Molly's Place Rescue Pet

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Molly's Place Rescue Pet
Molly's Place Rescue Pet
Molly's Place Rescue Pet

Reviews for Molly's Place Rescue Pet

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

You can keep having my review removed I'll keep replacing it – I got my dog there awhile back and something fishy was going on, I could tell, only to come home and do some research and through Lori Johnston's dockets find that she had six charges of failure to keep a kennel in sanitary and humane condition last May along with a few other dog related charges. I also did a little more research and found that in 2006 she was charged with theft of a dog, although I could not find this on her dockets, not everything shows up on public dockets. You can read the discussion about it if you google "Rescue owner charged in dog "theft", Lori Johnston". Her charges for the dog theft were dropped to a misdemeanor "failure to keep accurate kennel records". I felt like something fishy was going on... but I couldn't exactly point to it.

over a year ago

Rewarding Experience at Molly's Place – My husband & I were truly amazed to see the animals loose & not caged when we arrived at Molly's. The doors were securely guarded so no pets would get out of the shelter. Place was clean both times we visited & we enjoyed interacting with all the pets. If any of them would have had an accident (as all animals will do), I'm sure it would have been cleaned up immediately. Isn't that what you would do at your home. If you love animals as much as we do, you expect accidents, it's a part of it!

Everyone at the shelter was accommodating & extremely courteous. It's an hour ride from where we live. The first time we visited, the dog we were interested in was being adopted when we arrived. We were disappointed since we had just lost our precious Maltese, Peaches. Lori told us they had a Maltese with puppies & as soon as the pups were old enough to leave the mother, we could adopt her. Lori could tell how upset I was over losing our dog and she was extremely compassionate.

My husband & I decided we would wait for this dog, Maggie. (Now we call her Maggie Mae, as after we brought her home, we said Maggie Mae is here to stay!) We are so very glad we waited. She is sweet, precious and loving and has helped fill the hole in my heart made from the loss of our dog, Peaches.

I would recommend Molly's Place to all who are interested in saving an animal. That's what Molly's Place does every day.....saves animals lives and finds good homes for them.

Molly's Place made a favorable impression on us and we definitely would return if we ever decide on another animal.

over a year ago

I adopted my new kitty from Molly's Place about 3 months ago. I decided to go to Molly's Place and check it out as i had passed the place in my travels. The staff were very polite and helpful. I looked at both the cats and the kittens. I asked about the kittens and was told that a 6 month old kitten would be $150. I found this reasonable as the kitten had all necessary shots and vaccinations and had been neutered. I filled out an adoption application and was approved. I did not ask them to "hold" the kitten. I decided for myself that if he was still there on pick up day he would be the lucky one. I went back on Saturday and the staff were again friendly and polite. I had purchased a cat carrier that needed to be assembled and one of the workers assembled it for me while I checked to see if the lucky kitten was still available. He was, and they identified him by microchip and let him play while I finished my final paper work and paid. The woman behind the counter was polite. The kittens nails were clipped before he was placed in the carrier.

Cecil is a very happy and so far healthy kitty. I did take him to my own vet and he was found to be perfectly healthy and up to date with his shots.

I have owned 4 cats in my life as an adult.

Binker - male - main coon purchased from a breeder...great cat...lots of health problems throughout his life (cost me a fortune) lived to be 18 years old.

Boo Boo - male - stray found outside our door...healthy healthy presently 10 years old

Pooty - female - adopted from Furry Friends Network...loving wonderful animal...died suddenly without warning at the age of 8 years.

Cecil - male - adopted from Molly's Place...healthy, happy, loving far so good ...9 months old.

People should understand no matter where you get an animal from its an animal and like a human that animal make get sick or die for a number of reason.

It's not a product you get from a store like an iPod that has been manufactured...there are no guarantees when you buy a life.

You give them the best life possible and take care of them.

over a year ago

Great place for unwanted / abused pet to find new homes – adopted our beloved Gertie from Molly's Place. I was saddened to read some of the bad reviews as they give the perception that it is a horrible place and it is not. My experience was wonderful and here is why: First, I was impressed with the level of care they took to ensure no pets get out.

Second, the dogs were NOT stuck in a cage and were free to inter act with each other AND people! They were not running free to cause havoc. All the animals were confined to specific areas according to their size and age. Some reviewers think this is a bad thing. It is not. Dogs are social animals and need to be in a pack and learn to socialize. The staff act and are seen as the pack leaders by keeping order. This also help YOU the adopter see how the dogs interact with others.The areas were kept clean!

