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Doesn't Recommend
11 months ago

Absolutely avoid this company. They do not handle your belongings with care, nor do they try to fix the situation after they damage your things. Make sure to read all reviews at several sites. They are overall negative, and I wish I had done a better job of researching prior to using them. They are a horrible company only interested in getting your money. STAY AWAY FROM USING THEM!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

BUYER BEWARE!!! Awful company. Awful people.

I had a really bad experience that was unresolved.

Do not use this company.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Awful sleazy company – Awful company. Brittney (office mgr) set up appt to move our stuff and to hold in their storage facility with no additional charge since we had to wait another 3 days before moving into house. She said it would be free and " no big deal". After 2 hours moving about 10 small boxes, the movers realized that we were doing storage and informed us that 'inventory' would have to be

taken. Another 2 hrs went by while they took inventory and moved nothing. At the rate they were moving it would have literally taken another 4 hrs to inventory what was left, plus actually get everything else on the truck, then they would have to inventory again on the back end of the move. We called the manager "devaughn" to try to discuss some options as this was quickly turning into a 10 hr job versus 3. Devaughn never apologized for the inconvenience and rudely yelled and talked over my husband the whole time. We wanted a different solution than the inventory option, especially when brittney never informed us that inventory would have to be done and might take longer. Finally we got the owner on the phone who was even more rude and hung up on my husband. Final outcome: decided to pay $150 per night to keep items on truck 3 nights. Had to pay 6 hrs of time at $100 per hour (for only 1000 sq ft). And my whole family ended up moving all of our things down to the truck since it was taking an eternity. Fox screwed us out of at least $500. They try to "keep the meter running" at all costs. Their better business bureau status has been revoked if that tells u anything. They are one of the cheapest rates in town because this company, the owner and it's people are cheap, incompetent, and inconsiderate. Save your sanity and your money!!!!!!!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Liars! Cost me double! – This is the worst moving company of all time. What should have cost me $400 ended up costing me over $1,200 because they "forgot" to mention the delay it would take to inventory everything. Argued with the manager for over an hour while the movers weren't doing anything, which I was still charged for. Then talked to the owner and he told me there was nothing he could do. Wouldn't wish these movers on my worst enemy. Pay the extra money and use someone else. It'll save you in the long run.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Fox Fails to Fulfill – We used them for a move 4 years ago and it was one of the most horrible experiences of our lives! The reason I am writing now is because we are moving again and my wife went online and requested a bid from Two Men and a Truck but ended up getting 4 emails from Fox Moving instead. They have sort of cloned the "Two Men" website and hijacked their business - very deceitful, but in line with our previous experience with them.

It was too painful to deal with at the time it happened and there was a lot going on but now that it's come up again and seeing how they continue their wicked ways I felt the need to warn as many others as possible.

My wife found them in the Yellow Pages and since they advertised the lowest prices she chose to use them for our move. She has regretted that decision ever since. The highlights are that they got there late with a very motley looking crew of 4 to 5 men, only one of which seemed to ever have done a move in the past. They were unorganized and very careless with our things and complained about how much stuff we had. The packing portion went very, very late. We were called before the truck left and they demanded we pay by credit card right then. The cost was way more than we were told up front and we didn't have that amount available in our account at the moment. We talked to both of the so-called owners, Ron and Alex, who were very rude, obnoxious and vile, and they forced us to pay what they asked with threats of holding our furniture hostage.

We had to have them store our belonging for a couple of days and when we had them deliver it all to our new home the cost was again way beyond what was agreed upon. Again they held our belongings hostage to force us to pay what they demanded.

The ultimate issue in the end was that they damaged virtually every piece of furniture we owned. Large gouges out of solid oak furniture, glass and mirrors broken in several pieces, the legs of an antique dining room table crushed because they set it upright in the truck and then stacked heavy boxes on top of it. They even badly bent up the pendulum for our grandfather clock! They totally demolished a nice computer desk and cracked the sidewalk of a brand new home by the way they parked the truck, etc., etc.

The kicker is that when I called to let them know of all the damage there was no apology. He just sent me an insurance form to fill out with very sketchy instructions. What they ask for to prove a claim is ludicrous. I filled it out and sent it in within the appropriate time frame but they mailed it back to me a week or so later and said it wasn't filled out correctly.

I took the considerable time to fill it out the way they asked (which made no sense to me) and sent it to them again. They do NOT base the claims on the value of the item damaged but on it's weight. I waited weeks but never heard from them. I finally called and was told that I filed my claim outside of their time limit (even though my first filing was within the time frame) and that they would not honor my claim for damages.

