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New York Pole Dancing

From The Owners of New York Pole Dancing

Pole-dancing studio features private instruction and group classes for tricks, lap dancing, striptease, booty camp workouts and more.

Reviews for New York Pole Dancing

over a year ago

Professional – Instructors are real pros. But the classes are very structured and lack flexibility, there is no answer to special needs, you can't practise in the studio. If you look for a smile and a chat after class, just choose another school !

over a year ago

BEST POLE STUDIO IN NYC – Well, it looks like the word is out...I've noticed the classes at NYPD getting more and more crowded during the past few months. Not too long ago I was always able to find a class with 2 or 3 people but now it's almost impossible. And with NYPD's reputation, I am definitely not surprised. They really are the best.

NYPD is hands down the best studio to go to if you seriously want to learn to pole dance. No cliques, no nonsense, no pretentiousness, no come in and get 100% from the instructors. They are very talented and experienced and are well equipped to teach everyone from the extreme beginner to the invert queens. I literally learned more here in my first month than in the 6 months I spent in another studio. I feel stronger, sexier, healthier and happier since I've started. Also lost the last couple of pounds that have stuck around for longer than I'd like to admit and more importantly, my body just feels more...alive. Sounds crazy, but I guess when you find something that you are so passionate about and makes you feel so good physically, it does profound things to you. Every single time I nail a new spin or new move, I feel accomplished and just really damn good. And that feeling is just priceless.

I hear they're moving to a new studio in the spring! No details just yet from the instructors but I am literally dying to know. This has been my only issue with NYPD. The current studio is a bit small and is problematic when doing floorwork or really big dramatic spins that require a bigger perimeter. If they manage to get a bigger studio (but still keep the class size at 6), this place will seriously be unstoppable.

Sure they're a little expensive but I think it's worth it. Personally, I take advantage of the sales every couple of months when Wendy sends out the newsletters. I'll buy a package and really streeetch out the usage. I'll hit up the studio maybe once or twice a week but make sure to still do my pull-ups and "girly push-ups" (as they call them at NYPD) everyday during my off time at home. This is my own little personal economic approach, but that's just me.

Lauren's my favorite instructor and I love her dancing style and choreography the most. It's a shame she only teaches on Monday nights! Yeah, girl...besides teaching me superwoman moves on the pole, she also taught me that even small booty girls like myself can clap, jiggle, pop, and wiggle. Now that's impressive.


To SoSexy: You knew this coming in though! The website clearly says that C&S is designed to help you learn and advance in pole dancing. Believe me, no one else in the room cares if you are struggling to get on the pole. No one is judging you. Everyone else is struggling in their own way and tackling their own personal challenges and everyone wins when at the end of a class we each learn something new on our own level. I was in the same boat before, but found that this kind of learning environment is the best. A class full of beginners hinders your learning potential...being in a mixed level class exposes you to a lot of different people. I found myself most inspired by the other "everyday women" I met while I was struggling in the beginning and found myself more motivated by them than anybody else. Just hearing someone else tell me, "I was in your shoes, but it gets better. Girl, you can do this" was all I needed to hear. It's better than anything my instructor was able to tell me. So yeah girl, you can do this. As with anything, you cannot expect to just jump right in and be a pro. I'm sure even Wendy herself has had klutzy moments on the pole in the past. But with every klutzy foolish moment you have and every bruise and bump you get, you learn and get better. And trust me, it will get better. Just stick with it. Best of luck to you!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Not what i was expecting – I am currently taking classes at this studio. I took an intro class and found it interesting and challenging. I decided to buy a package and try it out (It was much cheaper than paying for single classes). This is where I feel that I was duped.

In the intro class, I was with other people that never tried this before. I felt comfortable not being the only klutz in class. Now I'm in a class called Climb and Spin, which feels way over my head (it's the only class they offer for beginners that want a package). I am not in the best of shape, and came here looking for a way improve my physique. Now I'm stuck in a class with people that are way more advanced than I am. I feel foolish, and stupid among these girls that are climbing and spinning over and over as I struggle to even get on the pole. I paid a lot of money for these classes (hundreds of dollars) so I either have to show up, or loose my money.

