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1 month ago

Team Chiropractic is a small percentage of Chiropractic care that focuses on the whole body healing and is an office that cares strongly for each patient's life longevity. They spend an exorbitant amount of time with each patient explaining and educating them from the first second of care. Their focus is to not only get you "feeling better" but to correct the actual problems. They begin with x-rays of the spine to see where the patient is currently at, then they educate the patient on what a 100% perfect spine would look like, and next make a plan for getting the patient's x-rays to be as the body was intended. Due to gravity and natural everyday wear and tear of the body, pretty much everyone is "out of alignment" and is "subluxated". I for one was VERY out of alignment when I began my care at Team Chiro and the spine of my neck was in a complete strait line. It is naturally supposed to be in a curved shape. I felt little to no pain on a regular bases but have always experienced migraines and sinus pressure. After 5 months I now have a beautiful curve back in the spine of my neck!!! And thanks to this Chiropractic office providing their patients with progress x-rays, I now have the x-rays to proved that my spine is returning to his naturally intended position. I am not 100% perfect quite yet, but I will continue to receive care with Team Chiro until I do. ALSO, I no longer have migraines and my sinus pressure has subsided. These two results found no other solution even though I have been to several primary care physicians over the past 10 years. To me this is LIFE CHANGING.

4 months ago

If you're interested in your personal health, by NECESSITY, you must be interested in how your spine and nervous system function. The "body electric" is the master control system. You know, neurons and the brain firing off signals to "tell your heart to beat" and...crazy stuff like that.....That "we don't have to focus on", right?

And I didn't learn this from Team Chiropractic. ...WE ALL learned this in; like, elementary, jr. high, and high school, right?


Ok; now that WE ALL know that this "ain't" rocket science, I can tell you that I started going to Dr. Dodd around 19 years ago. I had problems that I didn't know I had. One x-ray; and I could see a big curve in my lower spine where I had fallen from a ladder once...and in my neck had disk degeneration (clearly) from a misalignment that occurred due to whiplash obtained from a wreck; whereby I was hit from behind by "fellow driver" doing about 50 mph. My problem was that I never had it checked out. I mean, who trusts hospitals, right? I know that any hospital or (whatda they call themselves) "dock-toro" or "regular MD" ("medieval daemoniac") would have had me "going under the knife"...unnecessarily.

(I know, because this same thing happened 2 years prior to seeing Dr. Dodd...when another M.Demon told me incorrectly that I had torn cartilage in my left knee. If I had not gotten a second opinion; and TOLD THE TRUTH...that M.D. would have cut all the cartilage outta my knee...unnecessarily. And, as you can tell, "regular" MDs rate somewhere between attorneys and used car salesman on the bottom end of "my scale". But, I digress.)

Anyway, I had obvious issues. The x-ray showed that my spine had curves in it that were NOT NATURALLY supposed to be there. My conclusion was simply; "that ain't right....and it needs some straightening out to function properly." I mean, that's what you'd do to a vehicle frame if it was wrecked and "bent", right? (it's that "not rocket science" thing, again)

Another problem I had that was work related was tendonitis or "tennis elbow". 20 years ago, it hurt and it hurt bad. It was a chronic and constant pain. It took many adjustments to get that elbow to "track straight". But, with about 6 weeks of joint adjustments from Dr. Dodd and some "self massage" to break up the scar tissue in that joint...19 years later I have no issue with that elbow. I workout and lift weights; and play problem.

After many years of chiropractic "maintenance"; at age 53, I'm at strong and healthy. I look and feel many years younger than my age. (I definitely don't act it.) I have none of the back pains and other internal issues that most of my peers and people my age are enduring. I have perfect blood pressure and regular heartbeat...the same as I had 19 years ago.

It really is THE POUND OF PREVENTION; and I know my condition is, in large part; due to the regular maintenance I get from Dr. Larry Dodd and Team Chiro.

