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1 month ago

To the Mambo Movers who moved my apartment on Sunday 2/16. First I want to thank you for the seemingly awesome job you did. As promised, you loaded up with multiple heavy boxes and furniture items and since none of you were particularly hulky, it appeared all that much more impressive. I was pleased that you were able to move the truck multiple times so that my neighbors could get by on the icy roads, and you did so with only minimal sarcasm. I thought it was cool that we even shared a few common acquaintances. BUT THERE IS SOMETHING YOU FORGOT. You forgot to give me my two antique-y-looking uplight floor lamps and that little shabby-chic bookshelf (at least that’s all I’ve noticed missing so far). Probably not worth much monetarily, but they were kind of cool and unique items that I would like to have in my apartment, and they’re gone. They weren’t left at the old place because I went back there and did a few sweep-throughs before turning in my key. They weren’t left on the porch or the curb and they never made it to my new place... or did they? I do remember seeing one of you over by the shed when you really had no reason to be over there. As a therapist, it helps me to think that perhaps on some level you probably really needed those items, perhaps some part of you was feeling robbed yourself. But here is something you should know: when you take it upon yourself to loot someone else’s personal belongings, it is a violation. When you take someone’s personal property, you are slowly plundering trust and dignity. Are you sure that’s what you want to contribute to the world? I worry for your karma and how this could effect you in the long run. Is it worth it to risk losing your job? What about losing trust in your own personal relationships? What about repercussion from someone who cares more than I do about their belongings? Would it be worth going to jail? I’m posting this as a review because if you took from me, I’m not sure that there’s anyone with whom you wouldn’t feel entitled to do the same. Still, I will hold you in the light and hope that the situation turns out best for you. Remember that it’s never too late to become a person of substance. Oh - and to the guy who I gave the $65 tip to - I hope you shared it with your buddies.

1 month ago

They moved me 7 times! and I never had an incident. I highly recommend these guys. They were careful with all the pieces of furniture. I do however have reservations about the "owner" - he is scatty and doesn't always jot things down on the calender/schedules so I called several times to CONFIRM that I was on their schedule. He's the one with the heavy accent. He really should step aside and let a professional make the appointments.

over a year ago

Had a wonderful experience with Mambo. They were a few minutes late arriving, but called ahead to let me know they were on their way. The three-man crew was friendly and moved stuff VERY quickly. They were delayed moving into my new place (through no fault of mine, or theirs) and the foreman of the crew reduced the fee accordingly--unprompted. Everything made it in its original condition. Fast, inexpensive, reasonable, friendly. Great experience.

over a year ago

I would definitely NOT recommend Mambo Movers unless you have old furniture you do not care about. They can move you from point A to B at a reasonable cost, but if you have nice things, beware that they will break them and refuse to pay for the damage. They broke a very expensive piece of furniture of mine and tried to blame me for doing it. Then, they invented a dramatic story about how they know the guy from the last company that moved me and he admitted to them that he broke the table...uh huh. I later learned that they have been banned from several residential highrises in Philadelphia for damaging residents' things as well as the buildings' hallways. I would never want my clients to experience what I did so do NOT use this company. The old adage rings get what you pay for. Spend more money on a professional moving company that knows how to handle nice things gently and will stand behind their service.

over a year ago

A Moving Experience – When I needed a moving company to move my daughter to downtown Philadelphia, I figured I’m screwed. I mean the average person ‘moves” what, maybe 3 or 4 times tops in their lifetime? So why the hell should they care if I’m a ‘satisfied customer’?

So I Googled, “moving company”, “Philadelphia”, and got exactly what I expected. EVERY “moving company” website looked the same.

And then I saw this: Mambo Movers - Philadelphia's premier movers, local artists and musicians. OK, at least something different, not exactly what I had in mind, ‘local artists and musicians’. I guess I had ‘local weight lifters’ or ‘local ex-bouncers’ in mind, but what the hell, I’ll take a look.