Fox Moving is the most devious, dishonest, deceptive company I have ever had the displeasure of hiring. My advice is to stay as far away from them as possible!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Deceitful and incompetent management @ Fox Moving! – Our move was after the tornado and we didn't have time to research moving companies. The builder called Fox Moving and we should have fired them before they left with our belonging to put into two storage units. At one point, a man in our daughter's bedroom is wraping up a fragile heirloom with a sock he found on the floor. WOW!

When the men were getting ready to leave with our belongings they asked what I had to wrap the furniture with once they moved it into storage. We were lead to believe our things would be protected by the blankets and tape they used to pack into their truck, and I had no way of wrapping our things (for a second time). I insisted they leave things wrapped or they would buy every damaged piece! If I hadn't been insistent, they would have taken advantage of us and damaged countless number of items!

Our builder didn't use Fox Moving to move us home, so we had a delightful experience with Two Men and a truck! However, things unwrapped and damaged due to Fox is where we believe we have been deceived! I submitted the items and even left off a few things for a mere $200. When Fox replied, they offered $2.00 and based the amount on weight. Upon further review I saw where I hadn't given the weight of damaged furniture pieces that were damaged due to weight of items stacked on them in storage. These antiques that were fragile and easily repaired, not replaced. An office manager assured me that these weights would change the price and would get back with me about a new amount to settle!

The weights of the furniture increased the amount they would have to pay and in the end they ultimately refused any responsibility since they didn't move us home. Fox Moving Company is tacky, not customer oriented, and confused as to what is most important.....the customer (hopefully NOT YOU!). Read these reviews and make a wise choice! Save yourself the headache and disappointment!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Update on BBB Status – Thought I'd give a brief update - Fox's BBB status has been downgraded to F and has been revoked. Their website still displays the BBB logo but don't be fooled - it's an impressive feet to truly lose any BBB accreditation but the incompetence and blatant disregard for customer well-being at Fox Moving & Storage has really shined. Round of applause everyone.

Don't let Fox Box.

h ttp://www.bbb.o rg/nashville/business-reviews/movers/fox-moving-and-storage-in-nashville-tn-37034271

city search is weird about links so feel free to delete the spaces if you want to see for yourself.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Fox Moving and Storage – First of all this company does NOT even deserve one star. I have a mission to spread the word about this deceitful moving company.

I should have done more research and reviewed this company before I hired them but I was rushing and called around and they were the best priced...or so I thought.

I was quoted a flat rate fee of 79.00 per hour for 2 men.

The first mistake...they showed up dragging saying how tired they were. Then they didn't have while I searched my neighbors for tools they stood around and smoked. I saw how slow they were moving so I asked could I help and they were like YES! so I started bringing items to the truck.

When I made the reservation they asked what did I have to move...I listed everything including the exercise equipment I had. Well they got down to having that left and to give them some credit they tried numerous ways to get it through the doorway to no avail but the attempt stopped there....they did not want to take it apart saying they needed other tools so I have 2 pieces of exercise equipment still at my condo needing to be moved!

Well the move in was fairly smooth till we got to the soon as they pulled in they wanted my payment information...I got that all filled out and he called in and they gave a price..well when I did the math it didnt end up...imagine my surprise to find hidden charges of 12% of the total bill!

Immediately I got on the phone and called...explained I was not quoted this and was put on hold until I hung up. Then Monday I called back and talked to them again and was told I would have a call back and it is Friday with NO return calls!

This MO is exactly the same complaints I see everywhere now so they are getting away with these practices. The funny thing their website advertises no hidden charges, honesty and happy move guaranteed! yeah right....

I hope to tell as many people as I can about this terrible move and that will hurt them the most in the long run...the funny thing I was going to use them to move my business in September so they have lost that already as well.

Oh the dining room table is upside down on the furniture mats they didn't even set it up! Going to post those pics as well!

Beware of this company!!! Save yourself a headache and money and go with another company!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Many of the Reviews Are Clearly Written By Fox Employees – As pointed out below: Do not use them - view their BBB page and find a better company.

I wanted to also point out that many of the reviews here are very clearly written by Fox employees. This company receives about 1 review every 2 months but on 10/29/2010 they receive about 5 all with rave reviews, all from people with similar manners of speaking and similar usernames (FirstnameLastname). Similarly, they all use excessive CAPS and !!!!'s. Not to mention that all of these people have only ever posted 1 review on citysearch. Lastly, if you go to superpages all of these reviews exist their as well in copy/paste format.