Thanks Team....David-Parker: Williams

5 months ago

I had started a job that involved a lot of heavy lifting and noticed that I had a large section in the upper-right part of my back which was numb, but would also radiate pain and stiffness, to the point where standing, walking and lying down was pretty uncomfortable. Knowing that it wasn't just a muscular issue, I found a Groupon offer for Team Chiropractic and took them up on it.

I was beyond surprised with the service I received, in the best possible way. From the very beginning they pinpointed the structural issues with my back and how years of bad posture and improper exercise had created painful issues in more areas than I'd even been aware of- areas that I didn't even feel any pain. With their care and attention, particularly their special focus on 'spinal re-engineering' and treating the symptom of spinally sourced back pain, within weeks I found that I was not only breathing better, walking straighter and feeling more awake, I was also being more productive, had better focus and had better muscle definition in my upper body where before it had been weakened by lifting improperly with my back.

By adhering to their treatment plan, my improvement went quickly enough that I made an improvement anticipated to take about six months within three, and went from three visits a week initially to just one now. Having seen how easily people can be laid up for weeks at a time with back issues (and being scared of the same thing happening to me at any given point), I have never felt more confident with my physicality and posture.

One of the great things about Team Chiropractic is the focus on whole body welfare rather than just the spine. They'll give you nutritional advice and will actively seek to get you off prescription medications that can cause toxic syndromes of their own. I've spoken to clients here who've gone from obese and on a cocktail of drugs to healthy, regular lives on only two or three essential medications.

This is the definition of what a healthcare practice should be; taking time to cure the people who walk through the doors, rather than using them as walking charge cards. The friendliness, care and attention I've received here will be hard to beat anywhere else. And they do more treatments here than I've even experienced for any number of conditions related to spinal or muscular injury. The out-of-pocket cost is incredibly reasonable, and you're offered a slew of discount options for taking part in various programs they have scheduled throughout the year. They're always available for advice and is the friendliest team I've ever had the pleasure of seeing.

I would recommend this place to anyone, hands down.

8 months ago

A good friend recommended Dr. Dodd and Team Chiropractic to me 5 years ago when my everyday was mired with continuous lower back pain. A golfer since age 8, I was literally unable to withstand the pain and tightness to swing a golf club regardless of the amount of stretching I did, and this was a tough pill to swallow as a low handicapper. I had undergone surgery for a ruptured disc years earlier, and had avoided additional surgeries over the years with extensive physical therapy and visits to my back specialist. Anyway, x-rays and other tests revealed that a forward head thrust was adding the equivalence of 75 extra pounds onto an arthritic laced lower back, causing the majority of my discomfort. Dr. Dodd put me on a three-time-per-week program, with daily home use of an inexpensive Posture Pump which I still use for maintenance today. My lower back pain practically vanished in no time, and I returned to playing golf and hitting balls on the range within a few weeks. Today, I see him once-a-week for maintenance, which I need. I am a new man and able to play golf every weekend like old times. In fact, I am scoring as good as ever at the ripe age of 66, and even hit the ball further than ever! I thank the Lord for Dr. Dodd and his entire team. What a blessing not to be in constant back pain and to resume my regular physical activities.

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over a year ago

I have been a patient at Team Chiropractic for several years now and would highly recommend their services. Initially, I came in with chronic low back pain due to heavy lifting in my job as an RN. At it's worst I was unable to lift a sock! I was on bed rest, taking medications, doing physical therapy and still without relief. At it's best I was left with chronic pain often radiating down both legs and unable to do the things I love. With Dr.Dodd and Team Chiropractic, most all of my symptoms are gone, I have shown some disc regeneration by x-ray and I am able to do the things I enjoy. Since going to them I've resumed swimming, competed in triathalons, have run five 1/2 marathons and I am no longer in constant pain. Furthermore, as a side benefit, I've also stopped getting frequent headaches and no longer need allergy medication. Their office hours are convenient, and the doctors very knowledgeable about diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Dr. Dodd and Dr. Baird to anyone who wants to regain their life and health back.

over a year ago

Spinal re-engineering produces great results... – My experience at Team Chiropractic has been a very positive one from the very beginning. Before I even began treatment I had many close friends who had nothing but great things to say about chiropractic treatment and the staff at Team Chiropractic. I decided to go for a discounted consultation that included x-rays and evaluation, even though I hadn't had any major issues or pain only neck stiffness and some discomfort. Little did I know that I had significant subluxations in my neck and lower back.

