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Reviews for Rainforest

over a year ago

A Different Kind of Florist – My first encounter with this company was when I placed my first order with them for my sweet heart's Valentine's arrangement. It seemed a but pricey but I was told that it was worth the extra dollars.

To my surprise, the flowers arrived early morning and I got a call from from sweetie and said that it was the best arrangement and it was the best arrangement in the office. The roses were a hit since it wasn't like so many others filled with overly done baby's breaths and ferns. What I liked most was the fact the they sent me a photo of the arrangement with the delivery record. This was an impressive task that they had to undertake. I could only imagine that they were swamped with flower orders and for them to take the time and send me a note about the delivery was all it took to get me to return again.

My last order was an arrangement for my honey's birthday and and again I just left it up to them. They selected flowers and colors based on my sweetie's birth sign and I didn't even realize that she had any flower favorites.

My next business with Rainforest will be to create something for me to ask her to marry me. I don't know how they'll top this but I'll be sure to get some praise from her. The guy there has a lot of knowledge about so many aspects of flowers. I simply leave it in their hands and wait for the praises.

I like Rainforest and hopefully you'll try them out too!

I just learned that they;re environmentally conscious too, an added bonus.

over a year ago

Best Service and Flowers for Brides – When planning your wedding far away over the internet, it is nice to know that a place like Rainforest exists. We had specific flowers and looks and when I first came across Rainforest, I was rather surprised that they were so accommodating to make our wedding a special day.

I had originally contacted several florists by email and I must admit that Rainforest answered my email with a detailed response first. But just the way the email was written with details I had not considered made their services invaluable.

I eventually called Michael, which I believe is their head designer and he helped me with details of our wedding plans to include a special Hawaiian presentation of leis wrapped in special leaves. We also had our hair done up with his special hair creations and wedding bouquets of colors and flowers I have never seen before.

I had read reviews of Hemmingway, Yvonne and Su-V but none of them ever returned my email so I imagine they were just too busy.

Our wedding day was a glorious day and we had our ceremony and reception at the Halekulani Hotel which made the combination of Michael's flowers and the venue a wonderful celebration of matrimony.

I highly recommend Rainforest for your wedding day even if you're half way around the world.

over a year ago

Unmatched Quality and Customer Service – I just had to write and boast about this AMAZING little florist. I have lived in Honolulu for about five years and have never been so thrilled in receiving and ordering flowers until now.

First of all, this all started when I was in the hospital undergoing a surgical procedure when I received three arrangements. One from Watanabe Florist, one from Fujikami Florist and one from Rainforest. The two I received from Fujikami and Watanabe florist kind of resembled each other. I just assumed it was typical of what Japanese styled arrangements would look like. There were some nice flowers and sticks and an interesting way of putting them together. The one from Rainforest which stood out because the name was so intriguing. I was amazed at the variety and colors of their flowers. Everything from the graphics on the card enclosure to the vase and how it was put together made this arrangement a stand out. My best friend ordered this for me and I called her first to thank her for the beautiful flowers. She was so thrilled that I liked it. I told her that I had placed this one on my table next to me and the other two were on the floor of the hospital. The flowers my mother sent me was from Fujikami Florist. The one from Watanabe Florist was from my mother in law. By the third day, these were already on their last leg. The Rainforest arrangement drank and drank water so the nurse helped me water them and the staff at Kapiolani Medical was very helpful in keeping my flowers fresh. One nurse said that Rainforest was the best florist on the island. And looking at the flowers I believe it.

By the time I checked out, I only took the Rainforest flowers with me as the two others were dead and falling apart. The flowers from Rainforest lasted for well over three weeks and I still was amazed how much water they drank each day.

A strange coincidence occurred about a year later. The friend that sent me the Rainforest arrangement had to go to the hospital for a similar procedure. So I wanted to send her an arrangement from Rainforest too. After talking with Michael at Rainforest. He said that a nice arrangement can be sent for $85 and I told him that I was the lucky recipient of an arrangement about the same time a year ago and that must have cost the sender at least a $100. But he assured me that an $85 would work for a hospital room and it will be nice to receive.

I also learned that the flowers my mother and mother in law sent were all in the 100 plus price range.

I visited my friend in the hospital and was amazed at how beautiful the flowers I sent looked. It was entirely different in colors that I expressed that my friend would like. It reminded me when I received mine last year and how wonderful it made me feel. She also received an arrangement from Watanabe and it still looked similar to the one I had received the last time I was here. Again on the floor. I told her my story and we had a good laugh.

She said she took a photo of the arrangement and made it into her screen saver. I wish I had done the same thing.

I am recommending Rainforest for anyone who don't know what to order when seeking a florist. They just outdone themselves and made me look good.