This place is good if you are planning to make a living pole dancing, or have a lot of experience to begin with. If you want to just get in shape or have fun, look somewhere else.

When my package runs out, I will not be returning.

over a year ago

Sexy Up Your Look! – have been taking classes for weeks now and it is really amazing! all the instructors I have are super nice and they make sure you learn at your speed and learn it right.

Make sure you sign up for their enewsletters because that is where you get discounts from time to time.

The studio itself is not as fancy as other studios out there but who care?! You learn the most here than at S Factory & Exotic Dance Studio.

over a year ago

Fantastic! – I've been taking classes at NYPD for 4 months now and couldn't be happier. After just one week of classes, I began to see an amazing improvement in my strength, flexibility and self-confidence.

I really enjoy the mixed-level classes at NYPD. The advanced students have been so supportive of my progress, and have offered tips on how to improve any weaknesses. Watching them also inspires me to become a better pole dancer and motivates me to work harder at my technique. The support of the students here really sets NYPD apart from other studios, and creates such a great, encouraging atmosphere.

Classes in NYC are limited to 6 people and there are 4 poles. Even with a full class, I always feel I've had a great workout. The teachers manage full classes fantastically- we're constantly rotating and the short time I'm without a pole allows me to get water and catch my breath. It's a welcome break!

I've been to two other pole dance studios in NYC and both those studios have been far more crowded. I also haven't received the same level of personal attention that I get at NYPD. The teachers at NYPD are fabulous- they really push the fitness aspect of pole dancing and encourage you to challenge yourself with every move. They are supportive of beginners, customize the routine to your fitness level, and always offer help when needed. Since I've been a regular student, the teachers have gotten to know my fitness level and help me work on my weak points. This personalized attention has allowed me to improve faster at NYPD than I did at either of the two studios I attended.

I've had to contact the owner, Wendy, one a few occasions and she has been nothing but helpful. I had to travel for work consistently one month, and Wendy froze my package so that I wouldn't miss out on classes while I was away. Every time I e-mail her, Wendy always responds withing 24 hours and she is a pleasure to work with.

I love how NYPD continually offers packages at discounted rates- it's what helps me stay a regular student and I haven't been able to get specials at other pole studios in NYC.

The other great aspect of NYPD is their class scheduling. They offer so many classes at a variety of times, and you're not limited to a "session" with a specified day and time, like the other pole studios I've attended. With my unpredictable job, this flexibility allows me to find a class that works best for my schedule.

NYPD is a great value for the personalized attention you receive at every class. The challenging routines push you to work harder, but you'll always receive help and encouragement from both the instructors and more advanced students. I would highly recommend NYPD to any aspiring pole dancer- it's the best pole studio in NYC by far!

over a year ago

LOVE IT – I’ve been taking pole dancing classes for almost two years. I started at another studio, and eventually switched to NYPD. In my opinion, NYPD IS THE BEST. Each instructor’s level of professionalism, respect, and expertise is amazing. Every teacher is unique in her teaching style, but they are all nurturing and professional.

There are many other pole dancing schools from which to choose. Some students (and teachers) from other schools take classes at NYPD. That shows how people respect NYPD in the pole dancing community. True, there may be less expensive options, but you get what you pay for. I've paid less money for pole dancing classes and got bad quality. At my old school, there were times when my class was cancelled but no one called to tell us. That unprofessionalism does not happen at NYPD.

NYPD also stands out from other schools because it teaches pole dancing from a fitness aspect. Although we will "drop it like it is hot," our teachers make sure that we do it in a way that works our quad and abdominal muscles at the same time. :-) The teachers are all knowledgeable about muscle groups and exercise techniques. So we get a great workout and personal training. Not only does the NYPD teaching model stress proper exercise technique in each pole dancing class, but NYPD also offers Mat Pilates and Boot Camp classes. The goal is to make sure each student builds her strength and fitness in order to progress.

If you are concerned about saving money, rest assured that NYPD will accomodate your budget. NYPD specials (which are advertised constantly) are a great way to save money. Most studios don't offer any discounts to students. Also, my health insurance reimburses me for fitness programs & my NYPD classes qualify.

