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Pure Food And Wine
Pure Food And Wine
Pure Food And Wine
Pure Food And Wine
Hazelnut & Ale Crostini w/ Porcini Mascarpone, Red & Green Baby Romaine w/ Tarragon Buttermilk Dressing, Philly Roll of Avocado, Kim Chee & Creamy Cashew Cheese, King Oyster Mushroom Scallops w/ Brussels Sprouts & Shiitake Miso Broth, Tuscan Kale w/ Shaved Fennel & Orange, Plate of Assorted Cultured Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheeses & Rosemary Crisps, House Cured Olives w/ Fennel & Orange, Zucchini & Local Greenhouse Tomato Lasagna, Salsify Noodles w/ English Peas, Asparagus, & Ramps, Curried Vegetables w/ Sprouted Quinoa Poppadom... more

Reviews for Pure Food And Wine


The city's top vegan restaurant caters not to the usual cranks, but rather to a sophisticated clientele after great food and service, rather than some crackpot ideology.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

A lot of fuss.... – I found my experience here to be a bit lackluster. I was quite excited to try it after reading all the gleaming reviews and even more so upon stepping into the velvety interior. Quite a romantic setting for any meal. Sadly, the food left something to be desired. To start we got the nut cheese plate, which was just okay. I felt the highlight was the jam- and there was only a quarter size amount doled out. The crackers were good as well- but again the nut cheese was in abundance and the crackers were inadequately portioned.

I ordered the tamale style dish as my entree while my partner opted for the lasagna. Both dishes were good enough, at first that is, but after a few minutes they lost their appeal. The tamales ended up being much too heavy, so much nut pate style sauce. Much too much, if you'd ask me. I left here feeling a bit uncomfortable, which was definitely disappointing and certainly unexpected considering the raw food for energy claims they seem to be banking on.

Personally, I prefer Candle 79 or Blossom for more elegant vegan dining options, as the majority of the menu items at these locations are not nut pate based.

over a year ago

Pure Food and Wine, June 2010 – Aside from eating fresh fruits and vegetables, the only good things that are vegan and raw (let's not talk about salads because that is cheating) that have ever passed my mouth come from Pure Food and Wine. I take my hat off to them for making vegan and raw food so enjoyable, indeed so enjoyable that I am happy to become vegan here every three months (well, after all, there is only so much variety with vegan food when its raw).

Spring Salad of Mache, Saved Fennel, Rasberries and Toasted Almonds: Simple, crisp and fresh, this salad was the epitome of a good salad - vegan or not.

King Oyster Mushroom Scallops: Simple and a little plain - perhaps a little marinade would have helped.

Zucchini and Tomato Lasagna: It is definitely not lasagna, maybe they should stop calling their creations what they are not. Vegan/vegetarian food does not need to mimic meat (i.e. mock chicken? Does it sound delicious to you?); similarly, raw food does not need to be what it is not (i.e. lasagna), does it? Initially suspicious that the sweet and tender zucchinis would be overwhelmed by the tomatoes, this suspicion was immediately dispelled by my first bite. The intense tomato sauce alone is worth ordering this dish.

Sweet Corn and Cashew Tamales: This used to be the crown jewel of Pure Food and Wine. What has changed in the 12 months that I was away? The attractive sweetness of the tamale was gone. It was no longer the creamy plump bundle of sweetness; instead, I find small, yellow paste with spice. It is still edible (very edible), but.

Lemon Cheesecake: This cheesecake, yes, cheesecake, righly deserves its name. It has exactly the texture and tastes of a perfectly lemony cheesecake, and a very good cheesecake at that.

Chocolate and Mint Sundae: Sundaes used to be off-limits to the novices because they were not on the menu. What is the point of leaving a delicious item off the menu, I never understood. But the word has got out and now you know what to order. The other sundae - I am not interested; it just cannot be as good as the Mint Sundae.

Strawberry Shortcake: No. 3 of the my favorite dessert list.