They are conscientious about their work and they make both the sender and the recipient happy with their excellent service and quality. One try and you'll be pleased with the service they will do for you.

edit: I just want to add that Michael (owner) has helped me out every time I call with utmost attention to detail and has always kept me in the know about every detail through execution. I have recommended many clients to Rainforest and will continue to do so because he knows his stuff and can always recommend wonderful solutions to any situations I am in and making sometimes sad occasions turn out wonderful for me and the receiver. The very best of the best!

over a year ago

Unmatched Quality and Friendly Service – I rarely give five stars for anything since so many places can make improvements. But I have come to like this business for their integrity and quality. The few arrangements I have received from this place has been just marvelous. No two flowers alike. I love their sense of style, their combinations of flowers, colors and just an overall well done bouquet.

Their prices are fair and what service! I don't believe what they can do for a minimum price of $85. I know their prices will eventually increase because of the unmatched quality and amazing service. One order will make you switch ships to this florist as your regular.

I was so curious about this business that I dropped by and saw that it wasn't really a large operation and they had many colorful and beautiful arrangements all ready to be delivered. Some were just grand and outstanding. I need to tell more people about this best kept secret.

I have learned that they are environmental conscious and Earth-friendly. A great website too!

over a year ago

Absolutely Beautiful! – I had to order some flowers to bowl some clients over that was vacationing in Hawaii. I looked up in City Search and came across this florist with 20 grand reviews. So I started to investigate it. I was amazed at how helpful and creative the sales person was. He gave me several options and even pointed me to their website, by the way, is beautiful and very different from so many florist websites I've seen.

I told the man that I will get back to them and he was polite and thanked me for checking them out.

I also called Watanabe Florist as I've seen their banners everywhere and they also seem to have a lot of good reviews. The guy on the phone told me what I should get. I wasn't thrilled with their selection of flowers and decided to go with something else. The guy said that I was making a big mistake and should follow his advice. I tried to tell him that the person who these flowers were for was for a designer dress store and that the girl who owned it started as a florist. I finally had to end this call to him and said I'll call back. He was very rude saying that they were so busy and if I called back it may not be possible for them to accommodate my order. So I thanked him and moved on.

Recalling how nice the guy at Rainforest was, I decided to take a chance and see for myself.

I called back and a different guy answered also being helpful and friendly he said it may be best if we leave it to the designer and at this point, I said let's do it!

My friend in Hawaii called me and was thrilled with her flowers and said that Rainforest was the choice florist in Hawaii and only the best arrangements come from there. She was thrilled that three of her arrangements came from Rainforest and all were unique and different, nothing repeated itself in any of the pieces.

I also received an image of the flowers delivered to my friends from Rainforest as well as a receipt and it was so beautiful, I am using it as a screen saver on my laptop.

I give this place two thumbs up for customer service and prompt service with no rude back-talk.

Their website is very interesting too!

Addendum June 13, 2011

I would like to add that they have been very helpful in suggesting restaurants and have worked well with them in making a surprise birthday party a success. I have had a friend visit and was dumbfounded to locate a venue for a secretive surprise birthday party. Mike at Rainforest suggested a very nice place for our group and worked out all the details with a lei, arrangements and even selecting something based on the birthday girl's astrological signs. The event was a success and everyone was pleased!

over a year ago

Recommended for the BEST Customer Service and beautiful work – I could not believe how friendly and helpful any business could be than the folks at Rainforest. The man on the phone guided me through descriptions of flower designs that I could envision. He made some points clear regarding local customs and traditions that I was not aware of and pointed me in the right direction.

What made this transaction very special was that he confirmed the delivery information with time and who signed for the flowers, along with the image of the arrangement and emailed receipt of my order. There was no guess work and the excited and happy email from my friend coincided with the image and email confirmation from the Rainforest. So we both enjoyed seeing the flowers and I knew they were delivered by having the emailed confirmation.

I would like everyone to try these great folks. It sure made my day and my friend's day as well.

over a year ago

Knowledeble and Friendly Service – I have used another florist for the past five years and while the recipient liked her flowers, I didn't believe anyone else could make a difference.

A friend had referred me to Rainforest several times and I didn't really paid much attention until a co-worker said she had just had flowers from Rainforest sent to her and how it really lifted her spirits like no other flower arrangement could.

So I tried them. What I was surprised was their effort and professional mannerism in taking my order. The order taker was concise and I knew what I would be getting and what surprised me was their effort in sending me a photo of the arrangement so I could see what she was getting. Most florists use a standard purchased image that wasn't even made at the store. The flower image I received was the actual image (confirmed from a happy recipient and sent photos herself to me) of the arrangement.

