Tropix Lounge

(954) 989-7443

2912 S State Road 7, Miramar, FL | Directions   33023

25.983807 -80.206997

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Neighborhoods: West Park

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Tropix Lounge
Tropix Lounge
Tropix Lounge
Tropix Lounge

Reviews for Tropix Lounge

5 months ago

Sapase all my loyal Jamaican subjects.Thank you for supporting my Tropix. As you may know my birthday is approaching and I'm expecting al of my subject to stop by the club with plenty of gifts for your King. It's not like you got anything better to do or anyplace better to go. Without me and my club you would be bored to death and probably committing criminal acts. So stop by and make me even richer than you wish you could be. And to show you my appreciation for your dedication, being the poet I am I wrote a little something in honor of your ignorance: Tek up dis white mon's burden-

Send forth di bess ye breed-

Guh send your sons to exile-

To serve your captives' need-

To wait inna hebby harness-

Pon fluttered folk an wild-

Your new-caught, sullen peoples,

Half debil an half child

Tek up dis white man's burden

Inna patience to abide

To veil di threat of terror

An check di show of pride;

By open speech an simple

An hundred times made plain

To seek another’si profit

An wuk another’s gain

Tek up dis white mon's burden

An reap his ole reward:

Di blame of dem deh ye betta

Di hate of dem deh ye guard-

Di bawl of hosts ye humour

(ah slowly) to di light:

"why brought ye us fram bondage,

"Our loved Jamaican night?"

Tek up dis white mon's burden-

Ave dun wid childish days-

Di lightly proffered laurel,

Di easy, ungrudged praise.

Comes now, to search your manhood

Through all di thankless years,

Cold-edged wid dear-bought wisdom,

Di judgment of your peers!

over a year ago

Hey Andrew “Bag-o-wire”an Tropix! Deh is an amendment inna di constitution of America called ”freedom of speech”, which means dat ef people wanna bad mout you butoo and your club deh is nuttin yuh an your bubu,bull bucka bouncas can duh bout it. Yuh an dem deh punks ave hurt an sheg-up some deestant customas ow neva did nuh wrang just suh some of dem den security who lacka hurt people fah nuh reason or get di Babylon involved when they can’t fight deh own battles just suh they duh nah loose di respeck of di customas. Some of dem deh people are friends of fi mi who yah know neva did nuttin wrang enna your place were banned because of er personnal vendetter one of your fowl dodo , ovah estimated cowards had towards him or har. Yet deh were othas dat black up or harm di females neva got thrown out or arrested. Ah gud to ave beasts pon di tek is enna it Andrew? Mi see why yuh lasted suh many years. Honest lawmen would ave shut yuh dung er long time ago. Ah good to be an owna of er club who is white too,suh dem deh closet racist white cops doan feel lacka they taking ordas fram a “Real Jamaican”.Mi gi yuh credit sanfi ,yuh chat pretty gud patois an know whole heap bout our culture, but any yankee hangs around us long enough can learn dem de tings.Some of yuh learn it fah money di money. Most Carribbeans are easy guhin an just lacka to jam an duh nah care weh they spend deh money. All and opportunist lacka yuh haffi duh is open house enna deh communnity an pretend to relate to dem an they hooked lacka fish to bait ers long ers they duh nah see yuh fah wah yuh truly are”dogheart posa”. Yuh no hitey- titey, dan, dada big bout yah. Yuh no notch. Yuh nuh ragamuffin. Yuh nuh Rasta edah. Real Jamaicans can spot a ginnal lacka yuh quick an ave enough pride inna dimselves nah to gi yuh di satisfaction of giving deh money to yuh fah your own craven gains. Yuh doan donate to any foundations Jamaican or odda, did nah even see yuh at di festival enna Miramar. Seems to mi lacka dem deh tings are nah important to yuh but taking money fram us is ok wid yuh. Yuh can act lacka us all yuh want an yuh can even ave your Jamaican biscuits who is probably wid yuh fah your money dege, boops, but you will neva be lacka us because yuh ave nuh roots to us. Coo at mi picture. Deh is a reason why mi enna silhouette. Mi till guh to your club an whateva baddaration yah ave had wid some belligerent badness is because of mi. Mi want yuh to coo fah mi inna di club,try to spot me ef yun can. To yuh some of us might ave di same features suh be careful of who yuh accuse, might be bad fah business to ave mo enemies dan yuh can handle. Your…ahem… fearless security might leave yuh to wuk someplace safa. Yuh lasted long,but all tings come to an end. Yuh an Tropix will too. Too all mi patriotic Jamaican braas an sistas who doan succumb to dis blackheart, bakra false idol Jah bless an much love. To di othas mi pity yuh. Yuh can duh betta.