Chocolate Passion Fruit Tart: I have never liked chocoalate and passion fruit together - one is bitter-sweet and the other is sour and pungent. Give me a good reason why they should not start fighting on my palate.

over a year ago

Best Raw / Macrobiotic Restaurant in NYC – I've walked by this "partially underground" restaurant in Union Square a ton of times and finally got to get a taste of what raw cooking is like! This is the only restaurant I know in NYC that runs the gamut of serving raw, vegan, vegetarian, biodynamic, organic and sustainable food altogether. It definitely comes with a price though because all entrees are at least $24, desserts start at $12, and appetizers are $14 and aboev. The cheapest bottle of (green) wine is around $49. So all in, expect to spend at least $75pp. Nonetheless, I have to say that the meal was well worth it, esp. when dinner lasted 3 hours!

We had the Nori Rolls to start, which of course, didn't have rice in it. I thought it was just okay, although very interesting. What really blew us away were the main courses. The white corn tamales and raw cocoa mole were fantastic and my dining companion loved it so much he almost licked the plate clean! But I would argue that the vegetarian lasagna took the prize home that day. It lived up to its hype and was just so flavorful. The layers of 'pasta' was replaced with thin layers of zucchini! How ingenious! I still dream of this dish!!

The trio of chocolate dessert was fascinating but I wouldn't say it's to die for. Definitely something different since the dairy-free ice cream tasted really amazing, served with dark and bittersweet chocolate; the kind I like. I really want to try the Tiramisu next time (my favorite dessert of all times)!

One thing to note though, is that almost everything we ate there was semi-cold, although that wasn't a big deal to us. As a principle, nothing in the kitchen is cooked above 118 F to preserve nutrients and enzymes that are essential to our health and digestion. Since the concept is also vegan, no dairy or meat was served. I'm still amazed at how inventive and creative the chefs were with the cuisine. I certainly felt healthy eating this kind of food, and was even pretty darn stuffed toward the end of dinner! Highly recommended if you're into healthy (fine) dining!

over a year ago

Citysearch Editorial Review – Servers seem accustomed to patrons' blank stares as they explain how raw, organic, dairy- and meat-free dishes are concocted at Pure Food and Wine. But part of the experience involves understanding, for example, that the crust is made from dehydrated cashews and the noodles are made from squash. Although everything is supremely healthful, some of the dishes--like lasagna made from strips of zucchini with basil pistachio pesto, sundried tomato sauce and "ricotta" derived from pignoli--is filling. The decor isn't quite as intriguing as the menu, but it's not dull, either. Fuchsia high-backed chairs punch color into the dimly lit interior and amusing pictures of ducks line the back wall. A sprawling patio invites guests to eat among thriving herbs, weather permitting.

over a year ago

Wonderful. Singular. Elegant. Delicious. – My favorite raw vegan restaurant of any I've been to in the country. Takes dishes that in the hands of less capable hands could easily be boring, and infuses them with intricate flavor combinations and subtle unexpected twists.

Great atmosphere (especially when the back garden is open), great service, great drink selection, all in all a fantastic and memorable evening!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Did I just ate a dinner? – Than was my first and last time there. I can pay a chef to make this meal from farmers produce at my home-or better make it myself.

It was sooo laud me and my husband could not hear each other at all!!! The sound was bouncing off all walls. Too many people.

We got testing menu. What a bummer, I saw people (next to us) paying less than us and having more to eat. Portion control??? this place is more like the teaser to my poor empty belly! so for that I call it overpriced. Considering that you have to eat something after this.

if you are going to have such a meal, don't finish it with big fatty and sweet dessert! Thats silly to try to fill us up with the last course!


over a year ago

Great Place for Raw – I have eaten here a handful of times and really enjoy the uniqueness of the food. I eat a mostly raw diet and to have this dining experience available to me is amazing. I have tried other raw restaurants but they don't compare.

Yes, it is expensive. I do understand what goes into a raw meal. It is a very time consuming process and the quality of the ingredients must be top notch. In this case, I understand but I still think they can do better by offering a few menu items that mey not be as time consuming. Also, the wines are on the pricey side.

