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Reviews for Bridges at Citifront

2 months ago

Current resident~I, 100% don't recommend you live here & go through horrible ordeals which I've experienced & still go through, until my lease expires. This complex has inexperienced office staff that prides themselves in doing as little as possible. They rarely walk around the complex to make sure things are running sufficiently. Continually I see empty beer containers, throw-up and people parking in unrestricted/reserved parking. They refuse to call a tow company, if someone's parked in your parking space, or a restricted place. They do not enforce rules such as not letting your dog/dogs run around without a leach. Their "hot tub" is always a luke warm tub. Exercise equipment is always broke. Security is NEVER around and hard to get a hold of, so if you have a problem, oh well? The keys you purchase from them only are good to scan for an extremely short time. If there isn't office personnel available, oh well, you're lock out of your apartment. To top it off, they very soon will charge for parking (at least $50 a spot). There is a new apartment complex being built across the street. Right now it's extremely hard to park. They're going to make it that you HAVE TO PUCHASE one of the parking slots, in order to park. If you invite guess, and want them to be able to park, inform them they'll have to park quite far away and walk. Their apartment parties are always scheduled during a workday, in the afternoon, so very few can attend. They are cheep, they do not provide soap in their club house restroom. Save yourself the drama & expensive heartache. Choose to live elsewhere!

10 months ago

I used to love living here, but in the last 6 months there has been a terrible change in management. As the review below me suggests, there are hidden fees for everything. Bridges at Citifront are solely in the business to screw young people who have nowhere else to go. Many of us tenants who were there before the management change have decided to move out. The prices have risen, and frankly the apartments are not that nice. They try to tell you that they change their rent rates daily with "the market" but that is not true. The prices continually go up, and never down. The worst problem of all is the management. They are unwilling to try and work problems out with the tenants. I received several letters saying that they were fining me and it was non-negotiable. The problem is that they never gave warnings or even a comprehensive statement of what the rules are. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for an apartment in Salt Lake City, look elsewhere.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Hidden fees are frustrating to anyone. Hidden fees in excess of $100/month is inexcusable. We had no fees for the last year under the former management. Now we have hundreds of dollars in fees in four months since the arrival of Nachele. Most the freebies have been removed or fees have been added to them.

The good tenants seem to be vacating and vandalism and eviction notices are increasing since April, 2012. Today, there were eviction notices on 4 out of 10 doors in our hallway. The gate has been damaged or completely torn off just about every week. We have been hearing a lot more loud parties, fights, etc.

Management communicates primarily through 3-day eviction notices which they tape to your front door. Even if you have paid rent more than a month in advance. If there is a $5 fee they can catch you with, they just put an eviction notice up on your front door. Ten days later, it will have increased every day to $100. One month later, it will have increased to $300. Of course it is not enforceable if you truly have paid rent. It is just very annoying. You will get new notices every day until you pay the fees. No one can force you to leave in three days for these unpaid fees only. They have to take you to court.

The train noises are okay sometimes. But at least once every night there is one with a high shrill that gives an immediate piercing headache.

The grounds are kept up and the pool area is nice. The hallway has a bad odor sometimes and there are stains on the carpet where there was a water leak soaking the carpet. The vents are filthy.

Prior management was pleasant and communicated clearly. They were here for the first year of our residence and provided coffee in the clubhouse, free carport parking, regular parties for the residents, etc. It seemed things were handled better then.

Current management under Nachele is really bad. Nachele brings drama and emotion where there are clear logical solutions.

We are not planning on renewing our lease here if Nachele is still here. Nor are we unless the type of tenants moving in seem more responsible and respectful.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Crime, Noise, Attitude and approach of management, Tons of fees and hidden costs, Trains, Constant interference of internet and TV from trains, Being stuck for up to four hours from stopped trains, Gang activity, Sketchy neighborhood,

The noise of the trains interfere with the internet, TV, your thought process, your conversation, etc. I started watching the clock. Not ten minutes go buy before at least one train starts going by (there are four sets of tracks). The internet router restarts many times when a train goes by. Furthermore, somehow this City allows the train to stop for 2-4 hours blocking the crosswalk so you are stuck. While I was waiting, two people jumped through between two cars. The police on the other side issued them tickets.

