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Davede Varner - Clinical Massage Therapy
Davede Varner - Clinical Massage Therapy
Davede Varner - Clinical Massage Therapy
Davede Varner - Clinical Massage Therapy

From The Owners of Davede Varner - Clinical Massage Therapy

Offering Neuromuscular / Trigger Point Therapy, Postural Correction & Myofascial Release

About Davede Varner - Clinical Massage Therapy

  • Myofascial Release
  • Neuromuscular / Trigger Point Therapy
  • Postural Correction

Are you tired of relying on medications and trips to a doctor, only to find that ibuprofen is prescribed? Are you feeling muscular pain after many traditional massages?

Davede Varner specializes in clinical and structural bodywork, using neuromuscular / trigger point massage therapy. Each treatment is focused on finding the SOURCE of the pain, not necessarily where it's felt.

Examples of treatments can include: headaches/migraines, TMJ disorder, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica and carpal tunnel pain, postural imbalances, plantar fasciitis, pain from scoliosis, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia or just general muscle soreness.

Call me, Davede Varner, to set your appointment for neuromuscular / trigger point therapy, postural correction and myofascial release. I offer gift certificates and discounts for prepaid multiple sessions - a great gift idea!

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Reviews for Davede Varner - Clinical Massage Therapy

over a year ago

Intelligent Approach - Healing Hands – Davede provides a clean, safe and professional environment on Park Road near East Blvd.

He is ALWAYS completely prepared for each session with a game plan tailored to YOUR needs.

His neuromuscular massages are sensational! He targets the SOURCE of your problem to

treat your pain. He is able to do this through his extensive experience as well as an AMAZING

understanding of human anatomy.

Davede encourages client feedback from prior sessions in order to perform current and future massage

sessions most effectively.

Davede is honest and genuinely cares for his clients. His massages have helped me many times over the past few years and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who seeks pain relief.

over a year ago

Stellar Therapist – I am not surprised at all to see that Davede Varner has yet to receive less than a FIVE-STAR rating. Having been involved with athletics most of my life and also being guilty for bad posture, I have found myself seeking chiropractic and neuromuscular help since the beginning of my high school years. I found Davede thanks to my mother and after one visit we knew he was worth the drive and investment to see him often. Davede is consistent in his work and explains the problem and the solution as he works, better than any other chiropractor or massage therapist I have visited. He is obviously passionate about his work and sincere about wanting to help fix the problem. His knowledge never ceases to impress me as he pin-points each issue providing in-depth analyses answering every "why" question you might have. He is highly experienced and his strategy and massage routine is one i have never seen before. I have had multiple visits with Davede and leave every time completely satisfied, not finding anything that could have been done more perfectly. If you are considering seeing Davede, I would absolutely recommend him one hundred times over, with the advice that you will not be disappointed. Davede is a rare jewel, so take advantage of his work!

-Emmy E.

over a year ago

Fixed my Shoulder – I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and was facing a lot of pain and restricted movement. Luckily, I was scheduled to be in Charlotte for a wedding and knew Davede could help me out. I had one hour long session with him and I was back doing modified yoga two days later. I was in pain the day following treatment, but Davede checked up on me and made sure I was icing properly. Davede was really informative about how I should progress and stretch to protect my shoulder while it healed. He followed up with me periodically to make sure I was being careful so I wouldn?t undo all of the work we did. It is now three months later and I have complete range of motion and am stronger than before. I just wish he lived in Texas!

over a year ago

Hurts So Good – I have been seeing Davede for my painful plantar fascitis that I have been battling for over a year now. I've tried several different treatments and very little has helped. Since I have been seeing Davede my plantar fascitis pain has greatly improved. I was surprised that he actually worked on the tightness in my calves and achilles tendon and not just on my feet directly, and yet my feet feel better from his work.

Davede has a very professional approach. I really like the fact that he tries to educate his clients.

He also is not trying to keep a client for life. He is instead trying to get his clients better so they don't have to come to him for the rest of their lives. This is a very different approach than other professionals trying to help a person with chronic pain. Others like to keep a client coming back forever, where Davede would prefer to get his client feeling great and back out being active in life.

While he is impossible to compare to other types of pain treatment, I do feel his pricing is extremely fair.