over a year ago

To Andrew and the Tropix staff....How dare you call me an asshole!It's becuase of me your club is a popular and safe place to be in.I singlehandedly scared away all the troublemakers becuase you and those timid bouncers I ordered around did not have the courage to do it yourselves.Be careful of what you say about me whiteboy or I will go over to the club and throw you out too BUMBACLOT BITCH!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Club of SCUM – Sure Tropix is a great place...if you don't mind eating food that looks like it came from a garbage can, and if you don't mind going in to a bathroom where it looks like the customers don't have proper potty training to know you have to sit on or aim into the toilet, and if you don't mined seeing rat droppings and roaches in the kitchen(and probably in the food)and if you don't have a problem with biased security who seem to harass some people for breaking there own personal made up rules while their butt buddy friends break as many rules and laws(which the crooked cops outside know about but don't seen to mind very much because they eat out of the owners pocket)as they want, and if you don't mind letting your women get raped by the bouncers. If this is your kind of place feel free to drop by. Bring some drugs with you too. The owner and cops won't mind. By the way ANDY we know all those great four star reviews posted on the web are from you and your employees. Can’t say I blame them though. If I couldn’t find a job anywhere else I guess I would have to tolerate your two face, racist, women degrading, hypocrite old ass too or bedeported, that’s what one of your current bartenders told me you said you'd do to her. You see Andy I’m still a patron of your club, just like the others who have been punkin you on the web. So next time we’re at your club try to spot us. Later.

over a year ago

One of South Fla's Most Popular Caribbean Eatery/Night Club – Thanks to a loyal following Tropix has been in the same location for 14 years!! Tropix is literally World Famous for it's Jamaican Style Roast Fish, Fried Fish, Soup, Pepper Shrimps and Jerk Chicken. Couple the menu with Great Djs spinning the best in Old School-New School Reggae, Soca, R&B, and Pop dance music your bound to become another regular, loyal customer!! While Tropix might not be for everyone if you love Authentic Jamaican specialties and a Great Caribbean party atmosphere it's worth the visit. However recently there have been a number DEGRADING and SLANDEROUS POSTS by an Individual(S) who was/were BANNED from The Establishment for not complying with The Rules and Regulations of Tropix. If you see any of these posts please disregard them or comment if appropriate! If you have never been to Tropix you should stop by and find out for yourselves!! Don't be mislead by any RACIST-SEXIST-ABUSIVE comments by anyone hiding in Cyberspace! One Love!!

over a year ago

Best hangout spot around – It is obvious to me & others who truly know Andrew, that you are the epitome of scum to have written this profile. It takes not only a "human" of a different kind (and I use human very loosely), to be despicable & of little or no morality, to stoop low enough & create this profile. You are pretending to be someone you can never measure up to in neither class nor integrity. I am not sure what transpired for you to pretend to representing Tropix, as you were not adult nor brave enough to reveal your true identity..however, something tells by the simple character flaw you exhibited here on City Search, that this same flaw was what caused you to have been banned from this club. My suggestion is that you find something or someplace that better suits your character...maybe a local pig sty might .......oh no..

I stand corrected....suggesting you hang there might be offensive to pigs...Find your place & go there...away from us humans.

