Rady Rahban, M.D.

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Rady Rahban, M.D.
Rady Rahban, M.D.
Rady Rahban, M.D.
Rady Rahban, M.D.

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Board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills specializes in breast augmentation, breast lift, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck and liposuction.

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10 days ago

NO NEED TO LOOK FURTHER! I had finally made an important decision in my life and I was ready to move forward. I found Dr. Rahban after months of doing online research. After loving all the rhinoplasty before and after photos from his website, I made a decision that would change my life and made the call. Dr. Rahban was actually the first and only doctor I consulted with. After my first meeting with him, I honestly felt no need to look further. Being a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, I was expecting the stereotypical, pretentious doctor, so I was a little intimidated going in. To my relief he was so far from that. Instead, I met the most welcoming, friendliest and nicest person who was ready to listen about my concerns.

The initial consultation lasted at least an hour. He really took his time listening to my concerns and expectations and then gave me a realistic and honest assessment of what could be done. I had a real appreciation for this because I was afraid of my before and after appearing too drastic. As oxymoron as it may sound, I was looking for big change but in a very subtle way that no one else but me would notice. After the consultation, I booked the surgery date and waited anxiously for 5 months till the big day.

There is no such thing as bad luck on Friday the 13th because that was the day of my surgery and the first day to the start of a new found confidence. The day began with me being a nervous wreck since this was my very first major surgery and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The nurses at the surgery center were very helpful and friendly. Of course Dr. Rahban was there also and helped ease my nerves and to remind me that I was going to be well taken care of. As soon as the procedure began, it was all over (at least for me). What felt like short nap, turned out to actually be a 4 hour long surgery. Dr. Rahban really takes his time transforming his patients and perfecting his craft. After the surgery, I hardly felt any pain and I was ready to be taken home shortly after coming out of anesthesia.

The moment where I no longer had any doubt about making the right decision about choosing Dr. Rahban, was the night after my surgery when Dr. Rahban called me personally to check how I was doing. Not a receptionist, not a nurse, but the doctor HIMSELF! He really made me feel like a one of kind patient.

The recovery process was an experience to say the least. The first week is the HARDEST!! Lol! I felt as if it was the longest week ever! I was all bandaged up and my nostrils were packed with gauze. I couldn’t shower which was a bit inconvenient and it was difficult to sleep at times since I’m used to breathing through my nose. It’s really the little things in life you miss for that first week like showering, sleeping a full night, and picking your nose lol! j/k! In all it took about a good 3 weeks to appear normal again and by the time I went back to work all my bruising had disappeared.

I am now about 10 weeks post op and I am ecstatic about my results so far. The change is so subtle that people look at me and talk to me like nothing has changed. All they have noticed is my boost in confidence. But to me, the difference is huge which make the results all the more exciting for me. I can’t wait to see the coming weeks reveal for me as the swelling continues to subside.

I am so happy that I did this for myself and even happier that I found Dr. Rahban. Really, my only regret is not having found him sooner. I would have loved to of spent my 20s looking how I do now. But I believe all good things happen at the right time. I highly recommend Dr. Rahban for anyone looking to make a little improvement. :)

over a year ago

Hands down, the Best nose doc out there. I went to several top plastic surgeons in LA and Beverly Hills and chose Dr. Rahban, immediately. He made my nose look amazing and it seems to look better and better! I had my Rhinoplasty in 2010. My nose always bothered me and almost looked deformed. Not anymore! Go see him!

over a year ago

I have been going to Dr. Rady Rahban for over 3 years. I have also recommended him to my Mom and Aunt who have also used him many times. He is the best I have found. I have tried a few other doctors in the past. Since I have very sensitive skin, I must be careful and very selective and make sure I am in good care of which I know I am with Dr. Rahban. Ever since I was recommended to him...I have never looked back!

He is honest and the procedures I receive to date exceed my expectations.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

I had Dr. Rahban inject Juvederm yesterday. I've had the procedure done elsewhere at least a dozen times. He has absolutely no business injecting. His methods were highly different than every other practitioner. Most doctors will inject several times, and thread the product through. Rahban injected at over 10 times. The multiple injection points leads to increased bruising, and increased inflammation.

Usually i return to work the next day, with maybe a couple blue spots on my face. My lips as well as the surrounding areas are completely bruised and swollen. I'll be taking a week off for sure.

He charges $750 for the procedure, that's basically the highest rate in Los Angeles, though not unusual. The unusual part is that if you're going to charge that rate, the practitioner should be better qualified than their competitors.