Third, Some reviewers here pointed out the lengthy application/contract process. The application process was easy going. The APPLICATION was two pages and the questions are Very relevant. No one should take an adoption of a pet lightly. There is a lot to know and be aware of. The application helps both the staff at Molly's place AND the adopter. It requires the adopter to really think about the time, expenses and COMMITMENT to the new pet.

The ADOPTION AGREEMENT - which happens after you have been approved and found your pet, is three pages long. This is holds extremely important information that protects your pet. If you are impatient about how long it takes to fill out the application and then read and initial the contract, how would you have the patience needed for your new pet? This process is designed to help adopters see if they indeed are ready to adopt .

Fourth, MY NEW PET - Some reviewers here complained about the adoption fee. The adoption fee I paid was $550. Sounds like a lot right? WRONG here is why: Gertie (my new dog) was well taken care of at Molly's Place. She received Vaccinations, De worming, Flea treatments, microchip, and was spayed prior to being adopted. Now I contacted my vet to get a cost for the SAME care as if I had a newly born pup. Here is the breakdown as to what Gertie received and the cost:

Distemper - 3 doses @ $30 each = $90

Influenza - 2 doses @ $25 each = $50

Pyrantel (deworm) 6 @ $14.25 each =$ 85.50

Flea Treatment - 2 doses @ $15 each = $30

Spaying - $140

MicroChip - $ 40

Total cost $ 435.5 - (so I really adopted Gertie for $114.50 . Because i would've payed for these services anyway being a responsible pet owner),

Ok now. There were discussions/comments in others reviews about Molly's Place adopting out dogs who are sick. THERE IS NO Guarantee FROM ANY SHELTER/BREEDER/ PET STORE etc that your dog will be 100% healthy. Molly's Places provides the best care possible for shelter and abandoned dogs. I read every piece of paper Molly's place provided to me and because of that i was well informed of this fact. I adopted Gertie knowing full well that there may be hidden issues with her (nothing showed up yet) and i am prepared to deal with them....

In Summary, Molly's place does great work, the adoption fee is NOT as big and bad as you may think.Caring for a pet is expensive! The application and adoption contract are necessary and important, so READ THEM, they disclose everything. You cant not hold Molly's Place at fault if you didn't read the information provided. And that is no reason to bash a place that is helping abused and abandoned animals. If you are still unsure, VISIT THEM!

Oh and if you think I am someone from Molly's Place writing this feel free to contact me. I will show you all the paperwork!

Molly's Place keep up the good work, we will see you next year to bring home another family member!

over a year ago

Molly's is the best – After losing my mini-pin in August 2011, I searched Petfinder for a local animal shelter to adopt a new puppy from and came across Molly's Place Rescue in Mechanicsburg. After browsing a few pages of dogs on the site, I narrowed my list down to 2 dogs to check out when I went to visit them. I also visited Molly's Place website and was able to download an application and fill out to have it ready when we visited. When we arrived at Molly's, we were met at the door by a gentleman named Tom who let us in on a few rules about some of the dogs, all staff was very nice and ready to answer any questions we had. I had one question....where is a dog named Velveeta? we were unaware that Velveeta had been at the rescue since arriving in August 2010...a whole year, she did have a foster mom. I was asked if I wanted to see Velveeta in a private room and immediately upon meeting me, she came over to me when I called her and she licked my face. Now I had only come to Molly's Place to look...yeah right....I was chosen....

We took Velveeta home that troubles

Fast forward to December 2011, my fiance and I returned to Molly's Place to adopt one of Velveeta's sisters and ended up leaving with Sammy Jo(sister) and a little Chihuahua/pomeranian mix named Zoey...

once again was greeted nicely, no troubles with Molly's Place at all and would recommend this rescue to anyone looking to adopt a new family member

over a year ago

Great Pets at a Fraction of Breeder Costs – We wanted to share a picture of Dakota (also answers to Coda and Buddy) with you. He is about 6 years old (56 pounds), and adopted from Mollys Place. His name at your rescue was Benson at the time of the adoption. At the time of adoption he was shy and took his food into a private corner to eat. Soon after adoption he became very outgoing and friendly. We have a second dog which is a labradoodle from a good breeder named Annabelle. Annabelle is now over 7 years old (87 pounds) and cost $1200 after a steep discount because she was black and not enough people would accept black Labradoodles because everyone wanted cream and tan colored ones. Today the two dogs are inseparable. They eat, sleep, play, run, and go to the groomer together. It is the first time we ever had two dogs together. It is great! They keep each other company if we leave the house which virtually eliminates destruction except that Dakota eats anything paper or plastic. Just keep trash and the newspaper away from him. They also exercise each other by running and playing "dog tag". They also have friendly "fights" and both win because Annabelle is bigger, stronger, and heavier. She can easily knock Dakota down or roll him over - IF she catches him. Dakota is much faster and can dodge and weave, and stop on a dime. They are well matched for being so different. This photo was taken today after returning from the groomer. He is beautiful, isn't he? He has a liver nose and pink skin. Annabelle is a blue- black which is a black coat with light blue skin. Together they are a striking pair.