So this made me post this comment for this wonderful florist.

Another nice thing I liked about this store is that the price you re quoted is the exact charge that was shown on my credit card statement. No hidden fees and charges. I used to send $75 arrangements and having shown $98.88 on my statements by other florists just didn't sit well with me. Rainforest quoted me $85 and that was what I paid for. Now that alone is worth going there for! to them

over a year ago

My Mother Thanks Rainforest! – Just want to add to this shop's unique approach to floral design. And what a lovely disply of flowers that lasts and lasts!

I tried to call various shop mid-week prior to Mother's Day: Watanabe said no guarantee that it could get there before Mother's Day, Florist Grand laughed in my face, and Fujikami tried to sell me a gourmet gift basket costing somewhere near $200.

I finally called Rainforest because the name sounded interesting. After reading the many positive reviews, I said I'd try one last time. The guy on the phone was very helpful and offered several suggestions. I was thinking of a deep dark red and dark pink. He said he could make a dark red rose and pink peony. That sounded nice so I decided on a nice big one.

The morning on Saturday before Mother's Day, I got a pleasant call from my mom with excitement in her voice so I was thrilled. The roses were very dark ruby red and the peonies a soft bubble gum pink. I got a call on Tuesday that her peonies were fully opened and how she was enjoying her bouquet. Then another call just on Friday telling me tht her roses were as large as red delicious apples, and as dark. And just today she said that some of the roses have started to fade, but still large and fully opened. She said that her arrangement drank water like she had never seen before.

Please know that I have given her flowers many times but she has never gave me a play by play report on how it was doing. I will keep this number and call again later for her birthday and possibly their anniversary. This makes my job easier than trying to find a gift certificate she would use or a gift that stays wrapped forever.

over a year ago

Thank You Rainforest for a Job Well Done! – I had ordered my mother some flowers and after reading so many positive reviews about this store, I had to give it a try. My first impression was that this was a designer store with a designer name. But after talking about the flower expertise with the owner of the store, I felt reassured that I was making a wise investment. The guy suggested a rather high priced arrangement but assured me that it would be full of splendid flowers an never carnations, mums or baby's breath. And what a pleasant surprise I got when he sent me a photo of the arrangement and my mother was overwhelmed with the colors and size of her arrangement that she also sent me a photo of it herself! My first impression was that the image I got from the florist was just a stock image but what a pleasant surprise that it was the actual arrangement sent to my mother. She called me the other day and said her arrangement was still lovely and she is was just amazed at how much water the flowers took up. She sent me the photo of the arrangement and it was twice the size I had originally seen and with many surprises blooming. She would tell me that she woke up every morning to find new and different flowers opening in her bouquet. The arrangement started out sort of pink and white and by the time I saw it a week later, it had colors of orange, yellows and multi colored corals and hot fuchsias.

She couldn't stop talking about it that I decided to send her another one just for the heck of it. When was the last time your mother called to praise you for something you did, and she already thanked you twice earlier when she received her flowers. My husband and I now love Rainforest and we will use it for everything we do in flowers in Hawaii. Now I wish they had a branch here cause our flowers here suck big time!

over a year ago

CitySearch Has Done it Again! – I needed to send flowers to my mother for Mother's Day and I know it was a last minute attempt but we just got back from our European vacation and after all the kids was settled, I decided to try to do the impossible. The first two tries through yelp turned out to be a waste of time. Then I tried Citysearch and came down to three top choices. Of the last of my three choices was Rainforest. A florist with an attractive name. I called and their lines were busy as I got a voice mail, so I said what the heck, I'll leave my name and number and give it a try. I continued to call others on the list but the phone just rang or I got a busy signal. I noticed that my cell had a voice mail and it was a call-back from Rainforest. A gentleman said he could help me out and if I'd call back or email since the phones were very busy that day.

Any way, to make a long story short, we decided to get mom a bouquet of flowers. She received the flowers some two hours after I placed the order and I won't boast that they work that fast, just in my case they were able to come under the wire and do the job right. The gentleman was also kind enough to email me the image of the arrangement and confirmed delivery made and accepted by with a name.

My mom was flabbergasted and full of excitement and joy! She said it was the best arrangement she had ever laid eyes on and said everything looked so grand.

I am writing this not because of these fine qualities but because she just called me today to say her flowers are just gorgeous and is still drinking up gallons of water as she meticulously fills the vase each day.

You better believe that I'll be returning to Rainforest for all my floral needs and her birthday is coming up so she will get another fantastic surprise.

I later read their website and discovered that they are an environmentally conscious establishment with considerations in everything they do. How did I ever luck out! Thanks Citysearch for a great find!

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