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Welcome to the Thai Flavor restaurant, where an exciting version of Thai food is served up everyday. Check out their weekday lunch specials for under six dollars. The blend of curry, peppers and traditional Thai spices is can be prepared mild or wild, depending the diner's pallet. But regardless of his or her internal barometer, they'll enjoy the traditional food of old Siam.


Reviews for Thai Flavor Restaurant, Inc.

over a year ago


Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Horrible service I would not recommend to anyone – I called to ask if they served a certain dish the lady that answered said yes

So when I arrived hour later 210pm on a Monday 26th dec 2011

One other person was in the restaurant ,so the place was not busy at all,at the same time it took her approx 10-15 mins to take our order,225pm we asking about the different dishes they serve,she then proceed To tell me the Vietnamese dish is the same as the Thai dish,I told that is not true...she argued with me about it...then I was pissed

So the rest of our party ordered there meal ..she very we were imposing her time and we are the paying mind I have lived in Bangkok Thailand for 3 yrs and know what dishes are and visit every 2yrs since 1972 ....she must have thought because you are not a Thai that you don't know..that your a foreigner your an idiot..generally Thai's people are very courteous respect ful and proud...I will talk to my Thai friends when i reurnt to San Jose Ca and tell them about my experience with this restaurant ..for sure 100% I would not recommend

Sawadee Krup

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

The Truth Exposed – The TRUTH exposed! Here is my story:

My family and I have been regular customers to Thai Flavor restaurant since 2006. The first time, an owner of Thai Flavor restaurant delivered to my home. I thought it was nice. Then, my family and I attended the restaurant for Thai food sometimes. We are Asian-American. We do not know how to cook Thai and we crave for authentic Thai food so we attend the restaurant.

Sometimes, the restaurant made the dish medium as hot or mild as medium. Hot as very spicy and it can be burnt or out of flavor. Sometimes, their beef isn't fresh as if it's been expired. The menu tells us what is in the bowl and sometimes, they add things what is not said in the menu. For example, bell peppers isn't mentioned in the menu so the cooker add bell peppers in the bowl. You have to be specific to the waiter/waitress of what kind of ingredients you do not want in your entree. Thai Flavor restaurant increases their price twice for an entree. Poor service, expensive meal.

The owner and employees did not seem to appreciate the fact that I paid with my hard earned money and tips for their business and our appreciation with authentic Thai food.

The night of April 24, 2011, my family and I arrived at the restaurant. The waitress seemed to be in a bad mood.

My family member ordered his meal. He had always ordered spicy beef Pad Thai. His noodles was overcooked and his beef was rotten. He had request to get the new plate of Pad Thai. The second time, he had his new plate and it was fine. He didn't have his peanuts as his side as usual so he requested his peanuts. The owner looked at me straight in the eyes and I wondered what was wrong. I had my stir fry basil and I ate some of it. I put leftover in the container and I found hair on the plate. I called the waiter and informed him the hair issue. He took the plate back to the kitchen and came out with no solution. He did not say anything until I called him and asked genuinely, "What is the solution to the issue?" He was afraid to talk to the owner and he told me "We can't do anything" repeatedly. The owner came to me and said "We do not have anyone in the kitchen with blonde hair. Don't come back. Go to another restaurant." I responded, "We do not have blonde hair either." Then, the waitress came to take my check and deducted the entree (with the hair in it). I went to the counter and paid full price. When I was about to leave the restaurant, the owner told the waitress and they both yelled at me in my face saying, "Not to come back again!" After my payment, I was upset because they insulted me and took me for granted. I shared them my feedback on how they should treat their customers with courtesy and respect and how they run their business. They should consider customers' concerns seriously instead of being dramatic and became angry with the complaint. The waitress and the owner ignored my feedback and they immediately called the police on me. They were very rude, disrespectful, and selfish. They did not even apologize at all. The policeman showed up and asked me what was going on. I explained to him about the hair issue and how they refused to do anything about it. He asked me if I had paid my food and I said yes and proved to him with my receipt. He also asked if I did anything criminal and I said no.

