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Racine Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Racine Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Racine Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Racine Chiropractic & Wellness Center

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17 days ago

I was suffering. I found Dr. Steven Racine (an orthogonal chiropractor). My 1st visit was several xrays & He LISTENED. He described how adjusting my atlas and any other vertebrae that were out of alignment would help my body function properly. After the first painless adjustment of my atlas the right side of my body relaxed. Within an hour my headache went away. My health has improved by 90%! I go once a month. Ive been a patient for 9 yrs! It saved my life.


7 months ago

I started seeing Dr. Racine for neck pain about five weeks ago. I could barely turn my head to the left, and I found it nearly unbearable to sit at my desk at work all day. Dr. Racine took a lot of time with me to go over my X-rays and to explain everything to me in simple terms. My neck pain subsided after a couple of visits, but I continue to see Dr. Racine for treatment of my scoliosis. The office is clean, calm, and professional, and I like that fact that they do not try to "scare" me into coming in for unnecessary visits (I have experienced this with other Chiropractors and Physical Therapists). The treatments are not painful, and I can resume all normal activities (even the gym) right after treatments. Dr. Racine's techniques do not seem to involve the "cracking and popping" that I usually associate with Chiropractic treatments. Also, the free health class was really great, and I learned a lot!! Having been to Orthopedists, Physical Therapists, and other Chiropractors for most of my adult life, I would recommend Dr. Racine. Overall, I am very happy.

7 months ago

Having worked for many chiropractors over the years I thought I knew what chiropractic was all about until I started working in Dr. Racine’s office as his office manager and realized I knew nothing about Atlas Orthogonal & Upper Cervical care. I could not believe that this was a form of chiropractic care unknown to me. I had suffered with migraines, allergies, neck pain and stomach aches for many years. Regular chiropractic care helped somewhat with the allergies and alleviated my migraines, but when I explained my situation to Dr. Racine on how my neck still hurts from time to time and how I would also still get headaches and stomach aches - he just looked at me smiled and took me away from the front desk to evaluate me.

When I saw my Atlas X-rays, with the Atlas completely out of place, I was terrified and couldn't believe that no other chiropractor had mentioned this to me! I received treatment that day. To my surprise my left leg was slightly longer than the other (deep inside I knew it, but Dr. Racine confirmed it) and within seconds of my atlas adjustment… my legs were now even! It seems unreal but it is the truth. My headaches went away, no more shoulder pain and they have since been gone. I truly Thank God for Dr. Racine. He is a doctor who truly takes the time to listen to your concerns and he will never recommend to much or too little of the treatments you will need to reach your optimum health. I recommend Dr. Racine with highest regards. While I was employed there in 2012, I was also a witness of the many patients who would drive from a far distance just to receive his treatments.


Madeline B.

over a year ago

Dear Dr Racine:

We just wanted to write and let you know how much our family appreciates your medical care. During each of our own personal difficulties when life was stressful and it felt as if no answers could be found for relief, like a light in the darkness, you shown through to guide us with your competent and reassuring care. You have made a major difference in all of our lives, the depth of which words simply cannot express. We are all lucky to know you not just as a doctor and healthcare professional but also as a moral person of values who treats others with respect and dignity always looking to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you again for being there for us through the difficult times in our lives. God bless you and your practice.

Sincerely yours,

The Dougherty Family (Jack, Jonathan, Gloria and Stan)

over a year ago

I’ve been under chiropractic care for over half my life. Like a car needing tune ups, I’ve had to go into the shop more and more often as I got older. Two routine visits a month kept the pain at bay, but I was edging toward three when we moved to Florida last year.

Desperate to stop my steady decline, I began researching area practitioners, looking for something radically different. I learned about Dr. Racine’s method and decided to try it. His adjustments were painless and deceptively simple; at first I didn’t believe they would work. I was amazed at my improvement after the first few appointments.

Wellness snuck up on me. I didn’t realize how much better I felt until Dr. Racine told me to wait several weeks before returning. ‘Several weeks! How could I possibly go that long on my own?’

In that moment, I realized how detrimental my thinking had become. I sat out most activities; afraid to damage my delicate balance. I was too fragile to lift a bag of groceries or go walking with friends. Limiting beliefs were steadily constricting my life. With Dr. Racine’s assurances ringing in my ears, I vowed to open up my boundaries.