OK, so I’ll call. Spoke with Serge, described on the site as “mover emeritus / graphic manipulator” and he looked normal in his photo so I figure I’ll give it a shot. Short and sweet conversation, “yes we are available March 3rd”, “yes we will move the contents of your daughter’s 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in West Chester to a 3rd floor apartment in Center City in Philly, “our rates are simple; 20 foot truck, 3 guys, all padding, etc $117 per hour”, “you pay with cash, money order or certified check at the completion of the move”, nothing up-front, no contract, “when we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there”. Checked the Better Business Bureau, A rating, BBB Accredited, so I gave Serge the OK and held my breath for 2 weeks.

We got a call from ‘Nelson’ on March 3rd saying that Mambo Movers would be there in 1 hour. Everything was packed and ready to go, I was just praying they were too. The doorbell rang and here it was, an ‘artfully adorned’ 20 foot moving truck and 3 of ‘Philadelphia's premier movers, local artists and musicians’. And my fears were realized, not a bouncer or weight lifter in the bunch, hell the 3 of them combined didn’t weigh as much as my daughter’s dining room table. Nelson, the crew leader introduced himself and his crew, Victor and Jeremy. I pointed out that everything was packed and in the living room and dining room and all bedroom furniture was packed and up stairs. As I was laying out my ‘ground rules’ to Nelson; “everything is boxed and packed” and to “be careful with the wood furniture” and….. I turned around as Victor buzzed by us with 3, yes 3 Home Depot “Large” packing boxes ON HIS BACK followed within 5 feet by Jeremy with 3 Home Depot “Large” packing boxes on HIS back heading to the truck. I stood stunned for a moment BECAUSE, while packing, I had made sure that no one packed the Home Depot “Large” packing boxes too heavily so they could be carried INDIVIDUALLY . Here I should say that I am 6 foot 1, 235 lbs and was college football player. None of these guys, NOT ONE weighed over 160 lbs. soaking wet and they were carrying 3 of the boxes that I had determined were of the proper weight to be carried INDIVIDUALLY! OK, so here I had to get my bearings, I’m still in charge here. Nelson then stated, “This will be a piece of cake, we’ll be done in an hour and a half, you guys did a good job packing”. An hour and a half, are you kidding me? OK, so Nelson was wrong, it took Nelson, the video producer, Victor the art show coordinator and I forget what Jeremy does, 1 HOUR and 20 MINUTES to load the truck and get on the road!

I won’t bore you with any more details but in the end my daughter paid Mambo Movers about $250 MORE for this move than if we had rented a 16 foot Uhaul, moving pads, a dolly, gas and mileage charges AND DONE ALL THE LABOR OURSELVES, which wouldn’t have been possible.

I’ve never written a recommendation for anyone, in my 60 years, but Mambo Movers deserve it.

over a year ago

Thanks Sam, Nathan, and Justin! – I was not thrilled to have to move at the end of summer 2011, but I had no choice. As a token to assuage my depression at having to move, I decided to pay for movers for the first time in my life. I was told by several to try Mambo and I have to say it was a great experience. As they promised, 3 guys showed up - called ahead to confirm arrival - they were friendly and polite. And they handled my 100+ year old antique furniture with the utmost delicacy and there were no instances of damage. They also worked nonstop and completed the job in an expedited manner. I was very pleased by the experience and they will be my go-to movers for now and forever in Philly. I <3 Mambo!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Mambo shamblo – Mambo movers should be renamed Bait-n-Switch Movers. I've been burned twice, and it won't happen again. First time, moving an entire household, they

promised 2 trucks & 4 strapping young men; Mambo showed up with one truck and 2 guys - and charged me double their estimate because it took twice as

long! AND left a van full of my stuff on the porch! Adding insult to injury, I had to shell out more money to rent a truck the next day, a holiday, and scramble for friends to help me recover the 'left behinds.'

Second time, figured it was a much smaller job and they could handle it. Wrong! I contracted them to move a bed, rug and coffee table, and a couple of boxes from a friend's house to mine. They moved out my old bed, then, after pushing the new mattress through a window at my friends' house, told me it wouldn't fit up the stairs of my house. They started to cart the old stuff back in, I pointed out there was 8" clearance and the new mattress was only 4" larger - they had the audacity to charge me an extra 150 bucks to go back and re-move the new one!