The bottom line is, the employees and the owner at Thai Flavor restaurant do not really care about customers, their concerns, and how they are being very rude, disrespectful, and uncooperative is unacceptable. They won't do anything about your complaint even if there is hair in the food. The night of Easter was the final straw of their behavior, attitude, and action had made myself nauseous when I went home. Please, do not have anyone go to Thai Flavor restaurant at all as I promised the owner and employees that I will spread the word to everyone, the customers.

over a year ago

A San Franciscan's View of a Thai find. – Recently, I flew in to Denver from San Francisco to spend some days with my brother. As one who eats out often in the greater Denver metropolitan area, where he lives and works, he suggested we have lunch before heading over to his place.

His choice of restaurant was Thai Flavor, the outside of which seemed unassuming. However, as we perused the menu, it was obvious that there was a full range of appetizers, first courses, main dishes, and every tastes to meet the preferences of vegans and carnivores. The combo appetizers were accompanied with different sauces. The soup was to be "mild" but it is better to order it "not spicy." The heat was a bit much for me, and it could tend to kill the taste buds before the rest of the meal. Oh, yes, I had the seafood stew. The seafood did seem a bit to overdone and tired, but that can be worked on.

The serviice was informative and attentive. The ordering of the dishes was by my asking "Hawk," a kindly fellow, to offer suggestions. And, it was the way to go, since the experience was quite agreeable.

Living in San Francisco, my family and I have frequent occasions to dine out, because of the plethora of restaurants of many, many cuisines. I would assert that of the many Thai restaurants we have in the greater San Francisco Bay area, which includes Palo Alto, Berkeley, San Jose, and Marin County, I've tasted the very best of this cuisine. Among them are Suriya Thai, Rengent Thai, Marnee Thai, and Osha Restaurant. Each is among the top of the food critics reviews. If you ever come to San Francisco, take note of these favorites.

In the high rent, above average cost of living in San Francisco, with people who like to eat out and enjoy the flamboyant lifestyle we have, if a restaurant isn't any good, it won't last.

I believe the dishes of Thai Flavor equal the best in San Francisco, and I would recommend it highly. My brother was so spot-on in taking me here. Maybe it isn't the best outside of Bangkok, but, then, the 23-hour flight to Thailand is somewhat of a jet lag.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Rude!! – I have eaten at this resaurant several times, and the food is exceptional! But I do not like the service, the host is very rude and when I called to place an order, she seemed in a big hurry and hung up on me. She did not say thank you or tell me the amount of my order. VERY disappointed!

If you want to retain your customers, be kind and show them appreciation!

over a year ago

Where the locals go – This is one of those little gems that the locals recommend to their friends who come into town and are looking for something they can't get back home. I have been dining at the Thia Flavor restaurant for 4 years now. I was skeptical the first time I went with a group of co-workers (I had never had Thia food before). One dish of curry later I was hooked! It has become a weekly event for me now and I look forward to it all morning.

The food is absolutely outstanding! I travel a lot for work, have been all over the world and I have tried Thia restaurants in many cities. I haven't found one that compares. Flavor is in the name for a reason! Whether you like your food super spicy (I do!) or on the tame side the cooks will serve it custom to your taste. Either way get ready for a delicious experience. I once pulled the cooks aside and ask why the food was so good. The credited their time spent on authentic and fresh ingredients. I think that is spot on.

The wait staff is professional and friendly. The food comes out fast and accurate. They really take the time to make your experience pleasurable. Try ordering something Thai hot and the cooks will come out personally to see if it was to your taste. Now they know me by name and as soon a I walk in I can hear them shout out my favorite dishes back into the kitchen without my having to say a word! I love that! Such personalized service! I dare you to try to find that level of service at some commercialized Panda Express! If you are in an adventurous mood ask for a recommendation of some Thai food that is not on the menu. What an experience! What can be better that a wait staff that knows what you like and goes out of their way to recommend and prepare things just for you?

Absolutely my favorite place to eat in Colorado!

Oh, and try the coconut ice cream ...