It has been almost six months after fully committing to the recommended treatment plan and I must say that the improvements are impressive. My neck stiffness was gone within the first month of treatment. My forward head posture had been reduced from 25mm to 10mm by the three month mark (proven by x-rays before and after). When I started treatment my LDL (bad cholesterol) was up to 179 and my physician wanted to put me on a cholesterol-lowering medication. However, after regular chiropractic adjustments and following suggested purification, diet, and exercise routines, my LDL is now down 33 points to 146! And that's without ever taking a single dose of medication!

I would say that without a doubt, Team Chiropractic and their approach to spinal re-engineering and total wellness has improved my life. I still have room to improve, but I am now well on my way to leading a healthier life because of the efforts of Dr. Dodd, Dr. Baird, and the staff in the Raleigh office.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Bad Experience – In my opinion, Dr. Dodd would make a great Amway sales leader; but he did not seem like a healer to me. After an intake, examination and x-rays with Dr. Baird I was given another appointment without being adjusted even though I was in pain.

The next visit was with Dr. Dodd who did a presentation after a tape that four of us were made to watch as a group. I felt like I was being marketed to rather than being listened to. We were then told that Dr. Dodd was “accepting” us as patients. I was asked to put myself in a pain category as the other patients in the room listened and participated in the same process. This was very disconcerting to me. There was mention of the fact that he was glad to see a husband in the room who was willing to give support to his wife during her recovery. I was then adjusted by Dr. Dodd who had mentioned to the group that he had reviewed our charts and x-rays. I was not asked any questions by him prior to my adjustment. I found this to be a bit annoying since Dr. Dodd spent much more time with the group presentation than with getting to know my concerns. I was told that the first two adjustments were included in the initial evaluation, which was discounted because I watched a video on their website.

At the last visit I was brought into the room with another patient who supposedly was at the same spinal injury level category as me, even though I found out that we had completely different symptoms. Before beginning, I had explained to both the staff person at reception and to Dr. Dodd himself that I needed to leave at a certain time. Undeterred, Dr. Dodd began his Power Point presentation explaining our treatment plan, which consisted of the same visits for both of us. And included the recommendation that our spouses come with us to support us in our healing process. It was then that I learned for the first time that Team Chiropractic did not take ANY insurance, even though I had several conversations with the staff including Dr. Baird that I was paying as an out of network patient and working toward my deductible. They even took my insurance card at my initial registration. Although Dr. Dodd explained that we would be credited back the amount of our deductible in the payment plan if we completed all 116 visits, this does not help to pay down my deductible if they don’t participate with any insurance companies. Also, without examining me himself, Dr. Dodd could tell both of us that we would heal in the exact same number of visits even though we had different symptoms. I was also told that I would not get the credit on my Team Chiropractic bill if stopped before the prescribed time (IE: I began feeling better). I tried to leave, but Dr. Dodd insisted on finishing his presentation and wanted us to commit to a payment plan. I said I needed time to think about it and discuss it with my husband. Due to this I felt pressured while he was adjusting me: especially when he tried to get me to commit to speaking with my husband about a joint appointment. Since I did not commit, I was charged for the visit. The charge was the highest I ever paid for a chiropractor visit since Dr. Dodd does not give discounts until you commit to the plan; and he charges you separately to adjust extremities. Dr. Dodd did make a follow up call in which he said his staff should have told me how long the visits would take. I told him that if I wasn’t in so much pain, I would have walked out that last day prior to his presentation. As it turns out I should have never got adjusted when I was so stressed. It just made things worse. By the end of the conversation, I was convinced that he didn’t hear a thing I said because he repeated that the staff should have told me how long the second appointment takes even though I had told him that day I could not stay that long and had complained about much more than just the length of the appointment. He did offer a complementary adjustment if I returned. He did not offer to refund my money.

