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Reviews for Mac Productions

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago


I purchased a new IPAD on 5/9 and took it in for a minor crack on 6/23 ( it didn't affect the IPAD it just bothered me since I had just purchased it) I paid over $200 to "repair the screen". I picked my IPAD up a week later and within a few days the screen had completely separated, bottom and left side, from the base and my IPAD was acting up severely internally. Since it was under warranty with Austin Mac Repair for the screen, I took it back and they "fixed" it again, all this did was cause another piece to separate and it looked like the employee had just glued the lower left corner down with super glue. Considering the IPAD ( which is almost 4 months old at this point) wasn't working and the screen was separating again, I took it into the official Mac store at the Domain. They took a look at it and said all the problems were cause by a faulty repair and they obviously didn't know what they were doing. Mac printed me out paperwork to take to Austin Mac Repair to get a refund. When I showed up and asked for a refund and tried to show my paper work and the faulty job done on my IPAD, the owner ( older white guy, balding red-ish/blonde hair, heavy set) was COMPLETELY rude and unprofessional. He said he would not refund me and to get out of the store before he called the cops. After a pointless conversation of this guy yelling at me.. yes, yelling.. and telling me if I wanted a refund to take him to court, I finally left.


Also note - my fiance took his MacBook Pro to Austin Mac Repair, after having issues with it after he picked it up ( $180 to replace the trackpad, Mac does it for half the price.. I didn't know this beforehand) we took it into the Genius Bar also.. come to find out Austin Mac Repair fixed the trackpad with SCOTCH TAPE!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Poor service, dishonest dealings – Customer NO SERVICEis the philosophy at Austin Mac Repair. My experience just goes to show that you should ALWAYS check out who you're doing business with. Wish I'd read these reviews before I gave them my business. When I dropped off my MacBookPro, I needed it back in time for a business trip two and a half weeks later. They said it would be finished in 7-10 business days so no problem. Six days before I needed it it, I started checking In with them to see how it was going. They said they'd check on it (sent it offsite to a contracted repair facility) and call me back. No call back. Same thing happened the next two days. I made it clear I was leaving on the following Monday and needed it. On the preceding Thursday, when I called at the end of the day after they didn't return my morning call, he said that it should be done on Friday and could be sent overnight. Never heard from them Friday. Called on Saturday and they said it wouldn't be ready until the following week. When I became upset, he told me "well I guess you should've backed up your computer" . Because I can take my backup on a business trip?!?! I asked to speak with a manager, and he told me the manager was unavailable. He then refused to give me a way to contact the owner. When it was finally finished on the Tuesday after I left,they still had it shipped overnight when they knew it was unnecessary as I wouldn't be back in town to pick it up until the following week! The best part is still yet to come... When I came to get it, I was irate to see that they added on a $200 fee for "overnight delivery and RUSH SERVICE"!!! When I told them I wasn't going to pay that part of the bill, they refused to budge on it. I then proceeded to use the F word and he had the gall to tell me that if I swore again I'd have to leave and they'd keep my computer. When I replied, "like hell you will!". The little weasel tech on the other side of the counter slammed the lid shut pinching my finger inside as he leaned in toward me and tried to snatch away. Caught off guard. I seized it and asked if he was looking for a fight, (reacting to his posturing and my smarting finger). At that point, the idiot "manager" called the cops! As I listened to him give a totally false version of events to the police operator, I paid but decided to wait in my truck in their parking lot for the officer to show up. When he did, I approached him and told him what had happened. He chuckled and responded, "Yeah, we're out here a lot. Funny thing is, they don't seem to like us very much. Or their customers!"

The moral of the story is, read reviews of businesses online before patronizing them. This place has many one star reviews with complaints about the terrible customer service. The owner obviously doesn't care about his customers or his reputation.

over a year ago

Take It From Me - I Work There! Low Cost - Happy Service – FANTASTIC! This company has the lowest prices in Texas and I have taken advantage of that as many others have and do daily.

The people I met at Austin Mac Repair were friendly, kind, and have turned most repairs around in rocket time.

Excellent, wonderful, and everything else.

For the people that post such bad things I would suggest trying to call them and make peace. Cursing and calling people names never helped anyone.

There is just no way everything stated here could even be true.

These people are sharp. They have a great art gallery too.

From someone who knows these people take it from me that they are a great company.

I have worked there so please take it from me that these guys know what they are doing.

Every company has a failure rate but this companies rate is low. Most people are thrilled to get things done for so cheap.


Jesus was a maker of Peace. We should be too.


Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

A few months ago I cracked my macbook screen and saw the ad to fix it for $200 and thought that was good deal. After talking with the worker i also agreed that it would be a good idea to upgrade my hard drive to 500GB. I got the computer back the next day and it was running smoothly besides noticing a small green dot in the screen, but i figured "you get what you pay for". Very soon after that i noticed my computer would not go into sleep mode so i took it back and he said he'd look at it.

The next day, he called to tell me that it was some weird anomaly that he could not explain and I'd just have to put it in sleep mode manually. Since I had looked up this problem online and saw that the most common problem was with the magnet i asked if that could be the case, to which he got very defensive responded with "I don't know what you do for a living but we do these every day and rarely have a problem." which i thought was very rude and even more so that he not only couldn't fix the problem which he obviously created but didn't offer any compensation for the damage.

Well, recently during a giant fit my daughter slapped my computer out of my hand and my computer wouldn't turn on. Not wanting to deal with these guys again, I took my computer to Happy Mac on Northloop who not only fixed that problem but also looked at the sleep malfunction which was caused by a missing magnet (no surprises there) and replaced it for $20.

Well, from now on i will be going to Happy Mac for all my Mac needs and not this other terribly rude incompetent place that seems like some weird cult hang out in the front area.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago


My hard drive went out on my Mac so i brought my tower in to them to take it out and get the info off of it, keep in mind that this is a 150 GB hard drive they said it was bad and i need to get a new one I said OK left it with them a day loather i got a phone call saying that they could pull off the stuff of the old hard drive i was like great! They said it toke 10 hrs to get all that info all the hard drive. So after 4 days a new hard drive and $750 dollars latter. (makes me sick) I got it back payed the man who was rude and shot me a lot of BS, and was rude.

When i got home turn on the tower i was think; so i put the old hard drive in with the new one and it worked! and so i downloaded all my info and programs (which they said the could not do in less the 1 hr not 10 hr)


These guys are bad to do business with, Don't trust.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

SHOP ELSEWHERE... Bad Customer Service!!!!!!!!!!!!! – I brought my Apple Iphone to Mac Productions and/or Austin Mac Repair, 7801 North Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX for repair of a broken glass screen. Their technician told me that it would be “LIKE NEW” and that they used the best glass so I had them repair my phone.

Several hours after leaving the store (under different lighting conditions), I noticed a large smudge and 3 red LED,s inside the glass. The LED, s was not noticeable before they worked on the phone.

I called them and was told that my “EXPECTATIONS WERE TOO GREAT” and that I would have to call the tech later. I called the tech back and he agreed to clean the smudge on the inside of the glass but there was nothing he could do about the Leeds. Unfortunately, I live in Connecticut and I had to send it back and pay for the shipping.

When I received it back, the glass was cleaned. Two days later, a crack developed in the upper left portion of the screen. The phone was not dropped or mishandled.

Apparently, as a result of the poor workmanship it broke. It was either installed incorrectly (possibly leaving a glass chip inside) or that the quality of the glass they used is poor.

After calling them and speaking to someone who represented himself as the owner I was told to take it to Apple or someone else if I did not like the repair they did and again I was told, “MY EXPECTATIONS WERE TOO HIGH.” My original expectation was nothing less than what they represented to me. Furthermore, they refused to provide a refund.

I have had another company replace the glass and it is now “as good as new,” also no LED’s show. This is quite interesting because I now feel that they may even have used the wrong model replacement glass. The second company told me that the glass could break if it was not properly installed and the also felt that they possibly used the wrong glass if the LED”s showed.

My credit company has agreed to write off $70.35 charge but I do not feel this is fair.

I have run a service company for over 30 years and my customers would not put up with being treated like this! They have no idea of how to provide customer service...Shop Elsewhere.!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Worst service ever – I received a quote on the phone to replace two fans on my MBPro. Normal price was $149 per fan, but owner agreed a fee of $119 per fan because we were replacing both at the same time.

My understanding was that it would be $119 per fan.

When I got to the store, the owner told his assistant to charge me $119 + $149. I said that was not what I understood to be the price based on our conversation yesterday.

The owner came over and said that I was calling him a liar. All I said was that this is not what I understood him to say on the phone...He again said I was calling him a liar. Which I was not.

The assistant stood by seemingly embarrassed to be there.

I have never been treated so poorly in my life. The owner was aggressive, obnoxious and suggested that I take my business elsewhere. Which I did! And got a much better price down the road at another Mac repair place.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Should have read these reviews first! – My husband took his computer here because he hoped to save money. I picked up the tower when it was done and was quite shocked to pay almost $800! My husband too was surprised it was so high, especially since the computer still wouldn't work right. He had a few conversations with the owner, who is so arrogant and pig headed that he won't talk to anyone who questions what he does.