P.S. And don't worry, from what I know, the longer you have this profile up, the easier for the cops to find your cyber bullying tactics through computer IP address.

over a year ago

Screw all you BITCHES! – I'm ANDREW BEE owner of TROPIX LOUNGE.I just want to say to all you dumbass former and current customers of my club that I don't give a crap about how you are treated.Take your monkey asses some where else if you don't like the sevice.I'll never get shut down becuase I have the cops in my pocket.So if my customers want to smoke weed or rape women in my club and bouncers want to beatup poeple just becuase they don't like them that's fine with me and my cop buddies.If any of you wish to take this to court, me,my staff and my cops will find out where you live and kill you before it goes to trial and no one will care.You have been warned niggaz!HA!HA!HAAAAAA!

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

NIGHT MARE! – I was sexually assulted by a security guard at this night club

february 26th 2012. A friend of mines and i went to Tropix lounge

we arrived after 1am paid our fees to get in, everything was going well until security

came over to a man that so happen to be standing next to me, i'm assuming he was doing some-

thing or did something wrong for security to come to him. In the process of security dealing with him

by the way this particular security is a big dude so while he was dealing with the man

he step on my toes and it hurted like hell, I immediately tap him on his shoulder and said

"hey you step on my toe" thinking he was going to say i'm sorry or excuse me no way he turn around

and said " what the "F" you gonna do about it"! so of course now i'm upset not only he hurt my

toes now he had the audacity to respond to me in such violent manner, so i started yelling back

next thing i know i am being man handle by this security he drag me out the club in the process

grab my right breast and threw me out. I seriously could not believe what was going on at this point

i'm shaking, i'm hysterical my friend was yelling omg!!! and people were standing there and nobody did a thing

i told my friend dial 911 in the process the club owner or manger comes out i believe his name is Andrew Bee

he came out telling my friend to ""shut the "F" up" and i need to get the "F" off his property in less than 5

seconds or else im a DEAD "B"! I did yell back at him saying "im calling the cops" prior to the cops arriving

andrew said "call the "F"ING cops fat ugly "B" miramar police eats out of my pocket"! the cops came heard my side

of the story and the security and owner and my friend side they never ask anyone else what happen mind you its a

a night club and people were standing outside but not once question anyone else. After the cops so called reviewed

everything i was completely ignore meaning they were in favor of the club owner i was told by the cops to go home

and prior to me leaving, the club owner place a trespassing against me for some strange reason. Like he said miramar police

eats out of his pocket i guess it's true because i was thrown under the bus and pretty much was told indirectly that the

security guard behavior man handling me grabbing my breast throwing me on the floor and the club owner threating my life is ok.

what shock me the most is the fact that he did not care people watching and people hearing him threating my life as if this is something he usually

does. Me being sexually assulted

and verbally assulted has been playing over and over in my head i am terrified, I have spoken to someone about the situation and i was inform that club is horrible the cops are always being called out there and nothing has been done, club goers have had their car stolen and worst of all numerous shoot outs. Tropix lounge is a hell hole over crowded club who is run by a uneducated no customer service owner! A decent owner would have tried to defuse the situation and ask me whats going and apologize on his security behalf and in all honesty altho i was mistreated by this security i would have accepted the apology but no instead he wanted to prove his class level which is absolutely zero. Andrew and security thanks for a "F" up night and thanks for threating my life and you don't know how hard it was for me to beg my fiance not to go out there and blow your brains out your head because thats exactly what he was going to do. As a bussiness owner you should be ashame of yourself and i'm sure i wasn't the first you treated like this.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Juanito Benjamin – HEY ANDREW! IT's me BEN!Cut the bullshit.I know when you're not around my people you throw the the "N" word around like a bad habit when reffering to your customers.I even heard you say that you feel like a slave master when you have sex with the "black bitches".The reason I was loyal to you was becuase I didn't want to break up our "very intamate and hidden"(you now what I mean)relationship that you didn't want BRIDGETT to find out about.But now that I know the real you I'm going to tell everyone the truth and shut you down bitch.You know where to find me if you want to do something about it.I dare you!NO LOVE for you punk!

over a year ago


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