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New York Pole Dancing

From The Owners of New York Pole Dancing

Pole-dancing studio features private instruction and group classes for tricks, lap dancing, striptease, booty camp workouts and more.

Reviews for New York Pole Dancing

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago
over a year ago

#1 Pole Dancing Studio For A Reason – I go to New York Pole Dancing for the talented instructors, beautiful studios, and passionate students who take class there. The instructors are knowledgable not only in pole dancing, but also in proper alignment of the body and fitness safety. Many studios overlook this.

There's an instructor for every mood. Here's a simple breakdown: Gabrielle when you want something athletic and intense. Brynlyn when you want to be expressive in your movement. Anna when you want sensuality. Bonnie when you want your butt kicked! Laura when you feel like some alternative rock paired with sexy moves. Kira when you need work on your technique or an unexpected routine. I have yet to take a class with Caitlin... And Wendy is just amazing if you can get a class with her.

They opened up a studio next door with more poles and another even larger, GORGEOUS view of Midtown (especially at night). There are intro, beginner, advanced and invert classes. They also offer sexy seats, lap dance, stretch, yoga, and booty camp classes.

One side note of concern I have seen come up on here is communication with Wendy. She has always been professional and accomodating with me. Of course there are policies in place, so you will need to be aware of them. But she is extremely understanding of emergency scenarios and very prompt in her response. They offer special discounts on packages, seasonal specials, and hold recitals with free practice sessions.

Just try one intro class. You will be instantly hooked.

over a year ago

even better than I expected! – I am a former dancer, woefully out of shape at this point, and have been looking for fun ways to get back into exercising. I got an email for a package deal -- one intro class, one climb and spin class, and one fitness class -- at NYPD so I took advantage of it. I haven't taken the fitness class yet, but here's my impression after the first two classes:

I took the intro class with Lauren, and was pleasantly surprised at how well-structured the class was. There was a nice warm-up and a simple routine, and it was just enough to challenge newbies without overwhelming them. Lauren was great -- definitely a good dancer and I appreciated that she was serious about the craft. She was very friendly and managed to give everyone personal attention without the class dragging. I felt like even with that little taste I got a good workout, and the next day I was pleasantly sore all over....and yes, with a couple of bruises to boot.

I went back a few days later for the beginner climb and spin with Laura. She was also great -- friendly, gave personal attention, and patiently answered everyone's questions. She had a good system of rotation so everyone got to work on every pole with a couple of times to sit out, so you didn't get over- or under-worked. But it was DEFINITELY a workout...and a LOT of fun! Again, it was very a well put-together class -- the moves were challenging enough to give everyone something to work on, yet the combination wasn't so overwhelming that you felt lost. And again I was impressed that people were taking things so seriously. Coming from a strict ballet background I don't appreciate when students are allowed to come in extremely late, or to chat excessively during the class. Everyone was really concentrating and working, but we all had a blast!

One thing I'm surprised about is that a few other reviewers mentioned that there's no free practice time. I'm not sure why that's such a surprise....when you go to a dance studio you don't get to stay in the studio and rehearse after class is over unless you schedule it in advance and pay for it. In ballroom studios there are usually "free" practice sessions that are included with the price of your class, but that's also a more social atmosphere. I certainly didn't expect to have any free practice time on the poles. Just my 0.02 cents.

Lastly, I truly appreciate how encouraging both instructors were. Pole dancing is NOT easy (not that I expected it to be) and both Lauren and Laura focused on proper technique and getting things right, and complimented us when we did....and gracefully ignored any flailings going on as people figured out where their hands and legs needed to be. What else can I say -- I had a great experience and I'm totally hooked!

over a year ago

worth it – I had my first intro class today and I came away amazed! I wanted to say that it was love at first spin :) Our instructor Laura was very patient and took the time to teach us individually and so very friendly. She is so nice and very helpful! It was a hard class since I never danced like this before but I am coming back and looking forward to my next Intro class because I felt so great afterwards though very sore lol. I am so happy I found NYPD. I had an awesome session and can't wait for the next one. It is hard but once I got into it, I really had a great time.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Is it possible to give negative stars – I could not have been more disappointed with NYPD. The teachers are incredibly impersonable and whether classes are full or there are only a few people they have a routine. They're not willing to tailor their classes to their students and the teachers are not that great. They are snippy and shortwinded.