Another option is to try Pure Juice and Takeaway which is the same owner and kitchen right around the corner.. a little more economical but very casual, not much seating...

I am giving it a 5 because I love the food and 4 would be too low a rating.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

How to make a great meal? There's food involved! – Went here for an anniversary dinner with my wife--I should have read further into the reviews on this site before making that mistake.

We arrived enthusiastic and ready to have a great meal. The waiter recommended the tasting menu, telling us that it would be a "very filling experience." The first course on a "5-course tasting menu" was literally one bite! I'm no glutton, but I'm not anorexic either. Honestly, a one-bite course (no exaggeration) is just insulting.

While waiting for our next famine-sized portion, the wait staff seated another couple literally elbow-to-elbow with us. When I made the reservation, I had mentioned that it was our anniversary and specifically requested a romantic setting. We then proceeded to watch our neighbors get much larger portions of food, and snack on a huge bowl of olives, even though they did not order from the tasting menu and surely paid less than we did!!

Seriously, we sat there green with jealousy watching other patrons in the restaurant eat larger-than-elf-sized portions--served much sooner--and all the while I was thinking "this must be the most expensive snack I've ever had."

We waited at least 20 minutes for the next few bites. I know some restaurants think that slower service is good because they are not hurrying their customers out the door, but how hard is it to leave something on the table to eat? If you can't do bread, because you're a raw-food restaurant, just leave some olives like you did for the couple sitting two inches to our right. At any half-worthwhile restaurant, this would just be automatic, especially with the tasting menu.

And forget the wait staff. At a restaurant with a $70 tasting menu, you should get excellent service from experienced and attentive waiters. These guys seemed like they were just plucked from Frat Boys R Us. We didn't know what we were being served, because the kitchen picks your courses for the tasting menu. This would have been fine, except our waiters mumbled the descriptions of the food, leaving us totally in the dark.

Also, they served different menu items to my wife and me with each course. This would have been OK, too, except the courses they chose for my wife were typically about half as much food as they served me.

The tiny portions separated by interminable waits continued for over an hour during which we literally got about 7 bites of food.

Finally our last course arrived--a huge dessert. Now, why would I go to a raw food, health-oriented restaurant just to fill up on sugar and fat? But that's exactly how they structured it. So the vast majority of calories at our meal were devoid of nutrients.

If you must go here, DO NOT ORDER THE TASTING MENU!!! It is a total rip-off. Also, make emphatically clear to the wait staff that you are interested in EATING. That you came here for FOOD, to EAT not to look trendy while pretending to eat. Unless, of course, you're not interested in food. Then this place would be pretty much perfect for you.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Got sick – First, I'm not the type of eater who has a weak stomach, nor do I have any food allergies and I have never gotten sick from food in my life. I went here for dinner with some friends who highly recommended this place. For some reason, right after my meal and in the middle of my dessert I got really really sharp abdominal pains. I ended up running to the restroom and throwing up! It was so bad that I had blurred vision and couldn't get up. I wasn't able to walk or move for a good hour and a half without getting dizzy. I have no idea what in the food gave me such a violent reaction. The food wasn't prepared well since I do not have any allergies. I ended up being sick for 2 days. Beware of this place since the food is raw and if its not prepared well, you might get sick. I am never going back here again. It was expensive and they should be more stringent with the sanitation on the preparation of the food since its served raw.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

pure food and wine : ( – sorry to say...i went to pure food and wine to have an interesting, amazing nice dinner..i am an experienced raw foodie....at one time i ate raw for 5 yrs..now i still do..but i also eat cooked vegan. i also have created my own recipes...so i'm very familiar with the raw food world.

* the "tamales" were a joke...i mean give me a break..it was cashew paste in corn husk.

* the food is soooooo over priced

* the salad was tiny

* the dessert wasn't special

* a true disappointment

the service was good..no complaints there

its a cute place....to many tables...you can clearly hear conversations from across the room.

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