There have been several times when gangs outside my bedroom window start yelling at each other and fighting. The police are here a lot! Someone threw rocks at my window for looking out at them.

The property has locked gates that get broken 1-2x/month. If I had to guess, I believe they are broken more of the time than they work.

The hot tub is not very warm. I still feel cold after sitting in there for 20 minutes (the length of two timed bubbles functions).

The fire alarm in the hall goes off nearly every day. Three days ago it was going off from 2:20am until after 8am.

The hallways are pretty gross. The vents and floor boards in the hallways have been peed-on by dogs and brown-yellow build-up has gotten so that you can not really tell that the vent was originally white.

My kitchen sink has fallen into the cupboard below twice in six months. Maintenance does not seem to want to fix it right. There has always been a one-inch gap between the sink and the counter where water gets into the cupboard below. It does not seem stable and I continue to wonder when it will fall again.

The staff that was here when I moved-in were wonderful and professional. Then they had two complete turnovers in two months. Now, suddenly, there are all these new rules. We are not residents, we are potential fee payers. If you are not out of the pool by the very minute it closes, security is there to issue a "citation". There is no clock anywhere around the pool area, so make sure you are out of the locked area BEFORE closing time or you will be literally locked-in and waiting to be issued a citation. For six months I paid my rent two weeks early every month. Then I started getting 3-day eviction notices posted to my door. I checked my bank online and Bridges had received their rent paid up front for more than the next 5 weeks. It was due to some fees. NO one bothered to communicate with me. The first attempt at communication was a three-day eviction notice.

When I try to communicate, I am told in an I-told-you-so voice that it is all spelled out in the lease agreement.

It is now like a competition between management and the residents.

If you plan to live here:

Pay your rent early, make sure to include all fees that are not obvious before they can double each day, obey every rule to a "T", have commercial-grade ear plugs, don't rely on the internet being consistent, leave for your appointments 2-4 hours early, and make sure you are extremely patient with competitive know-it-all personalities.

over a year ago

Great Place to live not Perfect but who is? – I find some of these other reviews to be funny... If you have lived in apartments anywhere in salt lake you would know Bridges compaired to many others is A HUGE difference. I have lived in many other apartments in salt lake and have lived here now for about 2 years, all these things people mention happen everywhere some more then others but it happens everywhere. My friend works out in Draper at the Ebay building out there and her car was stollen out of their parking lot its just funny that people think it just happens here. Things I love about the complex everything is new, they have trash chutes and i can walk straight to my car in the garage. I have asked multiple times about why the property isn't fully gated and its because they actually built them as condos and haven't finished the project they are supposed to build 2 buildings so it makes sense that is why the gate doesn't go all the way around. However,I still feel safe the doors you can't get into unless you have an access card. I have found that maintenance is pretty good they usually get to the minor things i have had within a day or two. The hot tub has been broken a couple times which is great for the noise, because if there are people who sneak in after hours it does kinda echo through the buildings. People don't pick up after their pets the managment should do better at follwing up on this BUT most the people here are grown adults and should know that its against the law to not pick up pet waste. Overall I think its a great place to live, they try to get everyone involved they just cooked us breakfast the other day... like i said its not perfect but its the best i have lived in.

over a year ago

Beautiful, Clean, and New – I love this place!I have lived at Bridges for the last 2 years I have renewed my lease 3 times now. The office ladys are not only hott but super helpful and knowledgeable. If your looking for a place to live, live here. New, really upgraded, clean, everything works. I love it. The security is great, they are always walking around at night and it makes my girlfriend feel safe at night when she gets off work late. There is locked access to every door so thats great. I left my key phob at work and I live by myself so I called security and he came right over in minutes and let me in so I wasn't locked out. I've had to do that a couple of times and security is always on point. I always know when I have a package the leasing office puts a note on my mailbox. A couple of light bulbs were out in my apartment and I called and put a request to have them changed, when I got home there was a note on my door saying they were there and they fixed them all. There great! I thought about buying a house but no where in downtown in as good as this place. It's the best I've ever seen. AWESOME!!!

over a year ago

Great in many ways, lacking in others – First, anyone looking at the apartments will see for themselves that they are gorgeous, and that the fit and finish is fantastic. There have been zero negative surprises with regards to the apartments or finishes, with perhaps some small gripes about the vertical blinds being low-quality and the fact that all of the outlets are upside down.