The funny thing is that nobody can tell which dog came from the rescue and which one came from the breeder. The fact is the two of them have had about the same number of trips to the vet for things such as fall allergies, urinary infections or stomach virus. The wives tale that rescue dogs are always sick is not true. Annabelle has documented lineage back for 3 generations on both father's and mother's side and nobody knows where Dakota came from, just that he is a great dog.

over a year ago

This is not a pet rescue center, it's a family! – Upon entering the center I was so impressed by the level of security measures the center takes to ensure no pets get out. When I walked into the center I was surprised to find all the animals roaming free in specific areas according to their size and age. It was so nice to not see them kenneled. We were greeted immediately upon entering by a very friendly staff. We came to the center with a mental list of what we wanted in a pet. We did not have a specific breed in mind. The gentleman who worked with us listened intently to what we had to say and then he showed us what dogs would work best for us. The thing that impressed me the most is that all of the staff and volunteers knew each dog by name, their temperaments, and their story. All of the staff got along so well and they shared what dogs they were most attached to. They were very loving towards all the dogs and I was impressed that it was more like a family with a lot of pets rather than a rescue center. They were also very careful about the cleanliness of the place and who touches what. The floors were constantly being washed and handles being sprayed.

I loved how the staff asked me so many questions about my family and myself. I did not find it offensive at all. I would have been upset had they just willy nilly let their animals go to whoever walked through the front door. I would have expected no less from them! Lori was very friendly and made the adoption process very comfortable. The fees were very reasonable considering everything they do to ensure the health and safety of one’s potential pet. All pets are micro chipped spayed/neutered, frontlined, and immunized.

Needless to say the man who helped us also helped us choose the perfect new addition to our family. He is the most amazing dog and we could not be happier! We will be back eventually to choose another addition to our family in the future. I was so excited when we left Molly’s, not only about the fact that I was taking home my new pet, but also that the experience was better than I ever expected! I would recommend this place to people who are serious about adopting, who can provide a good home, and are ready to be treated as if the center is entrusting you with one of their own pets, because that is exactly what they are doing.

over a year ago

Molly's Place is doing good things – My girlfriend and I, Love Molly's Place! We have adopted 2 precious felines and I have 2 dogs in my sights to adopt in the up coming months. They let us come by whenever we want to visit all the animals, get a feel for what dogs/ cats are friendly to us and which ones are just for someone else. We receive nothing but smiles and Hello's when we walk thru the doorway. We have donated items for their cause.

We have suggested them to many other friends, who once they meet our feline kids, declare they want to be no longer pet-less in their homes.

We have never seen anyone of their volunteers/ employees ever mistreat, even the most devilish pouch, in anyway that would call for alarm that this place is foul. We only see them baby the animals and want to find them great homes for a healthy future.

We will be coming back to years to come.

over a year ago

Love this free-roaming shelter! :) – I have had nothing but good experiences with Molly's Place. When I had stray kittens in my yard they were the only place that would take them in when I couldn't find homes for them on my own. Every other place said they were too full. Molly's found foster homes for the kittens until they were old enough to be fixed and then adopted. They do everything they can to make sure the dogs and cats get all the health care they need. I am so happy that the animals can be free to live their lives outside of cages. I think it would be nice if they could expand someday to have more room both inside and outside. Can you imagine having to live your life in a tiny cage? I would never want that for any animal. Of course they had accidents but they were cleaned up immdediately. I am not sure who would wear their best clothes and shoes to any animal shelter. Even Petco and Petsmart have animals roaming in their stores and having accidents. If you don't like the idea of a free-roaming shelter then go somewhere else and keep your mouth shut. Mollys Place is doing so much good for all these animals and finding so many forever homes for unwanted cats and dogs. Would you rather they all be killed instead?

over a year ago

nice shelter – We visited Molly's place after finding our pups photo on Petfinder. I was dreading seeing all those little faces in cages and knew I would want to take them all home. I was relieved to see the dogs roaming freely in three separate sections, segregated by size. We found this much more adventageous. We were able to see the dog's personality very clearly...for example if they got along well with other dogs, children, etc, or if they prefered a less chaotic enviornment and were rather shy. Yes, a few dogs had some disagreements and there were a few "accidents" that were quickly cleaned up by their staff, but pet owner's should expect this.

Our pup appeared to be well cared for and was well behaved. He is healthy and adjusted easily to our household with children and other animals.

I would highly recommend to pet lovers.

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