I love how NYPD allows students at different levels to learn together. At my previous pole dancing school we were separated and progressed with the same class. Therefore, you either had to progress or stay behind. I was progressing, and felt like I was being rushed to the next level. But I didn’t want to stay back, because then I would be left behind and not just working on my weakness. When I had reached the invert level, I didn't feel strong or graceful. I just said a prayer and hoped that I could go upside down.

At NYPD, I like how the teacher will adjust the routine based on the students' levels. I've taken classes with beginners and with ladies who can invert. I never feel out of place. Also, the students get along, so we encourage each other. I finally feel comfortable. In fact, at NYPD I haven't done one invert yet, but I already feel stronger than I did at my old school after 8 months of classes. The other bonus to having different levels in Climb & Spin classes is that now I can invite my friends to class and enjoy it with them even though it may be their first class.

I am also happy with the many class times and days. I work long hours. It is great that I can take a class during the day if I have a break or at night if I work late.

NYPD classes are creative, fun, ADDICTIVE, and challenging. The teachers really understand the art and sport of pole dancing. I definitely don't feel any stigmas at NYPD. I have come to respect pole dancing as a real sport. NYPD teachers don't make us feel like we are in a strip club. Rather I feel like I am participating in a creative, fun, and athletic endeavor. I have the muscles to prove it. :-)

over a year ago

Awesome Studio!! – I have been a student at NYPD for a little over 6 months now. I couldn't be happier with the studio, the instructors, the price, the poles, the teaching method. It's all fabulous!! The instructors are ladies from the highest ranks of the fitness industry. They are top notch, all of them! They will help you to get fit and confident in no time!

If you are looking for affordable classes, you can find them at NYPD. SINGLE classes are $40, however, NYPD offers excellent package options that bring your cost per class down significantly. I did the math and the last package I purchased brought the price down to $9 per class. $9 is pretty reasonable in this 'global economic crisis' don't you think? :) As well, they run specials on the packages, so there is always something that's affordable and conducive to your daily life. NYPD has their base prices, which I haven't seen change and are very, very reasonable, and yet they also offer special discounts on those packages all the time. The discounts change from special to special but you are getting a discount, nevertheless. If you take classes regularly it's in your best interest to buy a package. So - to the last 2 reviewers: You know for a fact you didn't pay $40 for EVERY CLASS

you took. So, save the melodrama.

Because they are the best around, NYPD is a busy studio and sometimes you have to share a pole. Not every class, just sometimes. However, the instructors are very aware of each student's pole time and are excellent at keeping the rotation timely and fair. I've taken classes at other studios around the city and I've always had to share a pole. For me, it's not a problem. I think it's good to give your muscles a couple of minutes to recover before moving on to the next part of the routine. As well, it allows me time to stretch my muscles while they are warm, work on my splits and general flexibility and/or do some strengthening exercises. I use my off-pole time wisely, unlike others who would rather just 'sit on the floor'. You get out what you put in!!

When I began pole dancing it was comforting to know that all Climb and Spin classes at NYPD are mixed level. The beauty of this method is that you can walk into any Climb and Spin class at any time, no matter how much pole experience you have, and get an intense, artistic workout. The instructors are well trained in the art of modifying tricks so no beginner need feel intimidated, As well, no advanced level dancer will feel that the class is too easy. The instructors watch you closely to determine areas that could use work. If in the event that you have perfected something, (yay!), they will create something else to challenge you. It's an excellent method for teaching dance and it works!!

I'm so thankful that NYPD is around to provide the highest quality instruction in NYC! Also, a big thanks to Wendy, the owner, who has worked her butt off to provide us, the students, with everything NYPD has to offer. Wendy has been nothing but wonderful to me. She is prompt, professional and generous. I've never had to 'battle' with her for any reason. But then again, I play by the rules. I can't speak for Wendy, but I'm sure business owners, in general, get pretty tired of people asking for hand-outs and taking advantage of their kindness. (Talking to you Ms Kitty and PoleDanceLover.)