All they care about is $$$$. It is really awful they think they rule the "pole world". They think they own the pros to the point they wont let them teach workshops at any other pole studio! Absolute Crap!!

We should all support each other and each others studios not be money grubbing nasty b*t(hes

over a year ago

The Best Pole Dancing for Fitness – I was a student at S-Factor before I came here, and was always disappointed at S that we didn't learn very much in each class and that there were so many people to share the pole with.

I came to NYPD in September. I booked a private lesson with Brynlyn to see if I could do enough to go into a Climb and Spin class, especially since at S-Factor, we never learned tricks on both sides. After that, I started coming to regular Climb and Spin classes.

In my first 3 classes, I learned more at NYPD than I did in 3 8-week sessions at S-Factor.

This place is a real fitness studio for women who like to be STRONG and sexy. The instructors are all very different, but you will learn something from each one of them. I've taken several classes with Wendy, and she's AMAZING- not intimidating so much as breathtaking. And I've never had a problem getting in contact with her or the studio.

I love this place, and plan to be a student here for a long time. I hope to test into Climb and Invert soon, and I'm always out of breath, flushed, and happy when I leave the studio.

over a year ago

Amazing Pole Classes – I started at NYPD about a year or so ago. Though i can not go as often as I like, the instructors have always been PATIENT with me as I got back into the groove of things. As some of the other reviews, I took my first Climb and Spin with Wendy and yes, she can be intimidating and the class was very hard. Not what i expected at all. I live on Long Island and have been to several studios in New York. Most of them teach you basic stuff and that is it, so I was not prepared for the class. A lot of other studios charge you a lot of money and you get nothing out of the class. Especially if you are not a beginner. Many pole studios in New York are focused on stretching and basic spins. NYPD is the only studio where you learn a climb, spin and a sexy routine where you feel you had a great workout. I always walk away with feeling my money was well spent.

As far as instructors go, Brynlyn is my favorite. She is a beautiful dancer and she always has great music selections. She is a very encouraging and motivating instructor. Brynlyn gets to know her students and is aware of what they can and can not do so she is always modifying the lessons for those that are having trouble with certain moves. It is because of her that I can be more "slinky" as she would say in class. I hope to be as good of a pole dancer as she is.

I have taken classes with all the other instructors as well and they are all talented and have something different to offer.

Lauren: if you take a class with Lauren, be prepared to come out of your comfort zone. There is a lot of "booty" popping, clapping etc. She is such a nice girl. I guess once you get used to her style of dancing, you will feel more comfortable. I only took one class with her and am signed up for another, but I am bring some friends.

Hopefully that will help me.

Anna and Gabrielle: I have taken several classes with these instructors but not in a while. I do remember I learned some great spins and we had a lot of fun at the Halloween Party in the White Plains Studio. Both Anna and Gabrielle's routine together rocked.

Kira: Very nice girl. She gives such a workout even in the stretch portion of the C&S class. Her climb and spin routines seem to be the hardest for me though. I have trouble with figuring out left from right quickly sometimes and I think she should definitely focus on hand positions more. Other then that, for those who are looking for a great workout where you WILL feel results right away, Kira is the girl to go to.

Bonnie: I only experienced Bonnie in a party so I can not comment on her classes as well, but since she is part of NYPD I am sure she is good.

Wendy may be very business like, but she has been really nice to me. She is very understanding. I am thankful someone finally came up with a studio where I can progress and eventually be able to do tricks and invert.

New York Pole Dancing is the best out there and I am happy to be apart of it.

over a year ago

Comprehensive Review, Things you should Know – I'm am so sad that there are so many negative reviews as of recent(which is why I've decided I need to give my feedback about this studio).

So I've started Summer of my 18th birthday only because I was looking for something different to do and it's been a year +/- and I really love this studio and all the staffs. Here's the break down.

Yes. I remember when I first tried contacting Wendy, it was a bit difficult. I was trying to pay in cash because I recently got a credit card and didn't really trust using it yet..and since this studio only has staff available when there's a class...I didn't really know how to go about it. After much frustration, of me trying to schedule a time to pay in cash (which didn't end up working out), I decided to pay online and went to my first class-Intro to Pole with Brynlyn.