Though Dr. Rahban and his staff were amusing and lovely, his filler technique is nothing short of incompetent. Beware!

over a year ago

Without a doubt, Dr. Rahban is the reason I am not missing my left hand.

I am going to try to keep this review from being gruesome, but there is only so much I can do-- it was a gruesome injury.

It all started when I tried to jump over my fence, tripped, and fell. Those decorative fleur-de-lis "spikes" don't look sharp... But my hand begs to differ: it was torn in half.

I rushed to the ER. I could tell by the reactions of some of the people that had come in to the room that it was a very bad. When i asked if i would keep my hand, they all became silent and said things like "let's not worry about that right now..."

I was terrified.

Dr. Rahban came in and egan put me at ease immediately; that's his bedside manner.

If I remember correctly, the whole surgery took a handful (hah) of hours. Dr. Rahban refused to give up.

Now, about 6 years later, I have a hand that works 100% the way it did before the accident. Even the scar is BARELY noticeable! Seriously, my hand was torn in half and you can't even tell.

Speaking to other doctors, they all say that the hand, especially in traumatic injury, is one of the hardest to "do right." The hand is like a clock-- it has lots of little, intricate parts, and if one is missing or damaged or not put back EXACTLY right, the clock doesn't work anymore.

That was my situation and it shows how phenomenal his surgical skills and attention to detail are.

At the same time, the fact that you can barely see a scar on a hand that was turned into a lobster claw is a testament to his phenomenal plastic surgery skills. I have seen friends have surgeries that were planned and performed with sharp scalpels (verses dull fences) and their scars are HORRIBLE.

Cheers to you, Dr. Rahban. You're the reason I have a normal life. I owe you one.

over a year ago

My sister and I both went to Dr. Rahban recently to discuss the problems that we have had with breathing for as long as we can remember. He was highly recommended to us by another physician in a similar field. He told us that Dr. Rahban would be the only doctor he would recommend or trust to do any surgical procedure on him or his family. As soon as we met him and his staff we knew that we were in good hands.

Dr. Rahban welcomed us and listened to all of our medical and cosmetic concerns. He was so personable, warm and understanding. He gave us his medical advice and understood that there were also a few cosmetic concerns that we had as well. He thoroughly explained what he could do for us, both medically and cosmetic. We felt that he was realistic and honest about the results that we would see.

I felt that the most comforting thing about Dr. Rahban is that he always spends so much time with us. He has never rushed us or made us feel like we weren't his priority, in fact, he does the exact opposite. When we are in his office we feel that we are his top priority.

My sister and I scheduled our surgeries on the same day. Dr. Rahban spent an incredible amount of time on each of us before, during, and after surgery to make sure that the results were perfect. It was also very kind and considerate of him to check up on us that evening after surgery to make sure that we were well.

I have to say that my sister and I have not only fallen in love with our results, but with Dr. Rahban as well. He is an all around great guy and physician with a fantastic sense of humor. Both my sister and I would recommend him to anyone looking for the best results possible. Thank you Dr. Rahban for all your care!

over a year ago

Highest Recommendation! – Where to begin! If your looking for a personalized care, where you get exactly what you want, not a factory lineup, but first class treatment Dr.Rahban is the best! And all of his beautiful ladies! Sally, that's you! I was very nervous to step into plastic surgery, once crossed it cannot be undone, and it was imperative that it was done right, no, done beautifully.. vision is necessary, lovely... were the average person would be guessing did she? Or didn't she? I had my breasts lifted, and had a moderate implant put in. After having two boys I was ready to move on, ready for the next decade. I did not want the experience of having children as a permanent scar on my chest, as a permanent scar across one's view of existence! Everything, from the beginning to the end, was private, special, and focused. The surgery center was amazing, hotel like, you arrive to three people.....the room was so pristine and quiet! Private, I loved that! Not like a hospital experience were everyone is walking about, everyone clearly aware of what your up to. No, it was private, perfect, and easy. I adore my breasts now, exactly what I wanted...even better, (I lacked the vision). I do believe a plastic surgeon needs to have a three dimensional vision, and confidence! Dr. Rahban exudes confidence, vision, and ability! These qualities are all essential and necessary! I am a very lucky woman to be surrounded by great men...and I know for the rest of my life these are the men I will seek out, Dr.Rahban will be my plastic surgeon for life....enough said.

over a year ago

An amazing surgeon! Top notch! – Three years prior to finding Dr. Rady Rahban, I had made the decision to have breast implants with another “award winning’ Beverly Hills surgeon. The work that surgeon did left me with some asthetic issues culminating in years of my hiding under baggy clothing and becoming antisocial and ashamed. I hated my body and sought many, many months to find a surgeon to take the implants out. Then I was referred (by another surgeons office) to Dr. Rady Rahban.

