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Laser & Dermatology Institute of California
Laser & Dermatology Institute of California

From The Owners of Laser & Dermatology Institute of California

Not all doctors specialize in treating acne, but for over 35 years Dr. Ripsler has been helping people clear acne

Radiofrequency, 1450 Nm Diode, Fractionated Co2 Laser, Erbium 294 Yag, C02 High Intensity Super Pulse, C02 Silktouch, Q-Switch Yag, Q-Switch Ruby, Short Pulse Flashlamp Dye Laser, Long Pulse Flashlamp Dye Laser... more

Reviews for Laser & Dermatology Institute of California

Doesn't Recommend
3 months ago

LDI is a SCAM, REPORT THEM NOW – Do NOT believe the Radio and TV Ads. LDI is a absolute scam. I am a victim of this scam. Read all the Bad reviews because they are REAL. All the good reviews are FAKE. BEWARE this place is going to rip you off. BEWARE

4 months ago

I am not paid by Dr. Rispler and I am not part of his staff. Dr. Rispler's lasers and acne treatments he prescribes works! I am a proud mother of two sons and a successful business woman. My oldest son at the age of 17 started to break out with cystic type acne. We tried everything and nothing worked. We did meet with the "suit man" but my experience was just fine. He explained all the pricing and procedures with us and he also said that Dr. Rispler will never give up until the acne was gone. It is not cheap, so I can understand why it would be a shock to hear the procedures can cost from $4500 - $8k depending on the severity of the acne. But just because you happen to feel it's too expensive does not mean it does not work. My son's program ended up costing $6,000. We were able to have a payment plan over 6 months. This included 3 different laser treatments, injections every time he had an office visit, the doctor gave us bags of free antibiotics and coupons. This was three years ago and my son's face is still clear! It was a miracle. My girlfriend's daughter had one of the worse case of acne I've ever seen. She started breaking out aTo the age of 24. To make it worse she is a spokesperson and fitness model. She was so sad and depressed that she did not want to leave her house. I referred her to Dr. Rispler. Her program cost $8,000.00. I was so nervous because she was my life long friends daughter, she spent $8k and her daughter was in an industry that demanded clear skin. I knew it worked for my son, but her daughter's acne was so much worse. All I can say is she sent me a text after her first treatment and told me how nice and professional everyone was. Then I received another text and she said " I finished treatment #3 and it's basically all gone minus a few scars which they will attack on my forth and final treatment.". It's been 6 months and she is back to work, has her own column in a national newspaper and her mother's text reads " thank you for referring her to Doc Rispler. She is so happy and her personality is back. It's crazy how it can affect someone. U R our little angel. Thank you so much for insisting we go for the consultation". As you can see I've kept their texts. I'm going to see Dr. Rispler to get a laser treatment for some fine lines. I happened onto this site. The bottom line is it 100% works and yes it's expensive.

6 months ago

I have been a patient at the irvine office for about a year. I have spends thousands of bucks on med spas, Botox, microdermabrasion etc to deal with my red blotchy facial complexion. I have gone thru 4 different dermatologists who scarred my face removing pre cancerous lesions, had horrible side effects from Oradea, prescribed for rosacea. It made me sick to my stomach and my complexion got even worse. I finally met dr Rispler and paid even more thousands on laser treatment. I'm an RN and had once trained for a medspa so have a pretty good idea of the concept. I'm not there to fall in love or even make friends with this guy. But he knows what he's talking about. He's been honest and my skin is improving.

Some lasers work, some don't. Some have more downtime then others. He has assured me he can and will help me. His nurses do the treatments, Cindy has been treating me exclusively and she is gentle, patient and knowledgable. No question is too stupid. I've learned more about skin care since coming here then I did in school or dropping scheckles on products like Lancôme or clarins. I use nutragena ultra gentle everything including foaming cleanser, 50 SPF moisturizer and stay away from foods and activities that irritate my sensitive skin. This is serious skin care with state of the art lasers. I see a lot of clients from 12 to 70 coming nag going and the spring in their step, their confidence is improving along with their skin issues. Call me superficial but my skin made me feel very self conscious , now I feel hopeful. It's a big chunk of money but I'm not on a timeline or schedule, I go about once a month. Dr Rispler has been patient with me and I believe he and his staff want me to be happy. His creepy salesman, not so much.