I like to add that intro class is just that, if you have pole experience, you might find it too easy.

Review of the Instructors:

Brynlyn is amazing. She is the first in-studio pole instructor (I think I might have just made up that word) by that I mean she started out as a student of Wendy and mastered it so well that she became an instructor. I call her the workout instructor because she will make you work out even if you are sitting out. But hey! It makes you stronger.

Gabrielle is such an inspiration.I think she might be one of the best instructor to work with if you're starting out because she is so patient and the way she explains things just clicks with me.

I love Lauren. She is so funny and kick ass. But the warning is you probably will be confused in her if you're just starting should be prepared. But her routines are so on beat.

Anna's style is her own. I mean, she is the instructor that I can expect to teach me something that I've never seen anyone do.

I haven't taken much of Kira or Bonnie's class because of conflicting schedule so I can't comment much. But I've heard good things. :]

And last but not least-Wendy. It's so difficult to take a class with her because she just have so many things to conquer. But come on, she's Wendy Traskos-the master instructor, owner of NYPD, co-founder of both USPDF and Climb and Spin Inc! I'll admit. I'm still a tad intimidated by her presence but I really do admire her and she is definitely an icon in my pole dance book.

So what's next. How about price and policy?

Okay, so sign up for the newsletter. Approximately every month, there will be a 24 hours discount that is 25% +/- of a certain package. So I don't understand why people are saying that the price goes up and down because no it doesn't. There is a fixed price. Occasionally, there are discounts, but why are you complaining? That's wonderful. Yes. It is expensive but you really can't beat this studio in terms of their pole-dedication. They love pole dancing and love to teach. On policy: don't arrive late on your first day of class because you can't participate if you miss the warm up. There is no rescheduling. I mean, don't get me wrong...if you have a legit reason and you send an email to Wendy, I'm sure something can be worked out.

This review is way too long. Here's a quick summary for those new to NYPD:

-Emailing Wendy is ALWAYS a better way of contacting her. Don't expect her to email the next day, at least give her 2-3 days to respond. She is pushing pole dancing forward...I'm sure she has lots to do and need to respond to lots of emails.

-There is a test to go to climb and invert so don't expect the instructors to teach you advance things if you have never been to the studio before. They don't know you. They don't know your level and they don't want you to get hurt.

-Sign up for the newsletter. They will send some great discounts every once in a while.

-They don't have staffs at the studio 24/7.

-Sign up online 24 hours in advance. Go to class 10 mins in advance so you won't lose your class.

-Be aware of expiration dates.

-Be open minded. No one is judging you. Have fun!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Unprofessional, rude--not worth getting your "groupon" – After taking pole a number of places in the city, I was really looking forward to redeeming my groupon classes.

With a schedule mixup, I arrived as one class was just starting out. Hoping to jump in since it had just begun, the teacher shamed me (in front of the class) for not first registering online.

As a dancer and teacher myself, I felt horrible that I interrupted class, but left wondering how women felt comfortable pole dancing in such a negative environment.

While I have already paid for classes, I am grateful that I won't be spending any more time there.

There are a number of other studios that focus on creating a supportive, comfortable environment--something that is hugely important for this style of dance. If you're just starting out, don't start off at New York Pole Dancing.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Not worth the long term investment – I took one climb & spin class with a friend and had a really good time so I bought a package. It was the 30 in 30 one so I basically went every day. It was definitely a fun work out, but I haven't been back since it expired. The package was a bit over $300 when I bought it this summer, I know that they have no consistancey in their prices and they go up and down all the time, but for me $300 is way too much to spend per month on classes. I see in other reviews they break it down to a price per class but no matter what way you look at it, it's still a ton of money per month, much more than a gym membership.

It's also frustraiting because you can't practice what you've learned if you don't have a pole at home. They dont let you practice at all in between classes, you have to sign up for class if you want any pole time.So in the long run it's kind of pointless to keep taking classes unless you have the money to keep buying package after package so you can actually get good at it.

I had a few instructors, some were really nice and a few weren't as patient or helpful as they could be. Sometimes I got the sense that they didn't care if I was struggling and it almost felt like I was bothering them & some of the better girls in the class when asking questions. They all have a different style so it depends who you click with.

Just my opinion! I guess from these reviews you either love it or you hate it. Probably depends on how much money you are willing to put into it.

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