From start to finish, everything about my experience with Rady’s office was wonderful. His staff was patient and supportive and answered all of my questions (no matter how trivial). Rady addressed my every concern with compassion. I was listened to. He explained my options clearly and was honest and realistic as to what I might expect from surgery. I felt so considered emotionally AND physically that I instantly trusted in Rady’s ability.

I am SO very happy and relieved with the results of my surgery and I owe my piece of mind to Dr. Rady Rahban. If you are seeking an EXTRAORDINARY, talented surgeon who has your best interests at heart, please visit Dr. Rady Rahban and his staff. You will be in stellar hands!!!!

Love and Gratitude,


over a year ago

I generally only write reviews on Yelp or Citysearch when I have either a VERY BAD experience or an OUTSTANDING experience. To say that my experience with Dr. Rady Rahban was outstanding would be a gross understatement. A few years ago, I decided to get in the best shape of my life and lost about 25 lbs in the process. While my body transformed rather dramatically, I was unhappy to learn that my weak chin/double chin appearance was virtually the same. Looking for answers, I consulted with a few plastic surgeons, one of whom recommended that I have a chin implant and a neck lift procedure, which would have cost about $25K and involved a substantial surgery and recovery process. In consulting with Dr. Rahban, he completely dismissed the idea of a neck lift for me based on my facial/chin structure and desired outcome, instead recommending that I have a chin implant (only) which reduced the overall cost by $20K. I liked Dr. Rahban's consultative, frank style, which was the deciding factor in my decision to undergo the procedure. He was also recommended highly by Dr. Garth Fisher, a well-known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon that worked with Dr. Rahban for a few years, which gave me some peace of mind. I took the leap of faith required in any procedure such as this and went ahead with the surgery. I took two weeks off of work, one week for an at home recovery, and another for a vacation with my family. I asked Dr. Rahban for an enhancement that would improve my overall appearance, as I wanted people to know that I looked better, but not exactly WHY I looked better. I got EXACTLY what I asked for. The procedure was painless and the recovery only minimally painful for a few short days. One week after the surgery, the small incision under my chin was not noticeable and even my own mother didn't notice the enhancement, but simply told me I looked great and trim. Two weeks after the surgery, the incision mark is not visible to the naked eye. People keep asking me if I've lost weight and telling me that I look great. I have only the most positive things to say about the talented and competent Dr. Rahban, his office manager Sally, who was extremely helpful, patient, and supportive throughout the process, and his staff. ***** Highest recommendation

over a year ago

Blessed to find this Doctor! – This guy is a real pro! Here is my chin story... I'm an actress- perfectionist....And I didn't like my chin - when was smiling soft tissue just were slipping down making chin flat- what I had to do is to put some botox to reduce dinamic BUT at that time in Europe I was suggested to put in a chin implant- I will say just it didn't solve a problem but! the implant shifted, which looked unacceptable concidering my occupation, well then I decided to make a revision- but got it even worse...

At the time when I came to Dr. Rahban my chin was so screwed up with gel injected, implant shifted diagonally and with tons of fibrosis (scar) tissue inside that I couldn't even smile that ugly it was- I NEEDED A MIRACLE! And thanks God I have found it, I mean him.))

I went to a numbers Beverly Hills surgeons before- everybody were in shock about my situation and could promise nothing, some of them costed really! expensive . Then friend of mine highly suggested me RR and made an appointment for me- on the consultation Dr. was so specific- the only one surgeon who asked me if I've lost any sensibility in that area. And I did -and It bothered me as well... Then actually I didn't even open my mouth to say my wishes and he discribed how he sees the solvation and it was completely HOW I FELT! It was this simple feeling that I'm in safe and I trust this amazing man with artistic eye and who knows and loves his craft. Operation lasted 2 hours instead of 40 min we thought it would take and he didn't charge me a cent more! He removed implant, sewed up all the tissue it his own-invented way ... Anaesthesia was the best in my life! And my chin... no bruises, almost not swelled, looking better than my real chin before all the interventions, sensibility got better- after 2 week I was already auditioning. Today is a month after-just saw my pics on Wireimage on the red carpet- smiling widely as an innocent baby. Thank you Dr. Rahban- you've saved my face, my career and much more- I'm your friend forever... I hope this post will help somebody to make a right choise.

Sorry if I made mistakes-English is my 2nd language )))

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