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Magnolia Animal Hospital

Reviews for Magnolia Animal Hospital

2 months ago

Our cat rescue – Alley Cats and Angels – has used Magnolia for about four years now and all the vets there have been knowledge, kind, caring, and taken very good care of our rescues. I recommend all the vets there, however, we have come to use one particular vet due to her above and beyond approach to caring for the cats. We have taken her quite a few cats with unique health situations and she will do whatever it takes to find the correct diagnosis and treat the cat – research, call in specialist, reading the latest studies, online research, etc. Dr. Teresa repaired a prolapsed rectum of manx rescue kitten that two other vet clinics hadn’t been able to help, she researched and was honest with us that it was not a surgery that she had done but there was a new “purse string” surgery she wanted to try – and it worked. When many of our cats were getting stress stomach after being in the adoption center, Dr. Teresa recommended that we put fiber and probiotics on their food every day when they are in the center (and helped us select the best supplements) – it has helped immensely. She is very responsive and always contacts us with findings, diagnosis, and makes herself very available to answer questions. I highly recommend Dr. Teresa.

Dr. Jon is also excellent and honestly, I cannot imagine anyone else being the vet to help my Bailey cat (personal pet) over the rainbow bridge last year. Dr. Jon kissed Bailey's head even though Bailey stunk so bad. That's love. And when I had an injured feral, Dr. Jon stayed late so I could get the cat there to be seen.

3 months ago

Dr Teresa and the staff at Magnolia are always great and very supportive. I've taken all my pets there since I moved to the area a decade ago. Dr. Teresa helped me make sure my dog got the best quality of life during a lingering illness in his old age. We took him in on a stretcher and he walked out on his own after K-laser treatments which kept him active and mobile for another couple of years. (at a very reasonable price!) The pic is my dog waiting eagerly in the treatment room for his weekly laser therapy - he just loved all the vet techs who did his treatments

Everyone was so helpful and grieved with me when his age and painful chronic illness made it unfair to keep him alive, and they helped me make the hardest decision.

She recently saved my cat's life with a complicated amputation to remove a very aggressive cancer. The staff always works with me on education, making sure I have always had a good understanding of procedures and prognosis for any treatments my pets need.

3 months ago

I've been going to Magnolia for over 12 years with various vets, have always loved them. But want to comment specifically on Dr. Teresa and the excellent care I feel she provides. I volunteer with a local animal rescue and when we started using Dr. Teresa for care on many of our pets it really changed things for us. She has gone out of her way to research some of the very unique cases we have brought to her, finding resources in specialty vets, online studies and so on. And in doing so managed to save animals in our program that truly had the odds stacked against them. Her approach to veterinary medicine, combining research into the latest studies, techniques, treatments and medicines with some holistic treatments as well is refreshing. It has saved us money and most importantly, saved lives. She has worked with us to establish several protocols we use with all of our animals that help keep them happy and healthy - from probiotics in our food (to help with fecal issues) to l-lysine supplements (to help manage feline herpes). She even managed to surgically repair the prolapsed rectum of a manx kitten that two other vet hospitals had written off -where they didn't find an easy answer, Dr. Teresa did more research, contacted additional specialists and gave us what no one else had - an option. And it worked! She follows up with us on the pets that she has seen and when we do drop off appointments, calls the same day to review findings and options. We've never had to wait for responses or advice. I now take my personal pets to see Dr. Teresa! You couldn't ask for a better or more dedicated vet!

3 months ago

Where do I start in my ranting and raving about how refreshing this place is! I recently moved across the country and had to take my dog in. I was so nervous that I was going to be over charged and that my dog would receive mediocre care. My dog has never received the type of incredible service that he has at Magnolia Animal Hospital. They have gone above and beyond taking excellent care of my dog.The vets are not there for $ Money $ that is for sure! They charge you minimally and have compassion, especially Dr. Cindy Johnson. She is one of the most incredible people I have met so far in Raleigh. She is all about what is best for your pet, and has no personal agenda. She is self sacrificing, compassionate, and very good at what she does. I don't trust many business, but I fully trust Magnolia Animal Hospital.

