was a good deal for everything last was listed, but don’t get sucked in. This place so a fraud!!!

It was so unclean and the tools they use for the manicures and pedicures are made to breed infections. I opted not to do it and my mother too.

Then came the worst hair wash ever, my shirt was totally soaked and my mom’s too.

Then came the 10 minutes trim, our haircuts looked like hell.

And that was it. When I asked about the other services listed she said we would have to come back another day, as they were getting ready to close.

This place is a fraud!!! Don’t go here!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago



So, I learned of this place while walking around in Union Square and bumped into this guy named Nick, who gave a very exagerated promised that made this place sound like heaven. He offered me and my 3 friends a 60 dollar deal each but we got it for ten dollars each and said if we didnt have full satisfaction, he would take full responsiblity. Well, let me tell you. If i ever see Nick again, I would totally deck him in the face.

this was my experience at the place...

I walk in and I said I had an appointment at 4:30, and it was 4:45. My friend and I both tell her that we had the package deal. The receptionist without even letting us finish with our requests, she just tells us we want everything other than the highlights and demands to see the one time 15 dollar service fee, $18 with tax. We look at each other, knowing we didnt want exactly everything on the package, but it was fine and say okay, that's fine.

Then quickly telling us to pick a nail polish color for the manicure and pedicure. We come over to the baskets of cheap nail polish, and can not decide which color to choose. After maybe 2 minutes of indecisiveness, the receptionist goes, "Hurry up. You're wasting time. You were already late."

I already had a bad first impression coming into a small room *ahem i mean salon* where it seems like all the furniture was taken from a thrift shop and just thrown there to appear like it was a shop. They had absolutely no proper equipment. For the manicure and pedicure, they had a nail filer and a dull nail cutter. For the filing, the staff blocked your shrieks of pain to make it seem like you did not feel any pain and filed as hard as they liked. They can not file if their lives depended on it. The nail polish came out to be gooy and sticky. (the definition of cheap nail polish) But!, there was ONE Essie brand nail polish in white color. Yes, folks, just one.

Then came the hair. For a hair salon. This place... I really did not understand how it can still be opened. The sink where your head rest to wash your hair is completely uncomfortable. No joke, you can end up at the hospital if you let someone wash your hair there too long. I had to get up almost 10 times in that 10 minutes of hair washing. And the shampoo and condition had some kind of extremely strong scent to it, which was not very pleasing.

Now at last, what I really came for, the cut. There is only one hairstylist. She's in her 50's. The haircut did not last longer than 5 minutes. I had bangs and I told her I needed it 2 inches shorter, up to my eye level and the rest of my hair maybe half an inch shorter. She took my bangs and cut them straight across one inch, without any detail work, which reached my nose. Then I said I wanted it shorter, she just cut parts of it shorter. Which now, my bangs look like it's a staircase. Then I said I wanted layers. With her only scissors, ones that you cut paper with, she opens them and slides it down my hair, giving me much pain. When I told her, she just did it two more times and told me I was finished.

People of the world. Do yourselves a favor. DO NOT ENTER THIS TORTURE CHAMBER they disguise as a beauty salon by the name of Gisu of Diba.

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