Not only did I survive those weeks, Dr. Racine showed me strengthening exercises which enabled me to stretch appointments out even further. In less than nine months, Dr. Racine helped me birth a flexible new body with a vibrant outlook to match.


Elizabeth Nebergall

over a year ago

migraines have consumed all my life since the age of eight I am now 32. I couldn’t exercise, laugh too hard, sleep too much or too little or enjoy the sun.  A trip to Disney was hell in the heat of Florida. I’ve had people say “man! You always have a migraine!” and they would look at me with disgust because I was killing everyone’s fun.  It is a very misunderstood sickness and not everyone is willing to walk that path with you into finding out how to get rid of it or what’s causing it, not even the doctors.

I love the outdoors, kayaking, skydiving, bike riding, mountain climbing… but anything that had to do with cardio and heat was a big no-no. In 2011 I decided to search online for a Migraine Center and I found Dr. Racine.  I went to his office skeptical of everything he had to say and everything he had to show me but I thought… what do I have to lose! So I started my treatments and within a few months… guess what I was able to do!! I kayaked 10+ miles, went into a bat cave, crawled into the tinniest spaces and camped out all in one day! NO MIGRAINE! And my latest adventure… The Warrior Dash, a 3.2 mile 12 obstacle mud run that’s held in Florida every year. NO MIGRAINE!

for the last 5 months I have not had a migraine, and for someone who used to get at least 6 a month and at times they were 5 to 7 days long, a day without a migraine… is a great day! And 5 months without a migraine…is a MIRACLE!

Thank you Dr. Racine for caring enough for people to help them find the source of their problem without quickly rushing to the prescription pad like the doctors I’ve seen in the past… Thanks to you, I can enjoy my life.

over a year ago

I'm so thankful to have Dr. Racine as my Upper Cervical dr! – Before I went to Dr. Racine, I was having lower back discomfort & problems w/ the arches in both feet.

I was going to a chiropractor not far from home. My appts. were sometimes 2x a wk. & sometimes 1x a wk. or once every 2 wks. Every single time I went in to his office, I had the same symptoms. The Dr. informed me that this would take time. My symptoms would still linger & now I've got pain in both arches of my feet. One morning, I got up & gently placed my feet on the floor & the feeling was like pins and needles in both arches. As soon as I could get to the chiropractor, I told him what I was feeling. He fitted me for orthotics ($100++), then I later got a 2nd pair to fit dressier shoes ($100++). After 1 yr. of no relief, I told my girlfriend & she suggested I see Dr. Racine. She is also one of his patients. I was a little nervous about going to another chiropractor, but I thought that I would give him a try. I met w/ him & had my consultation. I found out that Dr. Racine doesn't pop, crack or twist his patients, which I was excited to hear & curious at the same time! And he did an x-ray of my neck & head!! My chiropractor had not taken an x-ray of me all the while he's dangerously twisting, turning, popping, & cracking me!! My boyfriend went w/ me to review the x-rays. Dr. Racine told me I needed to get an Upper Cervical adjustment. He explained to me in detail what to expect. The machine never touched me, but somehow my atlas is now where it should be! I immediately felt relief flowing through my body. As I stood upright & began to walk, I realized that I was walking straighter than I ever have! No more pain! I finally felt relief for the first time in probably 15 yrs!! I no longer have to wear the orthotics!

The problem wasn't my lower back, nor was it in the arches of my feet. The problem was my atlas being out of alignment.

The solution: Upper Cervical care from Dr. Racine!!

Thank you to my really good friend & to Dr. Racine!!

I'm so thankful to have Dr. Racine as my Upper Cervical doctor!

over a year ago

Hands Down Best Doctor – A few years back, I was diagnosed with MS. It was a devastating diagnosis, but I was faithful to not take the normally-prescribed medication. I knew that there were doctors out there who would listen to me and help me find the "why" to my problem. I wanted to get to the root cause and treat the problem, not mask the symptoms with drugs...drugs whose side effects are worse than the symptoms.

I was delighted to be treated by Dr. Racine. For the first time, a doctor listened to me, and he worked to help me get to the root causes of my problem. My atlas (top bone in my neck) was way out of alignment. He put that bone back in place. After that, he began to work on the rest of my body, using techniques to test my body for what it needed to get well.