over a year ago

True Blessing!! – I leaving this review bc this hospital is by far the best. I have never ben to an institution as friendly and as postive at Magnolia Animal Hospital. Although i just started bringing my cat here ( 3 visists total) i will say this place is a breathe of fresh air from her previous vet. They truly love the animals. I honestly thought a place as nice as this was going to be very expensive especially considering what i needed done for my cat. He previous Vet charged us $300 just to sedate her and give her a urine test. But her they did a whole line a treatment and surgery and even a followup at such a reasonable price. Plus my cat seems much more at ease whenever i pick her up. I love this place and as my headline states it is truly a blessing to founs ppl and doctors that car for your pet and their well being and not just money!! MAGNOLIA ANIMAL HOSPITAL CONTINUE TO DO WHAT YOU DO AND I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT AND REFER!!!

over a year ago

My dog died, when I took him for a dental cleaning. – My dog died, when I took him to have his teeth cleaned. It's been six months, and I've never been so lonely. I lost my best friend. In giving this review, I can not give one star, because that would not be fair to the vet hospital. After all, things happen. Likewise, I can not give five stars, because that would not be true. After all, I did not have a wonderful experience. Or, I should say, my dog did not have a wonderful experience. So, I am settling on the fair score of 3 stars. The middle of the road.

But, I want to share my story of the love of my life first and how we came to be. I adopted Buddy from the Wake County Animal shelter about 8.5 years ago, when he was approximately 2 years old. Buddy was the best thing that ever happened to me. Buddy ended up sleeping with me, every night. He would wait for me, outside the bathroom while I took a shower. He would lay with me on the couch. Buddy also had seizures. Buddy needed me and I needed him. He was completely house broken and always, always went outside to do his business. I would kiss Buddy goodbye, every single morning, before I walked out the door, to go to work. And the first thing I would look for, when I walked in the door from work, was Buddy. He was always there to greet me.

Buddy had previously had a dental cleaning before and things went well. However, this last time (July 18th, 2011) things did not go well. Long story short, after the cleaning, his heart just stopped. They did try to revive him, to no avail. I was devastated. I was unable to go pick him up that day. My husband had to. We were charged for the cleaning, since (per the Vet) that went well. But, they did not charge us for anything else. So, that day, my husband walked out with my child (the vet carried him out in a bag) and he paid $130.00. That afternoon, I saw the collar and leash that I had used earlier that morning, when I took Buddy in. Only this time, this time, there was no dog attached.

My heart is still broken. I feel dead inside. My dog was not just a pet. Not just a family member. My dog was my life. He loved and needed me and I loved and needed him. Buddy was smothered in love. I loved that dog more than I can even explain. I am empty inside and lost. At night, there is nothing laying against my back, not anymore. I see our bed and it's empty. Much like my heart.

I know dogs die EVERY DAY of dental cleanings. I'm well aware of that. Dogs can be absolutely, 100% healthy, go in for a cleaning and die. Dogs can be older, go in for a cleaning and make it through! It's a gamble. Likewise, every precaution can be taken prior to a dental cleaning (blood work, etc) and that can come back fine, in the normal ranges, showing nothing remarkable. The dog can still die on the table. Why? Just because. It happens.

I had wanted to wait a while to share my story, and now I have. There is one thing I have in my memory bank of that day, that makes me feel good. The morning I took Buddy in, I got down on my knees, hugged, petted and kissed him. Told him I loved him so much and I'd be back soon to pick him up. I got up and the girl started to take him away. I stopped her. I got down again, on my knees and repeated what I'd just done: Kissed him, rubbed him and told him how much I loved him. Then, I got up again. And, while I was at the counter, filling out the paperwork, I looked. And I watched, for the last time, as my Buddy was walking away from me.....He never turned back.

I didn't realize how imperfect life was, until I lost you Buddy, and saw how perfect life had been. I love you. Mama loves you and will always love you. See you in my dreams, sweet friend.

Beth Wilson Raleigh, NC

over a year ago

We <3 Magnolia – We've been dealing with Magnolia for our fur babies health needs for MANY years now. I don't even recall how many. It started out that we felt like our previous vet was overcharing us (badly) so a dear friend suggested Magnolia and said they were reasonably priced and good all around. We've found that to be true and then some.

We've had all kinds of issues with our pets since we've been going to Magnolia, we lost a Beagle to congestive heart failure, they were supportive in every way they could possibly be seeing to it that it wasn't a hassle when we needed to refill her medications.