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

First visit was great, 2nd visit was not. – I discovered Thai flavor thanks to City Search and my first experience there was great. I ordered Pad Phet, mainly because I love Basil. The food was amazing, customer service was okay -not overly great, but no problems. The next week, I ordered to go-the same dish. I was told it would take 5-10min., it took me 15min. to get there and when I got there, it was clear that they had forgotten about my order and never made it. Instead of admitting to it, they told me it was on it's way out and in a few min. I had my order. When I got home, it was not what I had ordered at all. It was clear that they had just thrown together something - the vegetables were not cooked and it was not the dish I ordered. When I called to say I had the wrong order, the person told me that I was wrong, that Pad Phet doesn't have basil in it, etc. (even though I had just had Phad Phet at their restaurant earlier in the week and it was not what they gave me to go.) I was very disappointed in their customer service and I don't appreciate lying to customers to cover up a mistake. Again - my first experience was great, but I was disappointed in the second.

over a year ago

Even my Thai friends say YumYum TumTum! – YumYum TumTum! My co-workers and I often visit this authentic Thai restaurant for lunch, as well as dinner. The flavors are exquisite, meaning the use of the various spices accentuate and differentiate each dish to it's utmost potential. For example, the various hints of sweetness used from the coconut enjoyed in the yellow, red and green curries to the tartness (sour and spicy) of the tamarind seen in the seafood soup Thom Yum to the savory taste of basil experienced in the stir fry dish Pad Kra Pao are expertly prepared. The vegetables always have the right amount of crispness (not being overdone) as well as the noodle dishes being cooked to the right firmness. The Pad Thai and Pad Si Yew are some of my favorite noodle dishes in town and my co-workers rave that Thai Flavor's Thai Fried Rice is the best they've ever had. As a matter of fact, my place of work has had Thai Flavor catered twice the past year (for a group of about 70 people) with much success and many positive accolades being thrown about. Needless to say, we enjoy this place.

Just a quick comment on the review by chefsammy, it makes no sense to me. The service has always

been cordial, friendly and polite to my friends and I and we've even gotten to meet the mom chef that makes this place special and also want to say thanks to the others in the kitchen that help make it that way. The hostess is especially nice, and even with her being so busy at times, always tends to us and our needs. In reference to chefsammy, I would think the hostess' husband would be a very happy happy man and I also find her ways quite charming. Anyway the service is always excellent. : )

One last thing, I love the fried bananas dripped with a sweet syrup and can't wait to try the coconut ice cream my friends say is so yummy. Thai Flavor is a great place to try authentic thai food! : )

over a year ago

fabulous! thai food – I still keep going to this reaturant, I wonder why the comment before me said bad things to them. I thing he a real back list customer of all restaurant in denver. He a complain person, If you can't deal with this restaurant, you should'nt go out and eat. You such a lier to said that. please ask yourself what time did you arrived that day? and by the way before you complain other, look at yourself, if you nice to people, why people don't want to service you, I wonder you still have friends? Please learns how to give, not just take take take from people, you buy food just $ 5.99 but, you expected $20, yes you are. Did you know that all my friend thai restaurant didn't like your manner very much. please stay at home and cook, don't go out made polutions to the earth.

you are what you act.

thai people

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Authentic Thai food IF you can handle worst service I've EVER experienced! – Guys & Gals, I want to start by saying that I normally don't SLAM restaurants, but my last & Final experience here should be shared! I have eaten at this place a handful of times because I agree the food tastes fresh & authenic, plus nice generous portions... BUT that being said, SERVICE is run with the attitude that SHE/owner/hostess/server is doing YOU/customer a favor by feeding YOU! That doesn't fly with me! I was asking politely if we may still order lunch at 2:32pm, when it stated on my T-mobile phone it was 2:29(lunch ends at 2:30), and I got snapped at to read the clock on the wall. "No, now it's dinner! You don't want, Goodbye!" As she stormed off as if I swore at her? Needless to say, we left & will NEVER be back! It's not about the $, but the principle. She needs to learn some manners & customer service, otherwise she will learn the hard way that HERE in America, SERVICE trumps ALL! If anyone reading this post, feels the same way, please share! I was simply SHOCKED at her barbaric reaction! IF she's married, God help her husband! lol. She would make a great Dictator somewhere, but Not in this town! I plan on sending her an email copy of this review, maybe it will change her ways, & save her business... She should thank me!

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