Anyway, thanks for reading my review!! I hope it helps all you curious ladies looking for a studio. Trust me, NYPD is fantastic!! Come see for yourself!! ;) You won't be disappointed. I promise. :)

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Keep Searching – I found NYPD on a web search and found my first class to be humbling and exciting. It is not as easy as it looks and I enjoyed the challenge it brought in the areas of strength, grace, & flexibility.

During my time at NYPD I I spent over $1200 in a 4 month period on classes and apparel. As my skill level progressed I became increasingly frustrated with class structure & policy.

Specifically, I did not enjoy having to share poles. Yes, many classes are offered throughout the day so it is possible to book during less busy classes, but I work a 9-5 job & found weekend classes & classes offered after 6pm to be very crowded. When spending $40 for a 1 hour class, I do not expect to be sitting on the floor waiting for my turn for half of it.

I also felt that mixing beginner Climb & Spin students with more advanced Climb & Spin students decreased the overall enjoyment of the class. Though the instructors would modify certain moves for more advanced students, most of their individual attention went to helping struggling beginners. This took away from my personal advancement in the art of pole dancing as well as my overall satisfaction with the studio.

The owner of the studio is pretty much unreachable via email especially when concerns/complaints are money oriented. You will have to battle to get a refund, a class back/rescheduled, or any type of credit to your account.

Also, please be aware that if you approach the owner with any type of concern (ie class structure, pricing, student advancement) you will be told that your business is no longer welcomed at her studio. Which is why I will not be returning. I suppose there are better ways to invest such vast quantities of money during a global economic crisis anyway....

Bottom line: If you are looking to take a few classes for fun, why not come here? If you are serious about progressing through the stages of pole dancing, you're better off investing somewhere else where customers are appreciated & not looked at as dollar signs.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Overpriced and unprofessional – I've invested over a thousand dollars for classes at NYPD over the past year (yep, it's that expensive.) I did it because I loved the workouts and I found some of the instructors to be fabulous. Unfortunately I have come to find out that my money would have went a lot further at other competing studios that are just as good. I also found out that if you ever have a problem or a concern, and you have to have to contact Wendy the owner, you are in for a rude awakening. Here's a summary of things I have discovered over the recent past:

1. The price of the classes are expensive compared to their competitors. Most places charge $25. NYPD charges $40-50 (Google "pole dancing NY" and compare for yourself!)

2. If you get a package, be prepared for it to expire before you complete it. (30 classes in 30 days? Really? Who had that kind of time?) "But they have a new 'rollover' feature for some of their packages". Look closely, it only applies if you spend more money and buy another package. Keep on rolling... Oh, which reminds me of another problem...

3. It you don't like the price of a package, wait a moment. This studio changes package prices as fast as the Notheast changes weather. You think you got a great price because you just paid $350 for a month of classes, then it changes to $290 the following month. The month after that, same package is now $330.

4. They have 6 poles, but allow up to ten people per class. Do the math. Would you pay $40 to stand on the side and wait for a turn? (There's other studios to go to people!)

5. There is no separation of levels in their classes. How does the curious new member feel when they walk in and are surrounded by people that are climbing and spinning at an advanced level? On the flip side, how does the experienced dancer feel when they just plopped down hundreds of dollars to be shoved into classes with people that have never danced before? Most other studios offer different levels to make sure all of their members feel comfortable with the level they are at.

6. I've had to contact the owner via email in the past and it wasn't a pleasant experience. The answer back to me was not what one would expect from a business owner. It was not only unprofessional, but was full of untruths.

With pole dancing fast becoming a popular form of exercise, you would think the owner would be willing to be more concerned about their members happiness, than the all mighty dollar. I always encourage for people to make their own decisions, but I also feel it's my duty to stop you from what can be an expensive mistake. There are many other places out there so please do your research before spending your money here.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Disappointed – I signed up for the USPDF workshop with Sarah Crutel for early October. I was super excited to be abled to work side by side with one of the most amazing competitive dancers. However, this was all shattered when I found out through Sarah herself at the PoleSuperstar comp that the workshops were in fact in VA not NY!!! Why was this not mentioned when I signed up?!?! I've been trying to get a refund for a month, emailing and calling with no responses. This is unprofessional, and NYPD will never get my business again. It's a shame.

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