Jamie Charette, the building's main face to tenants and prospective tenants, is truly wonderful. She is kind, courteous, always willing to help, and exhibits a genuine sense of caring. She is eminently capable and a HUGE asset to the community. While there have been three "secondary" office-staffers during our residency, they have always been fine to good.

The maintenance staff is capable but the impression I have is that they are spread FAR too thin. I have yet to put in a work order that has been filled without my badgering them at least once, and it usually takes more than that.

Interior cleanliness of the common areas is good, but I am not sure about the cleanliness of my neighbors' apartments because (after 9 years of living in apartments in New York!) I for the first time ever in my life saw a cockroach. About a week later we received notices that exterminators were coming, so I assume others were having problems and notified management. I should stress that although seeing a cockroach was majorly alarming, it's now been 2 months and I haven't seen any pests since.

Parking and security are the biggest problems here. First, residents have assigned parking spaces -- but it took 10 months of pleading before any signs of any sort were put up in the parking garage notifying people of this. For those 10 months I frequently had to park on the street instead of using the space that I pay for, because someone had parked in my spot and the building refused to tow unless a vehicle had been in my spot for over 24 hours. Now there are signs, but they are still woefully inadequate, and I still have to deal with the occasional person parking in my spot.

Security: My car's window was smashed in while parked in the garage, and items were stolen from inside. They claim to have security cameras in the parking garage but I can't see any anywhere. There have been other break-ins in the parking lot, and I heard a second-hand report of a violent beating of a resident. ** THE BUILDING NEEDS TO PUT MORE SECURITY CAMERAS UP, AND IT NEEDS TO DO SO ASAP **. IT NEEDS TO MAKE THOSE CAMERAS VISIBLE, AND ALSO PUT UP VISIBLE SIGNS REGARDING THE FACT THAT THE AREA IS UNDER VIDEO SURVEILLANCE. also, the building needs a security guard to patrol the grounds at night. They claim there is one, but that he splits his time between Bridges at Citifront (my complex) and Citifront (a neighboring complex). In my +12 months living here, I have not seen a security guard EVER. Security is a huge problem and I know for a fact that two separate residents did not renew their leases because of this.

An almost laughable aspect of the security is the fact that one of the four streets surrounding the complex is fenced off and requires a resident key-fob to gain entry, but it only takes a 30-second walk around the corner to one of the non-fenced sides to get to the other side of the fence. Perhaps this is a deterrent to the most stupid criminals, but I think it's there for show. If it's not, and if the building takes security seriously, they need to build a fence that actually keeps non-residents from entering the grounds -- i.e., NOT a one-walled fence!

Also, FYI the train noise is VERY loud if you live in any of the apartments that are within earshot of the tracks (that's about 2/3 of the apartments... the ones in bldgs A, B, C closest to W South Temple (probably apartments ending in "01" to "07"), plus the majority in building D).

Noise between apartments is fine; the one exception being that the hallways echo and since it's a dog-friendly building you will hear barking sometimes.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Just say no – It's not maintained. Someone urinated in the stairwell and nobody cleans it...trash everywhere. The doors and gates get vandalized and it takes them months to it's not secure. The office folks don't tell you they have a package for just sits there. If you are by the pool and hot-tub, they don't enforce the hours. This means LOUD drunk swimmers and tubbers every night. Forget about sleeping with the windows open. It really is a shame because everything is new. Management doesn't want to maintain things. Security is a joke...I watched the guards let folks in through locked gates to party and swim. Cameras aren't watched by anyone...monitors are locked in a closet. The gates and fences are only on 3 sides so they offer no security.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

My car got stolen in their visitor parking – My car got stolen from the visitor's parking lot at this place. The security cameras are worthless, they didn't capture what happened. I hate this place and unless you wanna get robbed, I advice you don't go near it, let alone live in it! I have lived in SLC for 10 years and this is the first crime activity I have ever had to deal with. And BTW, I just found out that there is an ongoing police investigation because one of my friends got jumped also in the parking lot 2 months ago.


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