I would recommend him to anyone.

over a year ago

This is not a spa massage! – If you are looking for a spa type massage that's soft & head to toe than Davede is not your man.

If you are looking to get therapeutic benefits for your pain then he is your guy to try.

I luckily stumbled across Davede soon after moving to Charlotte not long ago. I feel like I am an expert judge of how my body reacts to treatments because of the medical issues that I have dealt with daily for 15 years. I have had many surgeries, physical therapy, medications, western and eastern approaches and yet I still deal with daily severe pain. Now, I cannot truthfully state what my final result with Davede is yet, because I haven't been seeing him long enough and I'm a pretty complicated mess. I will say it's the most unique approach I've ever experienced, it's about the only one that makes logical sense and I have had plenty of massages to compare this to.

First off, Davede's enthusiasm is something that is lacking in the medical field nowadays. He obviously has a passion and drive for what he does. It's also obvious that he wants to help everyone that walks through his door. I personally am the type of person that likes to learn about what is being done to me. Davede is willing and actually enjoys telling me what muscle he's working on and why. I think knowledge is power and so I like being armed with information.

The atmosphere is very serene and relaxing. Parking is no problem. You get the full time you paid for even if you start a few minutes late due to discussing the treatment plan for your session.

Now, just to forewarn everyone, as I mentioned above this is not a spa treatment. I don't even really tell people I'm going for a "massage" because I really feel like this is more like neuro-muscular therapy. I can't say I walk out feeling pampered. But wait a day or two and the benefits will come. If you are even thinking of considering surgery, at least give Davede a try first. I wish I'd met a person like Davede before the first scalpel ever touched me.

over a year ago

Knowledge is power – Its hard to put into words how much davede has affected my life.

I struggle form constant neck and shoulder pain, so much so that most of the time I am tired and I don?t feel like doing anything. Even when I sleep I am in pain. I have scoliosis and forward neck posture. After spending THOUSANDS of dollars and many, many hours going to chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, other massage therapist, and pt?s and getting a little bit of temp relief.

I?ve found someone who actually takes the time to understand the root of the problem.

Working at a desk for 15 years my body?s had it. Every day is like a struggle not only physically but also mentally. It?s hard to focus on anything you do when in the back of your mind you are just trying to cope with the pain. It?s been so long now that Tylenol or Advil don?t do anything. This is such a problem in my day to day routine that I have been looking for anything that will help.

So, after researching online again and again for a better chiropractor, gadgets, or anything that will help.I came across Davede. What got my attention was the fact that he has 35 stellar reviews.

Reading the problems the people had, came close to home for me, for a while I thought I was just meant to deal with it, and I was tired of complaining about it to my family and friends.

But I read the reviews about how much better they felt after one visit and I could not believe it. Im a bit of a skeptic, besides I have never seen a review of anything or anyone that has a perfect five stars rating, not one four stars or less.

unfortunatelly there is a 2000 character maximum in this review, but I have so much to say.

I have never written a review on anyone or anything before, but i felt like i had to this time.

I will post the rest of my thoughts in a seperate review.

it will start of:

Well here I go, Im gonna give this guy a shot.

over a year ago

Knowledge is power cont. – Well here I go, Im gonna give this guy a shot.

I get there and he asks me Where does it hurt?. So I start explaining the pains, like I have to many doctors, Chiros, Etc. But wait, there?s something different, He is actually listening to what I am saying, and not just triying to medicate me or adjust my spine. You know how sometimes you get the feeling at the MD that he is thinking about his next patient or he?s heard it before like a broken record. Man what a relief to talk to Davede. His knowledge of the human body is extraordinary, and the really cool thing is he shares it with you. I am a little OCD and I like to know why, why, why. The way he explains and breaks down the problems that you have, and then gives you a course of action to FIX it is empowering.

To wrap up, I had one visit and I felt a little better at the end of the session. The next day I had a lot more flexibility, the pain was not completely gone but I wasn?t expecting it to. Not in my case, its been two days now and I feel much better, more energy, better mood, a lot less pain, but most important of all, I am at ease. I will go back to see Davede in one week, because I want to, not because he magically told me how many sessions it was going to take to fix me, like my past experiences.

Bottom line.