I think this easy to spot fact should be a clear indication that Fox Moving & Storage not only provides a terrible service but is very well aware that they do and cannot compete in the marketplace without both lying to and attempting to confuse their customers.


I hope that citysearch can check the IPs from which those reviews were posted and then delete them when they find they're all from the same IP which no doubt traces to 514 Ash St. Nashville TN.

Update: These same reviews from 10/29/2010 (copy and pasted, on the same date) were recently removed from superpages after I filed a complaint pointing out that they were written by the company. Hopefully citysearch does the same.

Update 2: I got my things from Fox's storage warehouse although sadly, after 5 phone calls setting up and confirming the appointment the warehouse manager had no idea people were coming to get my stuff when the appointed hour arrived.

Anyway thought I'd post a picture of the inside of one of the boxes fox packed for me - they put open containers of balsamic vinegar and olive oil in the box upside down.

Also, they wrapped up my tables and larger items in paper and tape. The guys I hired to move me out of Fox's storage thought it was dumb and clearly, due to the tape marks I now can't get off all my things it was. Here's one example.

I can't put in h t t p ://. so just add that part yourself if you care to have a look - It's not www it needs to be http.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Absolutely Terrible Move. Even Worse Customer Service – Before I begin with my review I'd like to point anyone who's considering Fox Moving and Storage to their entry on the Better Business Bureau website. Citysearch won't allow me to post a link but just google Fox Moving and Storage BBB Nashville and see for yourself.

The company has a C- rating with the BBB. I've been dealing with them for about two months and more recently I've been dealing with the BBB. They only received a rating recently and it appears that due to their C- rating they have lost their BBB accreditation.

Before you hire them I urge you to use any of the businesses listed on the top of the BBB website when you search Moving and Storage.

I had written a much longer review detailing how Ron Tarafa, one of the Co CEOs/Presidents had refused to help me and how another employee, Lauren, hung up on me but Citysearch is limiting me to 4,000 characters so as bad as it sounds from my review, it was worse.

Anyway now on to the details of my personal issues with Fox Moving and Storage. I had them do a move for me in May of 2011. I asked specifically that they not take the 2 cable boxes, the black cable modem and the 2 Comcast cable remotes. Surprise surprise, they took them. Sadly, I was out of the state for the move but a friend of mine came by to get and return the cable boxes a few days later (Approx. 2 days). I was informed they were missing and promptly called Fox Moving & Storage.

The first person I spoke with was very helpful, I told him I had yet to be billed and that I had been told I would receive a call for payment when the move was complete. I went on to tell him about my predicament with the cable boxes. He assured me that in the next two days (Thurs/Friday) he would talk to his movers and see how many hours they worked and would also ask them, while it was fresh in their minds, where they put the cable boxes and pull them from my storage units for me. Needless to say, I never received a return call.

The second part of my encounter with Fox Moving & Storage involves me calling them no less than 5 times, leaving 2 voice mails and receiving at LEAST 3 verbal promises of a call back the following day. None of these were honored.

At this point I went on the BBB website and read the companies review. On the site it says that Fox Moving & Storage requests that anyone who is going to file a complaint with the BBB should first call Alex West, the other Co-CEO/President, and give him 48 hours to find a resolution. I did just that.

I called Alex for the first time on on 7/21/2011. After explaining my experience detailed above I was told that what had happened to me was "unacceptable" and that he would call me back by 4PM the next day with a resolution. I called Alex back well after 4PM on 7/22/2011 (Friday). He said he "knew he promised me a call back" and was sorry. He went on to say that over the weekend someone was going to go through my units and find the boxes and they would hold them for me to pick up. He promised he would call me back on Monday when it was done with the details. I waited until Wednesday 7/27/2011 (I believe, it may not have been Wednesday but it was certainly after Monday, it may even have been later than Wednesday) and called Alex back. He told me he thought that his people had already resolved it and that he was in the Knoxville office today but he would be in Nashville tomorrow and would find out what was going on and call me tomorrow. I waited until after his call was promised and filed my complaint with the BBB. It has been several days now and I have yet to receive a call from Alex West. I plan to take the matter to small claims court when I return to Nashville in a few weeks.

In Summary: No one at Fox Moving & Storage will call you back, EVER, the CEO/President Alex West promised me no fewer than 3 call-backs and even he failed to call me back even once.

I urge you, save yourself the trouble, use a more reliable company.

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