6 months ago

I went in for a free consultation this afternoon @ LDI in Irvine...........the "suit" man came into the room and promptly told me that $8,500 should take care of my face and if I wanted anything else done it would be over $12,500 ~ what a joke! I remarked that with those prices the treatments were not really meant for anyone except movie stars and people who were well off. He replied that some girl that works down the street at McDonalds had bad acne scars and paid $12,500 to have it corrected because you know they have a great financing plan ~ hmmmm.....I thought to myself, yeah right! What a freakin' slimy scam artist! Ewwww, it made my skin crawl when I left there ~ the guy is no more than a snake in a a slim shady car salesman. I won't be going back thank you very much!

over a year ago

I love this laser practice! It's actual medical practice – Hi my name is Anne. I have been going to laser centers to treat my skin Condition for about 10 years now. About 18 months ago I found dr.rispler recommended to me by my friend. I was refreshingly surprised that it was an actual medical practice instead of one room store that has one laser machine. Ldi actually has many for different treatments. Which is perfect for me, because I used to have to go to several different places in series of steps to help me with my skin treatments. I cannot believe how good the dr. Is here. He already has saved me a lot of money because its a one stop deal. My skin really is 90% better for the first time. It makes a huge difference to go to a medical practice that has FDA approved machine. I hope this is it, thank you dr. Rispler keep up the good work,!

over a year ago

Honest Doctor. Great Results. – I find it funny that people constantly write reviews for my Dermatologist when they have never ever been a patient here. I see complaints about a man in the suit and complain about price. I don't ever see such a man or talk to such a man. Maybe he is the guy that handles those free consultations to screen all those scary people. I have no idea. I usually just schedule my appointments with the Doctor's office directly and pay the appointment fee which is like $150. I have been and will always be a patient of Dr. Rispler.

All I know is that you get what you pay for. I had tattoo removal and acne treatment here and both treatment programs were successful. More than my expectations. Results are what matter to me. Also, the Doctor is very friendly, knowledgible, and cultured. I always have a great conversation with him because he is frank and honest. I would rather get the right treatments and in this day and age, you won't find Doctors like him anymore. He won't sell me anything that does not work and doesn't try to maximize his profits like others. His pricing is fair because he delivers results. Nothing less and does not do more than what you need so he can bill your insurance either.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! – I had a very similar negative experience that others have shared on this board. I booked a consultation to have my skin looked at as I was considering getting laser treatment. They told me when I booked the appointment that I would have the opportunity to have a physician look at my skin. When I arrived, they put me in small room where they asked me a couple of questions and said a man would be coming in to explain some potential treatments. I asked if I would be able to be seen by a doctor and she told me to ask the man Jetson when he came in. When Jetson came in, I asked him that after we spoke, if I could have a doctor briefly look at my skin. He seemed very offended and told me if I wanted to be seen by a doctor, I would have to book an appointment and pay the doctor. After this brief discussion, he looked at my skin for a couple of seconds and told me that I had sever scarring and acne. ( i do not have severe scarring and acne. I have minor acne and some sun spots). He had a clipboard and wrote on it that I would need four treatments and it would cost $8,000. I asked him if he could explain the laser treatment. He said that I would not understand the lasers and that all I needed to know was that the lasers are "machines". I was very insulted with this response. If am going to spend this kind of money, I want to know what is being done! I asked him if there were more affordable treatments for acne and he said no, that all they use are the lasers. I asked him at one point if he was a doctor and he told me no, but he said that he has worked for this doctor at the laser center for over 16 years, and has his authority to act on his behalf! I have never been treated so poorly and had such a terrible experience. I am married to a physician and he was appalled at my story when I told him. This is not only a terrible experience, but this center is taking advantage of uneducated and insecure people. I would make an argument that this clinic is a fraudulent practice with definitely negligent approach. I am an executive with a real estate company in orange county and if we ran our business this way, we would be out of business. I do not know how this practice has remained in good standing with the California medical board. I would urge any one who reads this to take action and write a review. I will personally be reporting this medical malpractice to the state board and the better business bureau.