He has worked to align the rest of my spine, using a gentle method. He does not twist, pop, or crack me, which is the type of treatment I had experienced in the past with chiropractors. In fact, I was a little hesitant to go to another chiropractor because of bad experiences I have had, but once I learned of his methods, I was sold. He uses instruments that gently adjust the bones. He has helped everything from my ankle to MS! It has been amazing! He has even done emotional release work with me that has helped my stress levels immensely.

One time I asked him if he knew anything about supplements because it was a daunting task to visit the vitamin store to pick out supplements. I kept hearing that this one was good and that one was good, but I ended up taking so many vitamins. He actually has a method to test what supplements my body needed. It was awesome! He was able to determine what systems in my body needed supplementation. So, I no longer spend hours in the vitamin store trying to figure out what will make me healthy. He helps me with that, and I spend less money on them now because I am not buying everything I see. I am only buying the ones that are a priority for my body at that time.

Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Racine! I tell people about him all of the time because I do not think it is fair to keep his healing abilities to myself. He can help so many things. In fact, I have not brought one issue to him that he has not helped with. You really have to experience it to understand the amazing value he brings to your life. I would pay tens of thousands of dollars to see different doctors who practice different techniques that he uses. Instead, I have found them all in one doctor. :o)

To follow up with my MS diagnosis, I went back for a two-year follow-up MRI, and I am better than I was two years ago. I have fewer plaques, and my neurologist now believes that I have reversed the pattern and may not even have MS now. Two doctors said I had it two years ago, and now the doctor does not believe I have it! AMAZING!!

I am convinced that Dr. Racine has helped me get better. He has opened up the nerve pathways in my body that lets my body heal itself, as it was created to do. Now, the healing messages can get from my brain to my body and back to my brain with less interference because my spinal chord is open for business.

I know I have said a lot, but I wanted to share my experience with you. I am so willing to share with you that I am giving you my number. If you want to call me, and ask me about it, I will be glad to chat with you. Please no spam or crank callers.


I wish you all health and blessings!

~Karrie Mosley

over a year ago

Best Chiropractor in Florida!!!!! – I started with Dr. Racine in September 2008. Since starting treatment I no longer have the neck pain I have suffered for many years and associated burning in my right shoulder. At times the pain was unbearable. I also no longer have plantar fasciitis in my right heel. Since starting the upper cervical work my low back pain is nearly gone. ( due to a disc bulge) ...My quality of life has improved 100%. I find Dr. Racine to be a caring, understanding, gentle doctor and I highly recommend him for chiropractic care. If you want to get out of pain. He's your man... Thank you so much Dr. Racine for making my life much better and pain free.

over a year ago

Great Results.... Finally!!!!!!! – Since my car accident 5 years ago - i have been to all the doctors you can imagine!

2 MD's. 2 other MD who do pain mangement. One orthopedist who wants to do neck surgery! I am only 35! Before the accident - i was in perfect health. Been to massage therapists... to physcial therapist... to acupuncture... and i had tried 3 different chiropractors!!

My neighbor kept nagging me to go to Dr. Racine. To hear her speak, this Dr. Racine was The Only chiropractor she would ever go to again - or ever send people to!

After all the pills... and all the doctors... and still not getting better -- as a last hope, i made an appointment with Dr. Racine.

Immediately when i met him and he finished his exam and Xrays... i had a feeling this time might be different! And was i right!

After my first Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic adjustment - i felt immediate relief from the migraines... relief from the chronic neck pain, upper back pain, TMJ, and i actually slept through the first night in 5 years!

You have NO idea how pleased and excited i was.

On my 2nd visit - Dr. Racine was happy for me... but warned me that we had several weeks of 'work' to do. And he was right. I am about 10 treatments into this, and i feel like a new woman!!

I have not had a migraine in 4 weeks. They used to be 3-4 x week! My neck pain is 90% better. My TMJ is gone! I sleep like a baby now. I actually have energy again! I started playing tennis & jogging again - which i could not do, due to the pain.

I have referred friends and family members - and i can't explain everything Dr. Racine does... but somehow -- he has helped everybody that i sent to him!

I can not imagine life without seeing an Upper Cervical doctor like Dr. Racine now.

Please - if you have pain... if you have been to all kinds of doctors.... and still living in pain... go see Dr. Racine. If it had not been for my neighbor nagging me time & time again - i would still be in pain! Thank you!!!!

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