I have since heard horror stories from others: holes punched in walls by an ill-handled armoire; boxes left as trash on the curb; the legs cut off of a sofa when Mambo got it stuck in the turn of a hall.

Twice burned, they won't get a chance for "3 strikes." They are OUT.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Did not live up to the hype – First problem, however slight, was that they insisted on me emptying out all my dresser drawers before moving. I've never had to do this when moving before, but hey, they're the experts in the city, I'll do what they say. But the first real issue I had was Mambo calling twice in a 2 hour time frame, the day before the move, saying if I didn't call back to confirm by noon they were going to cancel my move. What?! I work! I was in a meeting! So then they tell me that they are going to have to move me to the afternoon slot, because someone else was going to be using the hoisting equipment.

This was unacceptable because we scheduled our move over a month in advance, making it clear we were hoisting. They called back saying they could do it, but suddenly our price quote jumped from $120/hr to $129/hr. What else are you going to do when you have less than 24 hours before the move?

The day of the move they arrived on time. However, they were not as quick as everyone was saying. My boyfriend and I did have a lot of stuff, but we also lived in a 450 sq. ft. apartment in Old City. How much stuff can really fit in there? Apparently over 2 hours worth of loading. I should note this was not the part that required hoisting. They seemed apprehensive about breaking down some of our furniture, despite the fact that they reassured us over the phone and on the website that this was all a part of the job.

They did not waste any time in travel, as they beat us to the new place in South Philly. Then the rest of the moving began. Turns out they couldn't hoist to the third floor, so they worked their magic and somehow got everything into the place. Why did I dock three stars then?

1. The move took 5 hours at $129/hr. We were originally quoted at 3 hours for $120/hr. This is a HUGE price difference, especially when they only take cash.

2. The didn't reassemble any of the furniture that they disassembled. Yes, I realize this would have cost me more time/money, but it was more the principle. The one thing they did dis-and-reassemble involved a lot of manpower and swearing, which was a little uncomfortable.

3. Boxes marked fragile (glasses/plates) were found under boxes of books (that were clearly labeled books). One mover also dropped a fragile box right in front of me, and didn't really apologize - just said the printer box was too slippery. They overall did not seem to care about our things, and if I wasn't so anal about how I packed my breakables, I'm convinced half of them would have been shattered.

4. One of the movers actually told me to start carrying things up to the third floor. My boyfriend and I did a couple trips and stopped after we realized we're paying these guys $129/hr and now we're moving our own things?

5. I guess we didn't tip well enough (especially considering how unhappy we were) because after I gave the one guy his tip, he stormed out. Can you at least wait to complain until you get out to your truck?

After all was said and done, we were out $705, and were left with everything in the new place, but broken down and in complete disarray. I wouldn't use them again.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Incredibly rude. – I recently spoke with Mambo movers over the phone to get some information regarding my upcoming move. The person I spoke to over the phone was incredibly rude...he was very short with me and refused to give me a rough quote. Thanks to this rude person I will never use this company.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Beware of Mambo Movers...

Unfortunately, there is no option to give this "company' a -100 star rating..

Mambo" moved" me last October..

In the process, they lost or stole $35,000 worth of my belongings.

They have an insurance policy with Travelers Insurance that will pay 30 cents per pound for my losses..and for yours...

They "lost" or stole one item that cost me $15,000, but weighed no more than 2 pounds, and can now only be replaced for $30,000 at today's prices..

Their insurance company will pay me 60 cents for this item....

Mambo was required to ask for an inventory before the move, but didn't..They also couldn't provide an accurate receipt....

I have asked Mambo to deal with me directly, but have only recieved physical threats and hang up calls from one of their owners named Serge, in return...

Mambo also receives most of their payments in cash. No credit cards, no personal checks....

Which means..

1. the customer has no recourse..

2. They are hiding money from the IRS, which means they're stealing tax dollars from all of us, even from "satisfied" customers...

They know what they're doing - do you????

I tipped their "workers" generously...and like another reviewer on this site stated, what a big mistake that was..

If you choose to hire these pirates at your own peril...DON'T TIP, DON'T PAY - UNTIL YOU UNPACK...

Beware of liars, thieves, con artists and thugs...

Beware of Mambo Movers.....

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