Get a spinal adjustment, feel a little better for a little while ----- $40.00

Get a relaxing massage at a trendy spa ---- $60.00

Understanding what you are doing wrong, and having Davede treat you, and teach YOU how to fix it.--Priceless.

Thank You, Davede

Sincerely, Christian

over a year ago

Should be voted for Best Massage Therapist – After suffering for over six months of pain to my knee, I am now on my way to recovery after discovering Davede Varner at BodySource. I had previously seeked treatment elsewhere for my knee prior to going to Davade with no results. After my first visit I knew that I had made the right choice. I have to admit that I am not one that knows how to rest when I am suffering from an injury. So, I am not your ordinary patient. The damage I had done to my knee was substantial. Now, I not only have less pain, but the mobility in my leg is so much greater than on my initial visit. I actually really feel like I am on my way to a full recovery. I only wish that I had discovered Davede when I first injured my knee. Davede pays attention to everything that you tell him and makes note of what you say. He gives you his 100% undivided attention and you never feel like you are being rushed or he is not really listening. A plan of treatment is always discussed with you. He explains everything to you before he starts your treatment and afterwards as well. He concentrates on finding the source of your problem and not so much on where it stems from. I am never left with doubts about what he is doing or whether or not it is going to help me. I haven't experienced anything but good results after my treatments. I look forward to my treatments because I know that I will leave feeling confident that I am on my way to a full recovery. If you are seeking results from an excellent clinical and structural massage therapist, I highly recommend Davede Varner.

over a year ago

Unbelievable Relief – I have had seven years of neck pain and headaches, numerous MRIs, CT scans, neurologists, neuro-surgeons, pain management, spinal injections, 3 chiropractors six weeks at each, two massage therapists, and even acupuncture. The massages all consisted of an oil rubdown, music, candles, and hot rocks? No diagnosis yet. I was even told I may just be one of 5% of people with chronic pain that I will have to live with. Now while waiting for results of the latest series of tests and scans my wife purchased ?The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook? and she became fairly educated on trigger points, their causes and different therapies available to relieve pain. While on a trip in Dallas, I went for a ? hour trigger point massage session. It was relaxing but it did not change my condition. When I got back home, she had found no one in Columbia, SC offfering any such therapy and through an internet search she found Davede Varner in Charlotte. I called and spoke to Davede and realized instantly that he knew what he was talking about and what he was doing, so we set up an appointment. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! This is not for the weak at heart; this is a DEEP tissue, trigger point, full muscle work over. This is not a RUB DOWN. Davede knows every muscle in the body, where it attaches, the different places a muscle refers pain to and how to relieve the stress of trigger points. After three sessions with Davede we have not solved my neck problems, but we have released the years of built up stress in my back, chest, arms and we are making advances with every session. Davede thoroughly know his business and genuinely cares about his clients. I travel 204 miles for each session. With the price of gas that says enough for the belief and trust I have in this man. If you have muscle aches and pains from bad posture or stress you owe it to body to call Davede, you will know right away how competent, experienced, and caring Davede is. I will never have a ?fluffy? massage again.

over a year ago

Outstanding - a must visit - massage therapist – I've worked with numerous clinical, massage, sports-specific therapists over 25 years of a competitive athletic and recreational active lifestyle.

Davede is by far one of the best specialty therapists I've worked with. He stays focused with his evaluation, yet listens carefully to the client's description of the pain/injury/chronic muscular-postural issue. 100% comfort level that I'll leave feeling better than when I arrived and that the treatment is lasting, not a superficial fix.

Due to his acute attention to our balancing partner groups in our body, he readily identifies an area that requires release in order to resolve the imbalance. (And so far he's always right on target!)

My personal story with Davede is that I am new to Charlotte and the changes from work environment, new sport focus, and the simple stress of moving to a new city naturally took its tole on my body. I called three people. Davede's response was the most professional, both with time and the thought-provoking and insightful questions he asked during the initial phone conversation. I value him tremendously!

I highly encourage you to give Davede a call, and place his very capable talents as a priority-must treatment as a gift to yourself, whether for severe/chronic issues and/or injuries, or just maintaining a solid balance of current good health.

*A note to athletes and active people: Davede is solid in his knowledge and ability to hone in on the muscle groupings that are sport specific through repitition and training.

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