over a year ago

No acne anymore! – Don't usually write reviews, but there is defnitley a notable mention in the dermatology world. I have been going to 3 different dermatology clincs in my local area. I don't understand why, but there was no improvement for the past three years! I almost given up hope. I spent loads of money, and I still couldn't look at myself in the mirror. I was truley going to give up. I want people to know that it's not about that, it's about finding the right and most experienced dermatologist. It makes a world of a difference. I have first hand experience. I found Dr. Rispler my man, at the LDI clinic, who has been doing this for more than 30 years. I actually went there starting from November 2011, after listening to their radio commercial, I thought, why not, it is a free consultation! immediatley,

what the Doc was telling me was so different from the other dermatologists! He was telling me, don't use this shampoo and that hairspray, just basic everyday simple changes to begin with, and none of the other Docs told me that, I guess cause they wanted me to keep coming back! Anyway to keep a long story short, every day simple changes, a load of laser and proper treatment from the right doc, will fix your face. I have no, and I mean no more acne scars, even my wrinkles went away at the sides of my eyes. It's really amazing. The lasers he has are top notch, huge machines, and the other docs didn't even have anything close to it, just little tiny machines you can find at the spas!  I will upload pics soon! Thank you for hearing me out!

over a year ago

Dont lose hope! Acne is completely gone! – Hi! My name is Deanna, and I wanted to write a review because I need to tell everyone that if you are desperate there is a way to help your acne. I hit my lowest just 6 months ago, I was really rock bottom. I was so depressed because of my acne so I missed school so much I actually got expelled. I spoke with my guidance councellor and she was kind enough to let me know that her son had this same issue. She really understood!  She said that dr. Rispler at Laser Dermatology Insititute of california, in just 3 months, got rid of her son's acne and even all his scars. I want everyone to know that you must do laser in order for your scars to go away, there is nothng else that works. I even tried microdermabrasion, glycolic acid peels, nothing worked! Just made it worse and more red. It was really like my whole face was a sore. Yeah it was a sore for eyes!  I just finished my fourth treatment, and I am so happy to say I HAVE NO MORE ACNE! all my scars are gone! Just all of them is all gone! My face is not even red!  It's like I am 10 years old again! woo hoo! can you believe it! I also bought my guidance councellor a gift for leading me to the right place. I didn't even know they had all the FDA approved lasers. Anyway, I thought i'd share my story, and lead everyone to the right place. Don't suffer anymore! Thank you LDI!

Love always, Deanna

over a year ago

Thank you!!! – My brother is 6 years older than me. Of course bc of genes I naturally followed in his footsteps. When he saw a Dermatologist back then he was prescribed accutane. Until this day he suffers from severe depression and stomach problems.our family became very aware of this. When I got older and starting to suffer severely from acne, it was like facing doomsday. Of course I'd rathe sufferer through acne than depression and stomach problems. The was no way I was taking accutane. I heard about ldi in radio commercials for the free consultations. I wanted to see if there was anything that could be done. When I met dr. Rispler, I asked him right out if I should take accutane. He looked at me like I was crazy. He said no way, and strongly advised against it because of here side effects. Right then i knew I came to the right place. I signed on for 5 treatments and something called ziana. It is topical. But let me tel you, his method really works, even after the first week I noticed visible improvement. Really when I look in the mirror today, I can't believe that between me and my brother it's such a vital fact to go see the right dr. And the right combination of treatments that dont have side effects. What a world of a difference! I still feel bad for my brother that he still has to suffer in silence like this, so I want to tell the world about my story so you ar aware of potential harmful side effects. Aid have finished my fifth treatment two days ago, and I have this new face! It's like I was just born! Thank you dr. Rispler for doing the right thing, and thinking of the potential harmful side effects, I will let everyone know my story!!!!

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