over a year ago

Finally Pain Free – I have been seeing chiropractors since High School for recurring back pain, that would come back sometimes a day after my adjustment. I considered this constant, dull pain my normal state of existence. I also began suffering from plantar fasciitis a few years ago, and exacerbated the condition while running a 5K last spring. Now my normal state included daily foot and ankle pain that stopped my running and limited my workouts to spin classes and non-weight-bearing activities. After my first treatment with Dr. Dodd, my back 'pain' was all but gone and my foot pain WAS GONE! In less than 3 months, I no longer experience back pain and I am back on a 5K training plan. In addition, I have been sleeping more soundly and have more energy throughout the day. Dr. Dodd explains the reason behind why things happen in the body so that even non-medical personnel can understand. Everyone on staff is always friendly and available to answer any questions I have. I am a patient for life!

over a year ago

Nothing Short of Miraculous – I called this practice when I was suffering from intense sciatica pain and unable to function except to go to work. I could not even walk a block without crying. They met me the same day, took x-rays and gave me a discount. I was going to physical therapy for months and was continually getting worse. My physician finally scheduled a MRI and a large herniation was found on my L4 disk and pressing on my spinal cord. I was losing feeling in my legs and becoming weaker. A Duke neurosurgeon recommended immediate surgery. After continuing with this chiropractor without surgery, I regained strength in my legs and ankle and my sciatica pain is virtually gone. I am now walking again and even went on an adventure trip to the Galapagos without any problems. The curvature of my spine in my neck went from 33mm off to 6 mm in only 3 months. I would recommend this team of chiropractors, especially Dr. Dodd, to anyone without hesitation. What they have done is nothing short of miraculous.

over a year ago

My son's allergy symptoms are just about clear. – I originally began seeing Dr. Dodd due to a lower back injury. As I began my first few months of treatment I heard more and more about the success that other patients had with bringing their children in to relieve allergy symptoms.

My son is 13 and has suffered from dust and mold allergies since he was 5. He was on Allegra, Nasonex spray for his nose and Pataday eyedrops. I wash everything in his room, weekly, in hot water. Everytime we went out of town to a hotel or he went for a sleepover anywhere, we would "get him ready" with his meds so that he could breathe and so that his eyes would not itch. He had gotten so bad that he would need his medicine almost daily to get through the gym locker room at school or survive in some of the school trailers.

Now I was not a fan of my son being on prescription medication. A steroid nasal spray was not something I wanted him to use for the rest of his life. And so, after my trust was built with Dr. Dodd and his team, I brought my son in. I figured that I couldn't get him off his medicine if I didn't give something else a try...

Now this may be truly hard to believe, I still get very strange looks form some friends when I mention this - but my son has not had to take any of his prescription medication in at least the last 6 months. There is a vertebrae in his neck that was out of alignment which was throwing off his sinus reactions. Since working with Dr. Dodd and Dr. Baird, my son has seen amazing results. I feel so blessed that he is not reliant upon steroids anymore and does not wake up running to the bathroom to blow his nose. He breathes easy, his eyes aren't itchy...he even helped me clean out air filters this weekend - without a single drop of prescription needed.

To top it off, my son really enjoys coming in to the office - the entire office staff are such great people he is totally relaxed about coming in for his appointments and even looks forward to them. (we are talking about a 13 year old here...know what I mean??)

Anyhow, I cannot say enough about the wonderful people at Team Chiropractic. I am forever thankful for the work they have done on my son.

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