To make a long story short, this place doesn't have the proper diagnostic tools to verify what might be wrong with Mac computers, so he guesses. This increases the ultimate cost to consumer, which is obviously his ultimate goal. If you don't need what he installs, he will charge a 20% restocking fee. He says this is because he cannot sell it new, but how do we know it was new when he sold it to us? We weren't given any boxes to prove it was new.

Currently disputing credit card charge, since he's only willing to refund a fraction of the cost and by CHECK! He says that his accounting department does not refund credit card charges. Well, I've been an accountant for close to 20 years, and that screams WRONG on so many levels!

Ugh, just spare yourself some agony and go elsewhere. These other negative reviews are obviously true. Check out the BBB too, since there are apparently some bad feedback over there too.

over a year ago

GOOD EXPERIENCE! Take it here first... – I'm a little surprised by the negative reviews here for this place. I had a very pleasant experience and the repair was perfect (also serving to save me several hundred dollars.) That said, working in the tech industry, I know that folks get riled up when things don't go exactly as they plan them from the incept... but I digress...

I recently dropped my iPhone 3GS and cracked the LCD.

As a result of my stupidity, I ended up in the Apple Store where the only solution they presented was to purchase a new phone. The service person I spoke to quoted me $199.00 for the new phone and then made me an appt. with the Genius Bar. Upon returning, I asked about the possibility of replacing the LCD to avoid the expense of purchasing new and they informed me that this was not something that could be done (basically, that the phone was shot). To add insult to injury, I was told that the store personnel had misinformed me regarding the $199 for the new phone as my only option was to purchase an iPhone 4, at an expense of over $400.00. I was incredulous that the anything that would break that easily would be unrepairable!

I did a little research on the web and came up with Austin Mac Repair as a viable alternative. The phone was fixed in less than 2 hours for appx. $100.00 and works perfectly. I would highly recommend Austin Mac Repair for others in this situation.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

BEWARE! WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! – Our 1Tb Time Capsule failed - bad power supply. The solution(Per Apple): remove drive - place in new enclosure and transfer files.

We did not need the encrypted backup data - just wanted to recover photo and movie files. Using the Apple store list I chose Austin Mac Repair and called them. They said they were familiar with this problem - could quickly and easily handle it.

I dropped it off and worked with a tech to make sure the work order was clear:

- No need to recover backup data.

- Transfer photo/movie files to our disk.

- Put drive back together – Apple would reimburse after receipt of the drive.

- I had an external drive for the data.

- I left my number as primary and my wife’s as secondary

The tech told me, and noted on the work order, the estimate for the job was $89 to $295.

A few days later we got a message - the job was done, the charge - $895!!! We went to the store to get an explanation. When we arrived they met us with

- Our data on a new external drive (that we did not order)

- A badly mangled Time Capsule that could not be returned to Apple

- They wanted payment

I said that we needed to talk to about charges, and verify data before we paid.

The owner/technician, Les, came out and was upset we questioned the charges. Said he didn’t have time to verify data - we would have to wait.WE WERE THE ONLY CUSTOMERS THERE!

After 45 min. he told us that he was ready. We both started back to the work area, when he said there was a problem with space and he didn’t think the wheelchair would fit – he would have to show us one at a time. My wife went to take a look at the room to confirm the space issue. We wanted to view the data and hear the technical explanation for charges together. She rolled into a room that was large enough to hold at least15 people and wheelchairs.

He then asks us to leave or he would call the police! We are dumbfounded – and now really worried about our data. I told him that I would call the police for him – which I did - and that we were not leaving without our data.

The police arrived. We looked at a few of the files and asked for a copy of the work order. He then presented me with a bill for $1,151.78!!!! Total cost was now $1,450.78 – (we had purchased a new Time Capsule for $299 with the promise that Apple would reimburse after receipt of the old one).

I told him that we needed the drive to take back to Apple and I wanted a copy of the work order (for the fourth time!). After about another 10 minute delay he brought out a badly mangled Time Capsule – that Apple would not take back for reimbursement - and a work order – THAT WAS FORGED!!!

The next day I went to Fry’s, bought an enclosure and installed the old drive. My fears were confirmed – the drive did not even turn on - it had been destroyed. It could not have been the source for the files in this state as it was not functional.

Summary: This operation is so bad on so many levels - so many lies and forgeries. We are in the process of working with other professionals that may be able to diagnose what this guy did and hoping to prove it soon! I will post the results! My wife has taken a look at the files– a large percentage are no good! STAY AWAY FROM THIS OPERATION!!!

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