One of our kitties needed to have a tumor removed and now cats are not always the easiest patients but my little guy was and when I would call to check up on him they just ranted and raved about what a great patient he was. When we were getting our discharge instructions he stalked around the room like he owned the place, no worse for the wear.

We had another beagle that we'd adopted from the shelter and when we did we knew he had heartworms. We were able to sucessfully treat him for the worms but it was too late and he had permanent lung damage that caused him to suceptible to any infection at all and he had been in ICU at the CVM at NCState 6 mos ago, we took him back there for this most recent event and we wound up having to put him down. The attending vet at NC State said she would call Magnolia and let them know and the following week we received the sweetest sympathy card from them.

I can't trim my dogs toenails because they have a phobia about it and it just makes me just as worked up as they are so I always get magnolia to do it. I'm not much of an appointment person because I'm just not good with time. I will be late to my own funeral but Magnolia has never given me a hard time about it. They always work me in at the last minute for random things, including filling Rxs. I remember once I had my little Shih zu in just before Christmas and we saw Dr. Jon and he before we left "be sure to tell x (my husband) & x (my l'il aforementioned beagle) I said Merry Christmas."

The building itself isn't much, but it's spacious and clean and the staff is always very nice, helpful, easy to work with, and caring. I don't feel like I've been robbed when I leave there...and so if you need anything more than that then you just can't be pleased.

over a year ago

Great value, Great care – Amazing, an affordable Vet in Raleigh. I have heard so many people complain about Vet prices being so high in Raleigh. I asked a friend who works for the SPCA if they could recommend an affordable Vet and she suggested Magnolia. After checking City Search and reading the great reviews I decided to give them a shot even thought they are pretty far from my house. I must say that they exceeded my expectations in all categories. I was also very happy that they diagnosed my dog with anxiety issues that have been gradually getting worse with age and with medication he is back to his old self. P.S. Dr. Theresa is great.

over a year ago

BEST VET HOSPITAL EVER!! – I have a 3 year old Maltese and I honestly have to say he is my world (sad, but true). His name is Dustbunny and he recently had to have surgery to correct a luxating patella- I was with a different vet when Dustbunny was diagnosed with this common issue. I was very worried until I came across this wonderful place. I made sure to meet and take Dusty to see Dr. Jon before I would even schedule his surgery. Not only is Dr. Jon wonderful but also Dr. Jon put me at ease and explained the procedure and answered my many questions about the surgery!! He is the best vet ever!! The surgery went super well and Dusty was running and jumping after only one week!! It was like a miracle!! I'm super happy and now I only trust this place with my little furball. Also their prices are excellent, I paid this place less than half of what my old vet was charging me for it! I hope Dr. Jon doesn't ever leave this hospital. Highly recommended- the staff is very friendly too!

over a year ago

Dr. Teresa Palmer – First off, let me express my condolences to the previous writer who lost her dog. I am sorry to hear about your experience and that you lost a member of your family.

However, I am writing this review, as unlike the previous writer, I have experienced the exact opposite with Dr. Teresa. We recently switched to Magnolia Animal Hospital for our 7 year old dachshund. Dr. Teresa was the first doctor we saw back in January. Our dog was sick and has since been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease. As tramatic has it has been to see my dog sick and not know what to do, Dr. Teresa has been an angel. She has been very thorough in her treatment, research and diagnosis for our dog. She has always had my dog's health concern as one of her top priorities. Whenever, I have called due to a concern or to follow up, she has taken the time to discuss in detail our dog's case and has always acted in a very professional manner. The times I have come to the office to pickup a medication, she has greeted me at the front and spoken to me face to face about the care and treatment needed for our dog without an appointment. One of the reasons we left our prior veterinarian was due to the lack of compassion and personal attention. I can honestly say that Dr. Teresa has gone above and beyond my expectations and has been honest, upfront and knowledgeable about our dog's medical condition and treatment. The doctors at Magnolia work as a team and like most professionals, discuss their cases together. At one point, I was concerned about some new symptoms our dog was experiencing and had to call in when Dr. Teresa was not working and spoke to Dr. Jon. He was aware of my dog's case and was in agreement with everything that Dr. Teresa has been doing for her. In addition to the help that Dr. Teresa has been providing for my dog, the staff at Magnolia has been wonderful as well. I truly do feel like they care about the health and well being of my dog and want the very best for her. They are a compassionate group of professionals and I am happy to call their practice and Dr. Teresa our veterinarian.

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